Requirements to be a Minister of Colombia: know its Functions, What it is and MORE

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The Requirements to be a Minister of Colombia they allow the best representatives to be chosen. These will be in charge of controlling all areas for the development of the country.

Based on these regulations, the officials who will direct each sector of the country will be determined. We invite you to know the functions, what it is and what are the Requirements to be a Minister of Colombia.

Requirements to be a Minister of Colombia

The Requirements to be a Minister of Colombia They are basically: Being a Colombian citizen, and having the necessary competencies and capacities to fulfill the pertinent functions. Also, have a minimum age of 25 years.

The Colombian Council of Ministers is a government division whose purpose is to cooperate and promote the permanent progress of Colombia. This through the development and approval of tools, methods and procedures that contribute to urban growth.

The Ministers in Colombia are the delegates, to support the Executive to optimize your work as Head of State throughout the Colombian territory.

Who cannot be Ministers of Colombia?

Anyone who does not meet the above Requirements to be a Minister of Colombia You will not be able to apply for the position.

There are some restrictions for those who, even if they comply with the Requirements to be a Minister of Colombia. In addition, meet one or more of the conditions described below:

  1. People who have been convicted under a court sentence. This will apply to custodial sentences, the exception being culpable crimes or political crimes.
  2. Similarly, citizens who have served as public officials in the twelve months prior to their appointment.
  3. Those who have participated in business negotiations with public institutions. Consequently, the appointment of individuals who have entered into contracts with tax administration entities is restricted. All of this will apply during the six months prior to appointment.
  4. People who have lost their investiture as a congressman.
  5. Citizens who have links with officials of political or civil authority. In this case they will apply to links of:
    1. Permanent union.
    2. Consanguinity relationship in the third degree.
    3. Marriage.
    4. Kinship in the first degree of affinity.
    5. Or only civil relationship.
  6. Citizens with dual nationality who are not Colombian by birth.

How is a Colombian Minister chosen?

The democratic system in Colombia establishes that the President of the Republic is elected by the vote of the Colombian people. But in the case of the Ministers, this is not the case.

They are chosen by the person who has the first position. Which is to say, that the Ministers they are chosen directly by the Executive Power.

Its duties?

The Ministry of the Interior

He is in charge of the total organization of civil intervention policies, distribution, territorial regularization, political and constitutional issues.

Also public safety issues, human rights, electoral procedures, etc. This Ministry is known as the «Ministry of Politics» since it has a direct connection with Congress and the political parties.

The Foreign Relations

It is the body to which it corresponds to direct and organize foreign policies, as well as managing the country’s diplomatic relations.

This is appointed by the Executive. And being the second place in the order of precedence within the cabinet of ministers, just behind the Minister of the Interior.

Ministry of Finance and Public Credit

This institution is responsible for the definition, planning and execution of the Colombia’s economic policies. It is also responsible for the programs and projects associated with it.

Among its other functions are the preparation of decrees of law. As well as customs, tax, fiscal, treasury and public credit, exchange, credit, financial and monetary regulations.

The Ministry of Justice and Law

This Ministry has the task of formulating, advising, ordering and carrying out defense policies. And very important the security and public order of the Republic.

Through its work, it is achieved that a formal and alternative access to justice is delivered. In this way, the fight against crime is ensured. In conjunction with the promotion of respect for rights and the control and prevention of crimes within the national territory.

Additionally, this entity is in charge of coordinating relations with the different sectors of the State. With the objective of developing and consolidating the policy of Colombian law and justice.

Ministry of National Defense

It is presented as the highest authority on military, defense and security matters in the Republic. Its job is to design, study and put into action the security and defense policies of the nation.

And together with the President of the Republic (who works as Commander of the Armed Forces and Chief of the National Police). Likewise, the Minister of Defense must safeguard national sovereignty. As this Ministry is the authority of the Public Force, it is in command of:

  1. The Military Forces, made up of the National Navy, the National Army and the Air Force.
  2. The National Police.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

It is in charge of promulgating and coordinating the programs of the fishing sectors. Also the agricultural and rural development of the Republic.

Ministry of Health and Social Protection

This entity is responsible for regulating the regulations regarding social assistance and public health. It must also ensure caring for populations at risk and in a situation of poverty.

The Ministry of Labor

It is the institution to which corresponds the administrative control of the labor sector and its development. Its function is to design and implement those general policies and plans focused on the field of work at the national level.

Ministry of Mines and Energy

This state office does the work directed at mining, hydrocarbon and energy infrastructure policy.

Its responsibility is to carry out the administration of those non-renewable natural resources. Therefore, it ensures its optimal use, as well as its regulation, always looking for the Protection of natural resources.

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism

This is the Ministry whose job it is to support the country’s commercial activities. Seeks to boost Production of goods and services in the country. It is also responsible for managing tourism management according to the needs of each region.

The performance of this Ministry is of utmost importance to the nation. Since it concentrates all the necessary axes for the functioning of the Colombian economy. Because of this, the task of designing and directing economic policies must be taken with extreme seriousness and transparency.

Ministry of National Education

He is in charge of formulating all national education policies. Its main purpose is to promote quality education, in order to ensure prosperity, progress and equity.

The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development

As you can guess, its function is to establish regulations and guidelines on water resources. Biodiversity, marine resources and the environment.

Ministry of City, Territory and Housing

It is known as the authority in the housing sector. This body has the responsibility of formulating and coordinating those projects and plans in matters of urban and territorial development and planning.

Among other tasks, you must carry out the design of plans of financing and access to housing. The provision of basic services, the efficient and sustainable use of soils, etc. are also taken into account.

The Information Technology and Communications

Its function is to develop technology for communication and information in the country.

The Ministry of Transport

It is distinguished as the highest authority in the definition, formulation and policies of traffic, transportation and its infrastructure. Therefore, he is in charge of these regulations at the national level.

The Ministry of Culture

It is in charge of the preservation and promotion of cultural expressions around the Republic. Therefore, it is up to him to regulate the corresponding celebrations in each region.

The Ministry of Sports

Among other things, it is the entity to which the sports events throughout Colombia correspond. In this way, your task is to control its regulation and planning.

Therefore, the Ministry of Sports must carry out the plans and programs for recreation, use of free time and physical activities.

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

The tasks of this entity include the design of public policies and strategies that promote scientific knowledge. Therefore, sustainable, cultural, environmental and social development should be promoted, in addition to the consolidation of all fields based on knowledge.

If you want more information regarding all the Ministries of Colombia. You can enter this link. In it you can get much more detailed information about each of them.

Time in office of a Minister of Colombia

The time in office for anyone who meets the Requirements to be a Minister of Colombia will be four years in his position.

What is a Minister?

A Minister is a citizen, who has been elected to exercise a public function. This is the person in charge of the administrative matters that a government has under its charge.

Within the government cabinet there are several Ministers, such as: Culture, economic affairs, defense, education, health, tourism, among others.

It should be noted that the Ministers are essential to carry out the functions of a government.

In Colombia, there are currently eighteen (18) Ministries, which are:

  1. The Ministry of the Interior.
  2. Of Foreign Affairs.
  3. The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.
  4. Justice and Law.
  5. Ministry of National Defense.
  6. Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
  7. The Ministry of Health and Social Protection.
  8. Ministry of Labor.
  9. The Ministry of Mines and Energy.
  10. Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism.
  11. The Ministry of National Education.
  12. Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development.
  13. The Ministry of Housing, City and Territory.
  14. ICT Ministry.
  15. The Ministry of Transport.
  16. Culture Ministry.
  17. The Ministry of Sports.
  18. Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

Ministries are a fundamental part of the functioning and development of a nation. Therefore, the citizens best prepared for the correct administration of our country must be chosen.

In this way, we hope we have informed you sufficiently about the Requirements to be a Minister of Colombia.


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