Requirements to be a Model: Categories, Courses and MORE

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If you are thinking of being a model and do not know where to start, in this article you can discover the Requirements to be a model.

You will also find information about the kinds of models that exist, the salary, some recommendations, impediments and some schools to train as such.

The world of modeling can turn out to be everything a person wants to be in life. If you are one of those, stay to know everything you need to know.

Requirements to be a model

Before talking about Requirements to be a modelIt should be mentioned that the fashion business in Mexico has increased every day. It has been observed that Mexican models have had more opportunities to participate in haute couture events. What has opened the doors both to the country and to professional models to expand,

At the same time, Mexico has become the nucleus of fashion in Latin America. This has led to a large number of citizens Latinos and Europeans emigrate to this country, to enter this industry. However, being a model in Mexico is not the same as being a model in other countries. There are some categories that must be taken into account, before entering a modeling agency.

Categories of Models in Mexico

We are going to start by exposing the types of models that exist. The criteria of each category are very different each. In this way, a suitable modeling agency can be found in each field. In order to have more chances to stay in the tests that are carried out.

Below are the categories that exist, which fulfill the functions such as Requirements to be a model:

Magazine or Fashion Models

It is the strictest there is, because the requirements are very demanding in terms of weight, height and height. Aspiring ladies must have a weight between 40 and 54 kg, and a height of between 1.72 and 1.80 meters minimum. In the case of male models, they must weigh between 54 and 77 kg and measure between 1.75 and 1.90 meters. These patterns can vary depending on the person who designs or the brand.

The physical attributes that modeling agencies look for are: Long hair of preference and care, skin preserved without marks. Also a friendly and sociable personality, cheerful and attractive. As are some famous models (Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber). The ideal age for this area is between 16 and 21 years old.

Models for Commercial or Printed

The requirements are the same as for the previous category, but differs in height. This requirement is not an obstacle to be selected in some of the tests that are carried out daily.

Fitness Models

These traits also apply to activities and tests for Advertising and Printing. As their names mention, they are models that have a completely fit body. They eat a healthy diet, balanced to keep you toned.

Models of Voluminous Sizes

In this type, the models have a size greater than 38. Some people recognize it as “the size of the real woman”. In the last 10 years this item has positioned itself in the modeling space. Therefore, we see models both in assorted articles and on the internet.

The Catwalk Models

Ladies must be at least 1.72 meters and small breasts. Gentlemen must be between 1.80 and 1.88 meters minimum.

Intimate Clothing Models

It is necessary for women to have a voluminous bust and narrow hips. And gentlemen should have a narrow waist and broad shoulders.

The Speaker Models

They are models hired by some companies, so that they are frequently brand related. However, these models do not necessarily have to do the verbal promotion of the brand.

Promotions Models

There are companies which want their consumers to be directly related to their models. They must have a friendly personality and be attractive to advertise your brand. These models can be seen in liquor or new goods stores, supermarkets or at special events promoting food.

Trade Show Model

Models here advertise a product, on a trade show booth or tent. Generally, they are not permanent employees of the company. Only they work independently for specific occasions.

Other Types of Models

If you don’t meet the aforementioned standards for body and face, you have the opportunity to be modeling hands, feet or hair. It is important to note that an agency must be found in advance. Knowing which category you belong to, in order to choose the agencies that could show attention to your profile.

Requirements to be a Model: Courses in Mexico

In Mexico you can find a large number of modeling schools, to perfect your skills and also comply with the Requirements to be a model. Here are the most recognized ones:

  • YK Agency: It is a professional modeling academy, its objective is to show a new, light and avant-garde perspective for the modeling business in Mexican territory.
  • WhyNot Model Agency: It is one of the best options you have. His training is based in Milan – Italy. It is undoubtedly positioned like number one.
  • Allegra Models Agency Mexico: This agency provides plans for you to develop professionally. Since its inception, it has set the standard within the fashion and artistic advertising space.
  • Look Management: It is an agency that has been a spokesperson and figure of the most important campaigns, for the brands of great recognition worldwide.
  • New Icon Models: Its main characteristic is to serve as a manager of models belonging to any ethnic group, age and body type. This agency pretends not to have stereotypes.

Requirements to be a model: impediments

Depending on the modeling agency you turn to, you will find yourself with different requirements. In the same way, each of them will establish different impediments. Among which are:

  • The height.
  • The weight.
  • Size.
  • The type of body.
  • Age.
  • Physical appearance.
  • Background within modeling.

If the Requirements to be a model, the person may not be considered by some agencies to be a role model.

Requirements to be a Model: How much do you earn?

The approximate salary as a Model is $ 105,000 pesos per year or $ 53.85 pesos per hour. According to the basic hierarchy position it is $ 28,000 pesos per year. On the other hand, the most experienced professionals can earn approximately $ 178,500 pesos per year.

The average salary monthly is $ 8,750 pesos, reaching the lowest being $ 2,333 pesos per month. To expand this information and learn a little more about the salary as a Model in Mexico, you can enter this web portal.

Requirements to be a Model: Recommendations

In this space we will present some recommendations to be a Model:

Keeping Your Interior Healthy

Eat balanced and healthy meals. Do the necessary exercises, since doing all this together contributes to have a better image. If you have the possibility, contact a personal trainer specialized in models. Communicate your goals in modeling, how you want to see yourself and tell you an exercise routine to achieve the goals.

It is important to maintain a healthy diet, eat fruits and vegetables, drink the water that your body needs. Consume portions accordingly, avoid foods with sugar, soft drinks and all those foods that take you away from your goals.

Have Good Physical Appearance

You must take care of be healthy and look perfect. Your performance and wardrobe are essential, likewise, you have to adopt habits that help you to have your skin and hair healthy.

Concentrate on looking radiant, for that you must wash your face in the morning and at night. It is essential to remove make-up before sleeping and exfoliate weekly.

Of course, you should also focus on making your hair healthy and shiny. There are some modeling agencies and representatives who prefer the «natural fat» style.

Match your Modeling Goals to your Body Shape

Virtually anyone can become a model. However, if some parameters are not met, the work may be scarce. Or in that case, it has to be balanced with other elements (security, tools, versatility, etc.).

Perform Occasional Modeling

Modeling for specific events may be considered. There are companies that hire models for certain occasions (product promotion). Here less limits apply regarding your body shape, and more attention to personality.

Consider your appearance

The physical aspect that you show is formed by your look and the shape of your body. The types of looks that exist are: The elegant and glamorous from Argentina, the European androgynous or the girl and the boy next door, and the curvy Brazilian.

You must know well the qualities you have, and at the same time seek to be seen according to with other kinds of qualities.

Get Well-informed about this Business

Do as much research as you can on blogs, modeling reviews, and books. All these tools will serve to perfect the fundamental techniques (postures), and to better understand how the business works (to get a good manager). You should also inquire about the certified agencies that introduce applicants to recognized sites, such as parades, magazines, etc.

Prepare for an Arduous Path

The modeling world has too many beautiful faces. But this is not enough to achieve success. You must have an excellent image and meet the expectations that each job requires. This business it is for committed people, with an authentic look and qualities.

Currently, there are many people wanting to enter the world of modeling. However, it is not so easy to enter. Since the objectives are achieved based on sacrifices, perseverance and discipline.

Do not be shy

You must advertise yourself, and find opportunities to progress and show your capabilities. Standing in the same place is not going to get you anywhere. Be original, explode your personality and always be confident. In the case of not feeling confident, pretend. Sometimes one of the demands of modeling is acting.

Do not think about it anymore, start by taking the first step, which is to gather the Requirements to be a model. However, remember to take into account the recommendations that are exposed here so that you achieve your goal of being a model.

We wish you luck, in this new way to go. The most important thing is that to fulfill your dreams you have perseverance and discipline.


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