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Do you like modeling? This Article will explain which are the Requirements to be a Model. That is why I know They will answer all the questions, to this issue so important for all interested Take note!

Being a model is one of the most meticulous and demanding professions because each person who wants to aspire to that must develop in everything. Therefore training is the starting point in this career.

In the modeling career they can teach how to walk correctly on a catwalk, it also helps to pose, how you should see yourself, protocol in any environment, nutrition, among other things.

So if you are interested in living the experience in this profession, you must follow a series of requirements to be a model that will be explained below.

Requirements to be a Model

The requirements to be a model go far beyond a perfect body or a size. To be a model you need to have dedication, obedience, instruction, a figure that calls the center of attention; the model must be self-confident with a character that is eating the world.

The following will explain what are the requirements to be a model:

  1. Have a height between 1.72 and 1.80 cm.
  2. It should be in the ideal size between 0-4.
  3. The bust measurement must be between 82 to 86 cm.
  4. Your waist should measure approximately 60 to 65 cm.
  5. The chain should measure 85 to 90 cm.
  6. You can start your career at approximately 14 to 25 years of age.

Requirements to be a Model: Male

For men, entering the world of modeling is much more accessible than for women, because they do not always need to satisfy with the same physical methods and they can work for much longer. For example: Today you can observe men working as models in their 50s.

Men have to meet the following requirements:

Physical qualities

  1. The man must be between 1.80 to 1.90 cm tall.
  2. The ideal weight can be between 63 and 73 kg (140 to 165 pounds) but it will not depend on your body registry.
  3. The established measurements have an approximate standard size of 40 to 42, which is the long one.
  4. Male models need to have a resistant body, but in the parts on the arms and legs it is not advisable because it stretches the wardrobe.
  5. Men should always have a clean face. Besides having perfect teeth which is a fundamental requirement.


Unlike women, male models depending on the demand can work at an age greater than 60 years. Men can start their careers in their teens, around 15 years of age.


Although it is not an essential requirement, preparing in a modeling agency can help you learn how you should behave on a set, so that from day one you do it correctly. Entering a modeling academy gives you a hand to enter that world, improving your appearance to increase and increase your job opportunities.

Decide on the type of modeling

It is very important that the male model thinks what type of modeling he wants to do in order to look for work in that area.


It is not mandatory, but it helps to hire an agent to represent you. It is more feasible to work with someone who knows the world of modeling than alone.


In the event that you have hired an agent, you must deliver a portfolio with different types of photos, incorporating face and full body photos. Also attach a video of your way of walking.

Modeling Academies in Argentina

There are several schools, academies where you can train as a professional model, which are the following.

Lauria Models

It is a modeling school and agency where it refers to new trends according to the world of fashion. He has been training people who want to become models for more than 20 years.

In this modeling school they help people to have confidence in each one, teaching them the necessary values ​​to enter the world of modeling and fashion. At Lauria Models they have structured courses for professionals to learn to stand out from other models.

Lauria Models you can enjoy 4 professional models that will help you achieve the goal of being a model as you have dreamed of.

For more information you can communicate by entering your Web page or through the following telephone numbers (+5411) 4782-4665, (+5411) 4782-0749.

Maat Models

Maat Models company has 10 years of experience. They provide services in Fashion, Catwalks, Catalogs, prepare professional models through intensive courses. For more information go to web portal.

Alem Models

It is a company in which they look for models. They are cataloged by looking for renowned models as the brands they use, each time they search to find new talent. In addition, the new talents that have joined have been able to carry out catwalks in large popular events and be captured in the prominent magazines.

In this agency, she looks for people both women and men who attract attention. For more information enter your Web page or through this number + 54-11-47803287.

Requirements to be a Model: Benefits

Many people consider modeling to be a fancy profession. Hundreds of women or men audition for a position in the best modeling academies, therefore these are the benefits that people who do modeling have.

  1. People who aspire to the modeling career will teach it a lot of skills such as posture, speaking ability, image, etc.
  2. Models can work independently.
  3. Traveling is one of the options that people who are dedicated to modeling have. Because you can find work internationally.
  4. The models will be able to model trendy and luxury brands. Highlight the unique pieces of well-known designers.
  5. With fashion knowledge, models can become a style icon.
  6. By running a catwalk at an event, you can get contacts such as photographers, designers, etc.
  7. Well-known models feel the satisfaction of being seen in videos, magazines, billboards, etc.

Types of Modeling

In the world of modeling you can find several categories because this profession is very broad.

Requirements to be a Model of publishers

This category refers to people who model for magazines and publishers such as the American magazine VOGUE. Most of all, to aspire to this job, people must be photographic.

Requirements to be a Model glamorous

This type of modeling refers to the sexual sphere. Most of all it stands out in the body of the model where it serves to improve and attract the attention of the product.

Requirements to be a Haute Couture Model

The models who work in this category have an incredible figure and be very altar that they attract attention on the catwalks in the great best-known publishers.

Requirements to be a Model in commercials

Models work to appear in commercials or anything related to advertising.

Requirements to be a Model Artistic

The models that are dedicated to this category work posing for art experts, be it painters, artists, sculptors, etc.

What does it mean to be a Model?

Model is when people exhibit designer clothing models of all kinds of garments such as jewelry, hat, dress, underwear, swimsuit, wallet, shoes, watches, among many other things.

Being a model has its origin in fashion, where it exposes all kinds of accessories to third parties. According to the updated model concept, it refers to people with defined characteristics according to age, size, height, beauty, etc. To find that the products presented are attractive to the audience to whom they are directed.

At this time modeling has been involved with marketing and advertising where the models transmit a message to the public of the product used.

It is important to note that the runway and editorial models are the most recognized by the viewer. That is, the best known are working in places like New York, Tokyo, Paris, London, etc.

If you are interested in being part of this world, you should not investigate what are the Requirements to be a Model.

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