Requirements to be a hostess: Disabilities, Salary and MORE

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If you are thinking about studying to be a flight attendant, it is important that you know the Requirements to be a stewardess, which we will be explaining to you today. All these are of the utmost importance, along with information such as the best airlines in Mexico, physical disabilities, years of studies to be able to apply as one, salary, and much, MUCH MORE.

A Stewardess, also called a flight attendant, is one of the most important elements of an airline. This is the person who will interact with clients so that they can enjoy their trip in a calm and pleasant way and who will take care of any unforeseen event that may happen during it, as they are prepared for it.

This is a very good career option and if you are interested in knowing more, here we will be explaining everything you need to know.

What are the requirements to be a hostess in Mexico?

The Requirements to be a stewardess they tend to be the same all over the world, as they are imposed by airlines that travel all over the world. Thus, we have that, despite the fact that there are some specific and strict requirements in some airlines, in almost all the same requirements are maintained to be able to handle this position.

These are:

  • Be of age.
  • Some airlines require not only to have finished high school, but also to have completed higher studies, preferably in areas such as psychology, social communication, sociology, etc.
  • Take the relevant courses, which is to Cabin Crew (TCP) or flight attendant. Here you can prepare for the job of stewardess as such, as they will teach you the required guidelines, such as first aid techniques, and so on.
  • Language management is very important. You must know English, but the more languages ​​you speak, the better.
  • Health certificate, where your good medical condition can be evidenced.
  • As you can imagine, the younger the less experience is required. Age is important, although probably not as much as you imagine.
  • Certificate of No criminal record.
  • Have a valid passport in good condition.
  • The topic of tattoos and piercings is fundamental. They are completely prohibited in areas where they can be easily located. These must be covered and the only type of piercing that is allowed to show is the usual one in the lobe of both ears.
  • You will learn to control the crew and help them in extreme cases, like ending up in a jungle, for example.
  • You should to know how to swim, very important. You will be taught to serve as a lifeguard, but first you must know how to handle yourself in the water.
  • Strength is important, you need to be able to help passengers with their bags, if they require it. Take into account the weight limit that these can have at the time of flight, so you will know how much force you need.
  • There are airlines that require no moles on the face.
  • You height it must be between 1.57 m and 1.88 m. In the case of flight attendants as such (male), the minimum is 1.68.
  • You must have a weight according to your age and height.
  • Pass the admission test, if required, to take the course.
  • Have a Curriculum vitae well organized and attractive to the eye.
  • Stand out in your courses.

Most airlines only ask that you send your CV to the email they provide or that you deliver it personally. Most of these requirements are necessary to be able to take the courses and a few others you will learn along the way.

It is important to note that each airline may have its own requirements. However, in general lines, The important is:

  • Age,
  • The studies,
  • Your state of health,
  • The height,
  • Your language skills and
  • Your physical presence.

Physical Disabilities to Be a Stewardess

Similarly, knowing the Requirements to be a Hostess we can also know the impediments to dedicate yourself to this profession. Let’s see:

  • Be less than 1.57 m tall. However, sometimes you are more flexible about this. Don’t be afraid to ask!
  • Suffer from any disease or inability that prevents you from developing your functions as a stewardess. Remember that you will be rolling food carts, that you will have to react quickly if necessary and that you will be helping people with their luggage.
  • Suffer from a disorder that may affect your working hours and is not controllable. Many people encounter panic attacks when it comes to being in the air, so it is very important to consider if you suffer from anxiety. Remember that in any situation, you are going to be the one in charge of calming the rest, not the other way around.
  • Not having forms of financing to be able to take the courses.
  • To have piercings and tattoos in showy areas of your body.
  • Being under or over the weight according to your height and age could be considered an impediment as well.
  • Have a criminal record.
  • Lack of time. The hostesses do not have fixed working hours like the rest of the jobs, but depend on the flights to which they are scheduled. You must be available.
  • Others that the airline considers.

Would you add any more?

How many years do you study to be a stewardess?

The studying time It will depend on the duration of the course you receive. Most last 2 to 6 months, depending on whether you choose to do it on a morning or evening schedule, or if you want to do it on a Saturday schedule.

The Flight School Flight attendants Program Mexico It is an option that you can consider to prepare yourself. You will obtain the course diploma, the Flight Attendant License (issued by the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics) and the Certificate of Studies. Hundreds of students are chosen from this program by airlines such as Emirates, Interjet and Volaris.

You can do it in Mexico City or Guadalajara and its syllabus includes subjects such as: human factors, thermodynamics, on-board services, air regulations, first aid, landing, emergency procedures, image and communication, aeromedical course, etc.

The requirements to tend this program are:

  • Birth certificate.
  • Be of age.
  • Certificate of secondary education.
  • Certificate of Psychophysical Aptitude Group III, which you can request at the National Center for Aviation Medicine.
  • Six (6) photographs, color and passport size.

All documents must be submitted in Original and two copies. For more information about this course you can click here.

Once you carry out the necessary studies You will have the necessary knowledge to develop in your work as a flight attendant. Some airlines offer training specifically to those who hire, so it is good that you first investigate how it works in the airlines of your choice.

Requirements to be a hostess: Salaries

This is one of the most recognized works for its high wagesAnd it is not cheap to be available at all times, to spend nights awake, to endure the imbalances in the sleep schedule, and so on. In Mexico, for the year 2020, this was located in the $ 95,000 per year on average, which would be about $ 45 per hour.

Of course, this depends on the experience, the hierarchy and the airline you work for. Monthly, you can earn up to around $ 4,000. In addition, there is the bonus that it is the airline that will pay for your stay in the country of arrival, if applicable, and some other costs.

Today many people want to be flight attendants, so there is a lot of competition. We recommend you stand out in your languages, in the handling of languages ​​such as German, Mandarin, Italian. As well as of course, comply with the Requirements to be a stewardess that we mentioned earlier. In addition, you can complement it with having experience in jobs where Customer Service is valued.

Best Airlines in Mexico

Mexico’s airline industry is very competitive, ranking after the United States. The best airlines in the country, in terms of value for money, they are:

  • Volaris: It is one of the most competitive options to fly from Mexico, founded in 2005, which operates in other countries such as the United States, Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica.
  • Vivaaerobus: it ranks after Volaris in terms of competitive prices, founded in 2006, with 50 destinations in its portfolio.
  • Interjet: This airline was founded in 2005 and offers trips to more than 53 destinations, both on national and international flights.
  • Aeromexico: It is the largest airline in Mexico, founded in 1934, with more than 80 destinations on both national and international flights. It has its main in the International Airport of Mexico City.

Later we can get more airlines, more recognized by foreigners, such as Avianca, Copa Airlines and Latam.

What is it?

The Stewardess is the most important figure during a flight, as it is the one that is responsible for providing comfort and safety to passengers. In ancient times this was called that because it was women who only dedicated themselves to this work. However, nowadays men can also dedicate themselves to this work, under the name of flight attendant or crew of the passenger cabin.

It is a job that will allow you to discover new places, make friends, gain experience in the Customer Service area and develop your language skills. If you meet all the Requirements to be a stewardess and you agree with all the information provided, don’t think twice! What are you waiting for?


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