Requirements to be a Notary Public: Functions, What it is and MORE

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Below are the requirements to be a notary public, the definition, the procedure for practicing the profession of notary and much more.

The scribe he is also known as a notary his profession of origin is law. In other words, he is a lawyer, oriented to notarial law.

The notarial practice can be exercised with the State or in a private way. The practice of the notary requires representing events of public faith, which gives authenticity to facts.

Consequently representing these events, lis grants legal property, as appropriate, what in them creates legal qualities.

On the other hand, it is necessary to know that the regulations that regulate this practice is based on the Notarial Organic Law No. 404.

This regulation indicates in detail the notarial functions and indicates everything related to the exercise of the notary professions.

It is important to know that the clerk, He is a graduate of the law degree initially, then he studies as a clerk for one year.

Requirements to be a Notary Public

In Argentina according to law 12,990 to be able to exercise This profession must meet the requirements to be a notary public, which are mentioned below:

  1. Be Argentine by birth or a naturalized citizen with a minimum of 6 years in the country.
  2. Certificate of birth.
  3. For naturalized people certificate of nationality.
  4. Be adult.
  5. Document of identity.
  6. Certificate of graduation of the law degree.
  7. Constancy authenticated acting that indicates an unblemished record.
  8. You can also file a manifesto endorsed by two acquaintances to confirm your excellent behavior.
  9. Authorization certification that allows the practice of the notary public in the notaries, issued by the governing body of the profession.
  10. State certificate in the National Recidivism Registry (proof).
  11. Tuition, is an essential requirement to exercise.

Below are some of the provinces where the colleges of notaries authorized to issue the registration of these professionals in Argentina:

  • In the province of Buenos Aires.
  • Also provincial in Catamarca.

  • In CABA.
  • Also in the province of Chaco, among other locations.
  • Likewise, an alternative for studying notary at a distance is the Blas Pascal University.


How is the Procedure to be a Notary Public?

One of the ways to practice as a clerk it is through the vacancies that the college of notaries announce, which will call a contest.

To participate in the contest announced by the college of notaries, applicants must deliver the requirements listed below and submit two evaluations:

  1. The applicant must be graduated and qualified with in the title of lawyer.
  2. Must possess the professional registration, which is obtained in the college of notaries.
  3. The applicant must also have at least two years of experience in matters of notaries.
  4. In addition, the applicant must deliver a certificate where demonstrate a record of excellent conduct.
  5. Submit a handwritten exam.
  6. They must also submit a spoken test in front of a delegation of five professionals from the school.

Before submitting evaluations the documents will be reviewed by the delegation, which must communicate the resulting deliberation.

Likewise, the communication of the Outcome to the applicants it is carried out 5 days prior to the scheduled day to take the written exam.

Some of the following will be mentioned below. aspects that the applicants to occupy the position of notary must take into account:

  • For the handwritten exam a period of 240 minutes or 4 hours is granted. The verbal exam lasts 1 hour or 60 minutes.
  • The spoken test is a presentation of an individual conference, then they must answer the questions posed by any member of the committee.

  • They cannot make use of any type of electronic or communication equipment (tablet, smartphone, any other) during the exam.
  • The assessment of the exams It will be between 1 and 10 points and the minimum score to win the contest is 7 points.

The another option to be a clerk is is by ascription. In this case, the representative or manager of a notary, makes the request for the college.

In the request, the person in charge of the notary’s office ask to be appointed a professional with competence, which will be guided by a scribe with skills to guide you.

Can you be a Notary Public without being a Lawyer?

Without having a law degree you can not practice as a notary in this country, as it is an imperative condition, according to national laws.

That is why studying writing in Argentina it is possible in person, in a short period of one year for legal professionals.

In addition, the one-year cycles for study notary offer the possibility of pursuing the distance degree.

Moreover, below are mentioned important aspects that should take into account aspiring clerks:

  • Cannot be played simultaneously public positions of a scientific nature, teachers in public education, trustees or directors.
  • Through the exercise of their notarial functions, the notaries must answer to third parties in case of unfulfilled obligations, they must pay damages.
  • If they don’t comply with tax laws, they are required to give an administrative response. In case of violation of the regulations.
  • The scribe’s exercise requires representing events of public faith, which gives authenticity to the events that occurred.

  • Consequently represent these events, grants them legal ownership, as appropriate, what in them creates legal qualities.
  • The dissimilarity between the exercise of law and that of notary, is based on the fact that the latter is not authorized to adopt a favorable position or not towards the user.
  • The scribe you must always keep a impartial apposition in front of the user since his interest is general.
  • The essential role of this professional is to offer public faith, is a notarized legal acts, so consistently authorizes the facts and they are authentic and trustworthy.
  • The scribe system in Argentina belongs to 73 countries affiliated to the International Union of Latino Notaries and covers 65% of the population

Requirements to be a Notary Public: Functions

The functions of scribes are extensive, some of them are mentioned below:

  1. The scribe Its function is to find the legal structuring of the facts presented by the parties, so that they have the desired legal effects.
  2. its main objective in the notarial function is to provide certainty to legal relationships, thus forcing the coupling of the acts and contracts that they wish to carry out.
  3. Attests with certainty to the acts in which it intervenes, guaranteeing legal security for the benefit of the personal interests of users and the community.
  4. Advises the parties and writes the instruments, deeds, minutes, among others that are entrusted to him, attesting to the authenticity of said act.

They also prepare and record contracts for:

  • Transmission of real estate.
  • Constitution of mortgages.
  • Usufruct and easements.
  • Assignment of hereditary rights.
  • Powers for lawsuits of goods for sale and those that must be formalized in public deed.
  • Partitions extrajudicial inheritance.
  • Conventions matrimonial and constitution of endowments.
  • Transfer of shares or acts consigned in public deeds.
  • Certification of private document signatures, performed in his presence.
  • Constitution and realization of verification records of facts.
  • Authentication and verification of digital impressions.
  • Verification and Certification of existence of representations.
  • Confirm and issue certifications in the seats in books that are exhibited, among others.

Advantages of being a Notary Public

  • One of the advantages is that your income is variableThey depend on being a clerk in their own office independently.
  • Work independently, with an estimated income of $ 47,000 pesos per month, with a minimum of two years of experience motivates you to make an effort to obtain your own office.
  • The scribe system in Argentina It belongs to the 73 countries affiliated to the International Union of Latin Notaries and covers 65% of the population.
  • Thanks to this affiliation in Argentina allows to notaries, to engage in consulting and training businesses with institutions and people from other countries.
  • The scribe is a harmonizer by training, of human relations and contributes to raising awareness of social peace through its neutral mediation.
  • Through mediation proposes to the people involved in a conflict, informal, economic, to be able to reach a quick solution.
  • The scribe It is also known as NotarioHis profession of origin is law, that is, he is a lawyer, oriented to notarial law.
  • Give truth to events that have occurred in his presence or carried out by him, so he can give events legal status
  • Among other advantages

What is a Notary Public?

In Argentina and anywhere in the world the clerk, he is a legal professional with a public function delegated by the state to give truthfulness of facts.

So that attests to acts carried out In his presence, he consequently grants the corresponding legal judgment.

The clerk is a professional autonomous responsible for their actionsMore than anything else, it prevents conflicts, that is, it acts in a neutral way between the parties.

The scribe is a harmonizer by training, of human relations and contributes to raising awareness of social peace through its neutral mediation.

Below are some of the provinces where the colleges of notaries authorized to issue the registration of these professionals in Argentina:

  • In the province of Buenos Aires, in the province of Catamarca, in CABA, as well as in the province of Chaco, among other locations.


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