Requirements to be a Judge in Colombia: know the Procedure, Time and MORE

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The Requirements to be a Judge in Colombia are every time more important, to assign the charges offered by the Justice Court from the country. Although, to be this judicial figure that represents Colombia in the courts, the profile of the Lawyer is crucial. Therefore, one of the demands is the ability to assume such responsibility and have the objective merit to win the position.

Along the same lines, there is different modalities of judges. Therefore, everyone has responsibilities corresponding to your position and specific requirements to fulfill. The most important thing is to have knowledge about the years of experience applicants must have and a record of remarkable merit.

So if eAre you studying Law or are you a Lawyer with aspirations to take on this challenge, we recommend you to read this entire article. What can you find? Everything! The general and specific requirements, study time, benefits, procedure to become a judge and much more.

What are the requirements to be a judge in Colombia?

A judge is that individual who has the power to pass judgment. That is, it is known as the highest authority that exists in the Justice Court. In the same way, this judicial figure must not only comply with the law, but also with the constitutionality of the country.

Now, it is crucial to understand that to be a Judge you must have extensive training and every day surpass other judicial figures. Therefore, the Supreme Court of Justice requires the «Requirements to be a Judge in Colombia» with the objective of maintaining partiality in the courts, and maintaining ethics and excellence in the Court.

Do you want to be a judge and you still don’t know the general requirements that the Court asks for? Quiet! Here we tell you what each of them are.

  • Registration Form according to the approaches that will be explained later
  • Being born in Colombia
  • Being a practicing citizen (Not have disability problems)Requirements to be a Judge in Colombia
  • Not having been convicted by a Court of Justice that has decided the deprivation of liberty
  • Be a lawyer and have a degree certified by a recognized university in the country
  • Perform at least 10 years in jobs related to the Judicial Branch or Public Ministry
  • Not be disabled at the time the Enrollment is requested

In addition, it is important to mention that in the Court of Justice there are various typologies of judges. Consequently, each one not only fulfills specific functions but also has «Requirements to be a Judge in Colombia» depending on the modality of it.

Specific requirements

Race Judge

  • They comply with exercising different jurisdictional areas.
  • Meet the general requirements
  • Municipal: You need an experience of at least two (2) years
  • Circuit: Experience not less than four (4) years


  • It is a higher level for the judges. Therefore, they take place in settings such as Provisional Hearings or the Supreme Court of Justice.
  • Administrative Room: Be specialized in administrative, economic or financial sciences. You must also have an experience of at least five (5) years in these areas.

Supreme Court Magistrate

  • Known as the highest scale of this typology
  • It is assigned to those judges who have recognized merits and seniority in office
  • Jurisdictional Chamber: Experience not less than eight (8) years
  • Administrative Court: Not less than eight (8) years of experience

Necessary documents

Likewise, if you comply with the Requirements to be a Judge in Colombia so much general as well as specific you should consign a set of documents. Above all, these above will be fundamental in the application and registration process. Therefore, we take care of telling you the Necessary documents for this process:

  • Registration form stamped and signed
  • Copy of the identity card
  • Key issued by the National Registry (photo and copy of the fingerprint)
  • Original and copy of the university degree
  • Certification of years of experience
  • Document stating the years of practice as a teacher in the judicial area
  • In the case of applying for the post of Magistrate in the Administrative Chamber, you must present certificates that consist of years of experience in these areas

Now, if you already have all these documents up to date, we invite you to read chow should they be presented and thus be able to process your request successfully:

Documents submission

You have doubts? We invite you to check the «Resolution of Judges» raised by the Superior Council of the Judiciary.

Meanwhile, there are several contests that summons all lawyers trained to be a Judge in Colombia. During the process, each of the «Requirements to be a Judge in Colombia» and later, it will go on to the following qualifying stages:

  • Record: When the Council’s qualifying stage ends, the National Registry will proceed.
  • Reclassification: It will be done in accordance with the provisions of the Law
  • Venue locations: It will proceed to continue with what is said in article 165
  • List of Candidates: All vacant positions available for appointment
  • Appointment and Confirmation: Receive the candidates who will be appointed Judges
Important! If you want to know more about the process, see here.

Study time required to be a Judge

Certainly, to be a Judge you must have a minimum of experience, with the aim that this figure is what sufficiently trained to carry out its main functions successfully and ethically. Consequently, the duration to obtain the title of Lawyer lasts between four to five years. As well as, to proceed to request the position of Judge in Colombia you must have at least least six (6) years of experience.

In addition, to access this branch of the judicial career you must have work experience in this type of area. Are you studying Law and want to become a Judge? Then, Read all these steps!

  • Request your form to enroll in Law at the University
  • Demonstrates the excellence and responsibility that the career demands
  • Define in which judicial field you want to develop
  • Create the consequence and vocation you need to be a Judge
  • Study the laws of Colombia and analyze each one of them
  • Take your final exam to get the title
  • Assists graduates or schools that require Judicial Practice
  • You start to have years of experience
  • Apply to be a Judge in Colombia

In addition, if you are studying to be a Lawyer, it is important that you know the following disciplines in which you can develop during your work period:

  • Constitutional
  • Civil

Time to study law

  • Penal
  • Civil procedure
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Trade
  • Administrative and Labor

Likewise, belonging to this judicial area will allow you to obtain vseveral advantages on other charges. Therefore, it is crucial that you know each of them:

Benefits of being a Judge in Colombia

  • Extensive offers of job
  • Generous salaries
  • Professional growth
  • Prestige in the country
  • Development in daily actions
  • Contribute to promoting compliance with the National Constitution

Who cannot be a Judge?

On the other hand, many times the applications to be a judge in Colombia are rejected for him Superior Council of the Judiciary. So applicants may not be meeting the «Requirements to be a Judge in Colombia» that hurts to process the request. Here are all the reasons why your request may be denied:

  • You do not meet the conditions of being Colombian by birth
  • The document that certifies the title of Lawyer is invalid
  • Failure to submit documents
  • The level of experience does not meet what was requested
  • Problems with the presentation of the document that reflects the skills of the applicant
  • Late registration
  • Comply with forced retirement (65 years)
  • Does not meet the General Requirements
  • History of judicial and criminal problems

Consequently, if your request was rejected, you can resume it. after three (3) days of notification. We suggest you verify all documents to prevent your process from being interrupted.

How is the procedure to be a judge in Colombia?

Finally, judges in Colombia have to pass por a set of tests Y procedures to be the judicial representatives of the Republic. The most important thing is to know that during the process to be a Judge you must meet a series of stages to consecrate yourself as such. Don’t know what they are? We tell you all!

  • First test: 100 questions about the different modalities of the race
  • Second test: Oral test in the Council of Justice
  • Third exercise: Present a controversial issue to the qualifying jury

Subsequently, from to be accepted you must continue your studies in the Judicial School from the country. Likewise, the academic duration will be two (2) years approximately. As well as, you will find three (3) crucial phases to reach your goal:

  • 1st phase: The theoretical and practical part that the Hard School teaches one (1) year
  • 2nd phase: Request the city where you want to be a Judge. Afterwards, practice and contribution with the Magistrates for a period of six (6) months
  • 3rd phase: Rotating stage in judicial centers with five (5) months of practice

In summary, a Judge is an important figure in the Courts of Justice, since promote ethics and excellence of the same. In addition, it is an area of ​​Law that hase many advantages at the labor level and significant remuneration. Finally, we want to invite you to read some suggestions and tips for what achieve your goals of being the next Judge of Colombia:

  • Be disciplined during your practice period
  • Connect with the teachers and judges
  • Take the exams in the best possible way
  • Offer your teaching services to Universities and Institutes
  • Consign all the documents to submit your application
  • Avoid sanctions and being disqualified
  • Encourage ethics and responsibility with your actions

Remember! You can give the justice this country needs.

Be the next Judge of Colombia!


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