Requirements to be a Hostess: about Certificates, Benefits and MORE

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If you are an adventurous person and you are looking for a job that combines with you, here we have it. A trade with which you can travel part of the world and learn about its cultures, languages ​​and wonderful places. You just have to gather these requirements to be a stewardess and you can have access to all this.

This trade has great benefits for you, which we will also explain below, along with all the certificates and possible courses you can take, to better train you as a hostess.

So, if you want to join this world of flight attendants, don’t think twice and continue reading this article.

Requirements to be a stewardess

The job of stewardess is a very demanding job for the people who exercise it, because you assume the responsibility of keeping calm and attending to the passengers of a flight.

Therefore, the requirements to be a stewardess have to do with the skills that the person has to perform at work; that is, the better aptitudes or abilities you have, the more opportunities you have to meet the requirements to be a flight attendant.

So, next we leave you the Requirements to be a hostess, most common in Argentina:

  • You must have finished your secondary and university studies. This requirement is essential for all applicants.
  • You must have an area of ​​specialization, especially in communication areas, since applicants are expected to have good communication skills.
  • Take a flight attendant course to gain better knowledge of the area.
  • Having an additional language to that of your nationality is another fundamental requirement.
  • Have a specific height, weight or age, which will depend on the airline.
  • Have carried out medical examinations and have the endorsement of them.
  • Comply with the legal aspects that each airline requests from your applicants.

Finally, there is also the possibility that they request you have the ability to swim, although not all airlines take it as a requirement.

As you will see, the requirements to be hostesses are very interesting and are based on the training and skills you have to do the job.

However, even if you have to be a well-prepared person, it is worth it, since you can travel your country or the world.

Necessary documents

In addition to having to meet some physical and personal preparation and training requirements, you must also have certain documents up to date, in order to become a flight attendant.

To start with, you must have all the titles of your academic courses made official.

Then you have to have the valid passport, so that you can enter without problems to the countries that you must travel.

Likewise, you should also have a criminal record, since these are a fundamental requirement for entry to any country.

On the other hand, it is also worth noting that certificates of each training course To be a stewardess, they are part of this series of necessary documents that you must have.

Therefore, as a summary, you will need: the passport, the criminal record, the degrees of the studies completed and the certificates of the training courses.

Once you meet these requirements and documents, you can begin to aspire to be a flight attendant on any airline.

Requirements to be a Hostess: Certificates

The profession of the stewardess is a trajectory of many studies, since you must constantly be training in different courses, in order to have more tools and stand out much more in your work.

Being a stewardess requires you to always be learning new skills and, above all, obtaining certificates that support your knowledge.

When starting on this path of training and certifications, the first step you must take is get the Passenger Cabin Crew certificate (TCP).

Then, if you want to continue adding knowledge and adding experiences to your skills, you can take a series of courses that will improve your skills.

The following courses are recognized as tools that will help you better perform the work of the hostess:

  • Stewardess and public relations course.
  • Stewardess or flight attendants.
  • Airport operations technician.
  • Congress and Public Relations Hostess with Internships.
  • Private flight course for executive crew.
  • Congresses and Public Relations and private degrees.

In addition, since the job of a hostess requires constant training, it is also recommended to participate in any hostess courses that you can find.

Likewise, it is also recommended do language courses, so you can expand your communication capabilities during flights.

Requirements to be a hostess: Study time

Despite not being a university degree with four or five years of studies, the profession of the stewardess is a profession that it requires a lot of study time.

However, these studies are not continuous like an undergraduate course, rather they are several courses or certifications that you must do separately and throughout your career, to be able to train you in the best way.

The TCP flight attendant course should be the first course you will have to take, since without it you will not be able to attend the flights.

It is also recommended that you take this type of course in specialized institutions and not in airlines, since in this way the certificate will be valid for any airline.

Attention! If you access this LINK, you can have information about one of the TCP courses in Argentina.

Later, it will depend on you how much time you want to invest, to get more tools and skills that make you a better stewardess.

To do this, you will have at your disposal various hostess and language courses, so you will have to decide what skills or knowledge you want to acquire.

Where to study to be a hostess in Argentina?

If you want to start with your preparation to be a hostess, you have several options in Argentina to do it. Here are the places to prepare as a hostess:

Federal capital

In this area, you have the option of Buenos Aires Study Center and the Air Navigation Service Study Center.

At the end of the course at the Air Navigation Service Study Center, you will receive the TCP certification.
Capital of Córdoba

In this area you have the opportunity to start your studies in Aeronautical Training Institute.

North Zone

If you are in this area, you can start your preparation to be a hostess in ASG Training Center.

Atlantic Coast

If you live in this area, you can take the course Bristol Higher Institute.

Mar del Plata

To start your training as a flight attendant, you can take the course at the Air Navigation Service Study Center.

Federal capital

You have the option to start your studies at the National Center for Aeronautical Studies and in the recognized Aerocomercial Training Institute.

Since you know the places where you can start your studies as hostesses, it’s time to get down to work.

Benefits of being a hostess in Argentina

Being a flight attendant is a job that brings many benefits to the person who performs it, from the excitement of getting on a plane, to the fun of learning about new cultures.

But surely, after reading all the requirements to be a hostess and how much time you should invest, you also want to hear how much you can earn.

So before we go with the benefits of being a stewardess, we will show you how much a flight attendant earns.

To begin with, it is important to emphasize that an exact amount of what a hostess earns cannot be given, since this salary will change, depending on the airline you work for.

But, according to the National Union of Aeronauts, the approximate salary that a flight attendant receives is $ 1,700. Although later you must add the additional benefits that the company can grant.

Once you know the economic bonus you can receive, we can continue with the others benefits that you will have for being a stewardess:

  • Great camaraderie atmosphere during work.
  • The wonderful possibility of knowing new places, landscapes and cultures.
  • Ability to have flexible hours, you do not have a strict work regime.
  • Discounts on plane tickets, to travel around the world.
  • You have a salary that is generally above the minimum wage.
  • Having a job that allows you to travel the world and all its wonders.

Finally, the job of a hostess is one of the best jobs that you can exercise if you have an adventurous soul, since you have the possibility of knowing and traveling a large part of the world.

Of course, you should also spend a lot of time to train yourself and be the best, but it is a worthwhile effort.

So get ready, get all the requirements to be a stewardess and embark on the adventure of knowing all the cultures of the world.

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