Requirements to Be a Nun: Studies, Stages and MORE

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In this article you will explain what the Requirements to be a Nun. The nuns are those who work in the service of their religion, the majority maintain their Catholic faith, but they also exist in Buddhism and Orthodox Christianity.

The responsibilities that the nuns assume depend on their religion and the order that is attached. In addition, most of the cases are dedicated to helping people in their community.

It is important to note that depending on the nun of each faith, the color of her clothing may vary. That is why, if you are interested in knowing about this topic, take note and keep reading.

What are the requirements to be a nun?

The Requirements to be a Nun are as follows:

  1. Every woman who aspires to become a nun must be baptized and confirmed. You have to comply with these two sacraments due which are the origin of the Christian faith.
  2. Person can’t be married, That is why you must prove through a negative marriage certificate that you are not home at the time you request it.
  3. You must not have offspring and if you do you must show that you are not dependent on it.
  4. It must contain a good health status, since it must be dedicated in body and soul of God.
  5. Meet the minimum age requirements.

They can also be guided by the religious congregation of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to enter as a nun. You must first contact some of the people who make up this congregation, to start the accompaniment procedure.

This means that they will carry out an interview so that you will become familiar little by little. In addition, most of the cases the nuns invite the aspirants to interact with the community, and then they will have to share some experiences with each of them, attending summer missions or during Easter.

To enter this congregation women must have approximately 22 and 30 years old, although there may be exceptions.

What must be studied to be a nun?

Each faith establishes its own rules, for example a woman who wishes to become a nun must have at least less 18 years, being single, not having a dependent child and not having debts in their name.

To convert they go through a procedure of discernment in what happens at least one or two years, talking with a nun, visiting convents, participating in retreats and praying to decide if they will eventually become a nun and in what order they will be.

Once the person has become a Catholic nun, they must contact the order they want. This takes approximately two to four weeks, where she will live with the other nuns of the order.

If the people who make up those congregations consider that the citizen is a good option, it is accepted. After several months of living in the order and taking classes, the person will become a novice, in that case their name will be changed, after two years being a novice, the nun must give her first votes.

Stages to Be a Nun

Having fulfilled the Requirements to be a nun, the person to get there must go through a series of stages that will be explained below:

The aspirantate

It is a stage of immediate training, it begins when the citizen communicates with a congregation to enter. This period can be extended as long as you have entered the convent, depending on how prepared you are.

The postulancy

This stage is intended to allow the process of the skills, abilities and vocation of the candidate. It is a period of adaptation in the beginning of your new life, this stage can last for at least less one year, depending on each person.


This period is intended for the aspirant to begin her spiritual preparation, the solution of which will depend largely on her generosity.

The main objective of this stage is for people to be trained for the demands of religious life. This period lasts for at least less 2 years that can be lengthened 6 more months.

Temporary vows

At this stage, the candidates profess the four vows that are of chastity, poverty, obedience and life Lent. The nun begins to prepare herself for the sanctity of the church.

Solemn professional

It is the final and decisive period in which the final votes are taken. As it is the final stage, the nun is permanently integrated into the order that receives her as a daughter in the communion of the people who need her most.

How Long Does It Take To Be A Nun?

In each faith, the nuns spend many years training and cooperating in the life of their convent before they can have their vows. But everything will depend on each congregation and from the person of how, little by little he advances in each stage.


The nuns dedicate themselves to a life of simplicity, simplicity and poverty. There are cases that the nuns work as doctors or teachers, but do not receive a salary.

There may also be nuns who help in the congregations in which you are, selling products that they have made, but their daily activities are based on housing and food to supply the religious community.

The Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mexico They live from their work, but they contribute in common what is earned. That is, they do not care who contains better salary but what is needed to contemplate a simple life.

What is it?

The nun is defined as a religious of one of the monastic orders approved by the church by solemn vote and generally subject to the clause. They also dedicate themselves to blessing and praising God through prayer and work.

It is important to note that once the nuns have their vows, it is estimated that they will spend the entire course of their lives dedicated to their faith. During their training, they are taught to keep the faith and can become teacher novice nuns in their order.

Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is an international religious congregation witnessed in 41 countries, on 5 continents. It was founded in 1800 in France.

They are defined as a «Apostolic Congregation»Through prayer they seek that people identify themselves through their feelings to contemplate God.

They work to help in education both in school academies and in popular participation projects or in other actions that follow the same path of faith. The affection, dedication and love that they give to God is linked to work for well-being, peace, justice, etc.

How do they pray?

Each person has their way and their space of prayer personl. For them it is extremely fundamental to have contact with the feelings of Jesus and with their own emotions.

That is why each day they organize an hour in silence, talking with the Lord about what they live each day, those who care, what they are passionate about, etc. They can also pray contemplative which refers to that they feel that they are in front of God, that they feel his presence.

They also pray in common, in which each one shares what they feel in that fundamental moment.

What are the votes?

All devotees who follow Jesus must live with three vows which are as follows:

  • Poverty: The person must give up accumulating, where it must be shared in solidarity.
  • Chastity: You must love each person.
  • Obedience: The citizen must be willing to solve and help people.

The nuns reside at least with 4 people, although there are also houses where more or fewer people live. They organize themselves to carry out the duties of the house, each one has its own responsibilities.

If you want to join this congregation you can access your web portal. To train you in this world, you must comply with a series of Requirements to be a Nun.


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