Requirements to be a Police: for Federal Police, Functions and MORE

Being part of a police force is a challenge that has a fairly high level, it is a passion that only very brave people could fulfill. Do you want to know what the The Requirements To Be A Police Officer? You are in the right place.

If your desire is to be part of the defense of your people, face difficult problems for the citizens and you have the wisdom to do it, or on the contrary you want to learn how to do it.

you just have to read a little more to get all the information regarding documents, studying time and the Benefits that will bring you to exercise this responsibility.

What are the Requirements to be a Police Officer?

Within the ReI want to be a police officer You can find about 9, these are based on what the Argentine police force requests for the entry of useful people to its team.

Joining the police consists of a process that covers different areas, referring to papers and also to psychological preparation, that is, there are a certain number of requirements that you must present.

Besides the required documentation (which will be discussed in a moment), there are also some Physical tests that you must do so that those in charge can make sure if you are or not, prepared for the next stages.

The requirements requested are:

  1. You shall be an Argentine citizen by birth or by choice.
  2. When you decide to enter you should not have less than 18 years, nor more than 30 years.
  3. Your high school studies they must be complete.
  4. You physical and psychological fitness has to be chords to the function or task that you will carry out.
  5. A oath which you must comply yes or yes. This indicates that you are willing to continue and enforce the laws of the National Constitution and the Constitution of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.
  6. You conduct before the public and before what is regulated by law. It must be blameless, fair and proper.
  7. The exercises and tests will have to be approvedThis according to the training given in the Higher Institute of Public Security.
  8. You location must be found within 80 kilometers from the city of Buenos Aires.
  9. Finally, it is necessary comply each of laws and regulations that are indicated to you.

The rules that are established also indicate some heights that men and women must have when taking the test:

The female staff between a minimum of 1.55m and a maximum of 1.80m. male staff between 1.60m and 1.95m maximum.

These are all Requirements to be a policeman that you need to know. By having each of these rules covered, you will have an almost guaranteed pass to this position.

Limitations to be policemen

The following should be highlighted, since there are some people with specific situations who will not be able to qualify to be police, it is essential that we mention who CANNOT qualify to be a police officer, these are:

  • If the person was doomed, or is it being processed, has a procedural act or summons to trial, the result of taking any action against the constitutional order, you will not be able to exercise. Even if you have a pardon, amnesty or remission of punishment.
  • Neither current nor previously you may have been involved in acts of human rights violation.
  • If there is any crime for which you are being processed will be a reason for rejection by the police.
  • The disabled to carry out public office exercises.
  • Those who at some point in their life have been sanctioned by provincial, municipal, or national exemption in the Public Administration or the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Requirements to be a Federal Police

When we talk about the Federal police, We are referring to the main security force of the Republic of Argentina. This is dependent on the well-known Ministry of Security and has delegations in all the provinces of this country.

The latter is in charge of investigating crimes of a national nature and later working with the national police.

If you want to be part of the Requirements to be a federal police officer you must comply with the following:

  1. To have born in Argentina.
  2. Have within 19 years to 35 years old. It is important that they are the same year of registration.
  3. In the case of mens have a height between 1.65m and 1.95m and the women between 1.60m or 1.85m.
  4. To have approved all the high school.
  5. You need to have one good physical condition.
  6. Endurance for difficult workouts.
  7. Varied knowledge of policy, procedures and laws.
  8. Be a excellent student. Good spelling and knowledge of mathematics is required.

Necessary documents

  • A copy of the matrix book of secondary studies.
  • Qualification or analytical certificate (copy and original).
  • DNI (National Identity Document), the copy and its original.
  • Birth certificate original and copy).
  • In the event that direct relatives has passed away, the death certificate.
  • If the applicant was part of the military or some security force must deliver the certificate hence the reason why they no longer participated, along with their date of entry and exit.
  • Complete the pre-registration form placing the information of the partner or family and have it signed by them.
  • Have you proof of CUIT or CUIL of the ANSES without trimming. This can be done in an office or online.
  • Driver’s license (original and copy).
  • Submit 2 Photographs that are 4 × 4 and in color, totally head on and white background. In the photos the men are presented with a suit, tie, shaved and with short hair and the women with very little makeup and clothing that is consistent.
  • Present two more Photographs 13 × 18, but this time they must be whole body, from the front and also with a white background. For men it is the same clothing already described and women must wear a short-sleeved blouse and a skirt at the height of the knees. In both cases they must wear their respective shoes.
  • Photography with the measurements 10 × 15 horizontally in front of your address where you can see the numbering. This should be printed on photo paper.
  • Two Photographs 10 × 15 in which you show the inside of said address, bedroom and dining room. This also printed photo paper.
  • Two must be submitted Photographs showing both corners of the residence where you live, the whole block must be appreciated. Photographic paper.
  • Present the residency certificate granted by the district or provincial authority.
  • The DNI, address, nationality, name and surname of at least two neighbors.
  • Document original that indicate your recidivism and of all the family group that you mentioned in the other documents. This is only required by those applicants who will be 18 years of age at the time of registration.

Study time to be a Police

We inform you first that the selection process takes about 3 to 6 months. The first 4 weeks will be so that you can adapt to all the training and after this your preparation to climb the first Ladder begins as such.

We determine that the times are: 3 years to become an Officer, to be a patrolman for one year and to be a professional for one year.

Speaking now of the Federal Police the duration of the study is approximately 3 years. In these years there will be 4 specialties that the cadets are in charge of dictating.

Benefits of being a Police

Each job requires great effort, but they also have their respective rewards. Among the benefits of this profession we find that:

  • We must highlight as a first benefit, the opportunity to enforce the laws and also seek justice in the environment in which you practice.
  • The policemen’s salary It is very well paid, it is estimated that about 50,000 pesos is what they receive for their hard work, thus trying to cover all their expenses.
  • The federal police they earn between $ 36 to $ 74.
  • This is a stable job that will allow you to develop both work and academically.
  • You can retire after 25 years of service and be a pensioner.
  • Protect people in need and act on their behalf.
  • Conduct investigations in order to solve important cases.
  • Being a taxpayer of the nation, this will make other people’s lives safer and the justice they deserve.

These are some of the best benefits that the police offer you and what can help you decide whether to apply or not.

What are the Functions of a Police in Argentina?

Among the responsibilities that must be assumed when being a police officer we have:

  • They must investigate the cases assigned to them.
  • Quickly attend places that present catastrophic and extreme care situations.
  • Direct traffic on public roads to avoid a disaster.
  • Enforce traffic laws in the area indicated to you.
  • Carry out surveillance of public spaces.

  • Interfere quickly in situations in which a crime occurs and arrest the person who committed or was about to commit the same.
  • Watch in the events or meetings that are required, to avoid any disturbance or problem.

We have presented you with the reasons, advantages and responsibilities that you will have when presenting the test and entering the police. The vocation to enforce the laws and to highlight the Justice true on all occasions is what identifies the base of a policeman.

If you want to know more about the Argentine Police you can enter here.

These were the requirements to be a policeman! Present your proof and make Argentina a safer country.

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