Requirements to Be a Military: Studies, Salary and MORE

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If your desire is to be a military in Bolivia, it is necessary that you know the requirements to be military, which are requested to be able to enter the Military College and thus belong to the Armed Forces of the country.

Stay and read this content so that you can inform yourself and know all the information and data necessary for the process to be a military, you can do it with the greatest possible success. You will also be able to see some data that is quite interesting.

What are the requirements to be in the military?

If you wish to belong to the army and enter the Military College, you must complete the corresponding registration process. For this, it is necessary to issue a series of documents and attach certain requirements for entering the institution to be a success.

In this first section of the following article, we are going to present each of the requirements that aspiring military men need. Each of them is mentioned in this list below:

  • One of the necessary requirements is to be a Bolivian citizen legally. Any member of any of the indigenous peoples of the Bolivian nation can aspire to be in the military.
  • To qualify for a place in the military college, the applicant must be at least 18 years of age, since it is a requirement to be of legal age. If you do not comply with this requirement, you cannot choose to carry out the process to become a military man.
  • There are also requirements regarding the height that applicants must have. In the case of women, the minimum height is 1.62 m; and in the case of men, it is necessary to measure 1.67 m at least.
  • In order to apply to be in the military, the applicant must not be married, that is, he must be in a single civil status.
  • An exclusive requirement for women is that they must not be pregnant, to be able to apply to each and every one of the requirements that military studies require.
  • It is necessary that the applicant has completed the baccalaureate and has graduated. The College of the Bolivian Armed Forces requires the presentation of a high school certificate.
  • Another requirement is to present and show proof of good conduct. It is a document stating good conduct, which is issued directly by the Bolivian National Police and the Special Force to Fight Drug Trafficking. You can go to any of the offices established by the Ministry and request it.
  • The applicant must present the birth certificate or certificate, it is important to show it in original and also in copy.
  • You must also issue the document that proves your personal identity. In this case, you can present the Identity Card, both in original and in copy.
  • Present a document or proof, where it is indicated and expressed that the applicant has the good conditions necessary at the health level, to be able to carry out the studies to be a military man.
  • As the last but not least requirement, the applicant must submit the CMA Form, which must be duly completed. You can get it by clicking here.
  • You must pass the physical tests, psychological evaluation and the interview conducted by the military entity.
  • You cannot have a criminal record.
  • The applicant must not have tattoos on the parts that are visible even when wearing the military uniform.

Requirements to be a Military: Admission to the Military College

Now that you know each of the requirements to be military, we are going to explain the entire process and the steps you must follow to make it happen.

In this section you will get all the information you need and thus you will do your procedure with great success.

The entrance to the Military College of Bolivia It is carried out for free, and the whole process is quite quick and easy. An important fact to highlight is that the Military College enters approximately 120,000 young people in its educational plans each year.

Steps to follow

There are a number of steps you can take to ensure a quick and easy process. Here are the parameters to enter the Military school are:

  1. To begin, it is necessary that the applicant meets each of the requirements and the documentation requested by the military institution.
  2. After gathering them, you must present them in the calls that are made once a year, on the specified date.
  3. After all this process, a pre-selection is made for those native applicants and the peasants. This procedure is carried out by the Inter-Institutional Board of Fulfillment of Presentation Identity of Opportunities.
  4. The staff in charge proceeds to verify each of the documents issued by the applicant.
  5. Once all this is done, they pass to the necessary tests and the selection of new admissions to the Military College.

If you follow the parameters expressed in this content, you can ensure that your process will be very profitable. Remember that to do this you must meet the requirements to be a military man.

How Much Do You Have to Study to Be a Military in Bolivia?

One of the most frequent questions asked by applicants to train in the Military College of Bolivia To be part of the military body of the nation, it is How much do you have to study to be a military in Bolivia ?, and in this section of the article we will clarify your doubts.

Military training takes place in the summer. Once the students graduate, the Military College proceeds to award a science degree and they are assigned as second lieutenants to the Bolivian military corps. All students must serve in the military for a minimum of 6 years, from the date of graduation.

How much do you earn by Being a Military

People who want to belong to the Bolivian armed force, that is, to the military corps, they are always curious to know what the economic benefits are and how much is earned by being a military in Bolivia.

Next we will inform you about the earnings and we will present all the information you must know to become a Bolivian military.

The salary of a Military

For many years in Bolivia the salary of a military one of the highest, even higher than that of the police. This issue has generated many opinions and disputes in Bolivian society, but being a military man is a position that should be very well rewarded.

Approximately the salary of a military man ranges between 18,700 and 19,000 bolivianos, however it tends to be a little more depending on the position and the bonuses that can be received.

Remember that you must comply with the requirements to be military to be able to apply and be part of the military body of Bolivia.

Is being a Military in Bolivia mandatory?

For many years, the military service throughout Latin America it was completely mandatory. It was imposed by the communist system that recruited a large number of young people a year.

Young people aged 17 and over entered and a year after the corresponding isolation was carried out, which lasted approximately two or three years.

But this is not still in force today, because this system of compulsory service was completely abolished in 2001, to become a voluntary and remunerated process, which is beneficial for society in Bolivia.

What is it?

Military It is a term of Latin origin, which refers to everything that is related to the military and war. It refers to or refers to the people, entities and institutions that belong to the Armed Forces of the nation, in this case Bolivia.

The military have the mission and are in charge of defending the sovereignty of a nation and its integrity at the territorial level, for which they perform different and varied functions.

These officials have weapons and the ability to use physical force on certain occasions where it is needed. A military man is considered to be anyone who belongs to the body of the country’s Armed Forces.

Military service

The Military service refers to the military activity carried out and practiced by a person in a compulsory or voluntary manner, depending on what is established in the country where they are located.

It consists of the incorporation of citizens to the system of protection of the sovereignty of the nation, which is carried out through the Armed Forces.

People who want to be in the military and Belonging to the Armed Forces of the nation, they must be responsible, organized individuals who strive to ensure the protection of the nation, complying with the necessary preparation and training.

Military duty

The Military duty It is the set of obligations that are established in Bolivian law, specifically in Law No. 2,306. Said law expresses the duty to perform military service to provide protection to the sovereignty of the nation.

Bolivian Armed Force

The Armed Forces of the Plurinational State of Bolivia are the group of entities in charge of national protection and defense. It is made up of the Command in Chief, the Army, the Air Force and the Navy of Bolivia.

These entities have specific functions that depend directly on the Bolivian Ministry of Defense and are in charge of ensuring the sovereignty of the country.

Finally, remember that you must meet the requirements to be in the military and thus be successful in your process.


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