Requirements to be a Police in Colombia: to be a Judicial Police, Functions and MORE

The Colombia National Police It is an important and fundamental organ for the development of the nation. People who are interested in belonging to this armed body must go through a process of evaluations and present a series of requirements to be a police officer in Colombia.

This article sets out the steps to follow, the requirements that the interested party must specify in order to apply to the National Police. For this reason, we invite you to read the following content, which contains everything you need to know to enter the Colombia National Police, the requirements to be a police officer in Colombia.

Requirements to be a Police in Colombia

To be able to enter and be part of the police in Colombia, it is necessary to comply with a series of demands and requirements requested by the Colombia National Police.

The applicant must also meet some conditions, among which it is found that the person must be Colombian by birth, have the approval of primary and secondary education and that they must be an integral and responsible person who has an exemplary life history.

If the interested party meets the conditions and is really interested in contributing to the national security and development of the country, in this profession, it is necessary to present the requested requirements, which are easy to achieve.

The requirements demanded by the Colombian Police have been increasing, making the process much more demanding. Each of them is mentioned below in this list:

  • Document that proves that the applicant is Colombian.
  • Possess over 18 years of age, that is, be of legal age.
  • As a minimum, the aspiring police officer must have a bachelor’s degree. You must prove it, presenting the title, in original and copy.
  • In case of having other studies, present the certificates and documents that prove it.
  • The person must be single and have no children. It is necessary for the applicant to remain in that state, while training as a police officer.
  • Document that can demonstrate that the applicant does not have a criminal record, because if he does, he cannot present the application for admission to the Colombian police.
  • Based on the area of ​​the application, you must submit the approval of the test ICFES.
  • Consign a disciplinary record.
  • Copy of the Birth Certificate.
  • Certified notes.
  • Original and copy of the official identity document.
  • Record of singleness.
  • Present a copy of the professional card.
  • Swimming course approval certificate.
  • Photocopy of the driver’s license.
  • Copy of the military notebook.
  • EPS certificate.
  • Receipts for services such as electricity and water.
  • Photograph of the applicant measuring 9 x 12 cm.
  • Passport-type photography.
  • Present a copy of the identity documents of the applicant’s parents.
  • Among others.

Conditions based on age

There are some conditions based on age and study, which are presented below:

  • If it is a bachelor’s degree, you must be under 27 years old, when submitting the application.
  • Must be under 30 years of age, in case the applicant has a professional course, technological and / or technical studies.
  • You may not be older than 33 years, if you have postgraduate studies.

Requirements to be a Police Woman

In the previous section, the basic requirements for men and women are mentioned, but there are certain requirements that women must meet to apply to be Police in Colombia.

The woman must be Colombian, have a high school diploma like the man, be between 16 and 25 years old, the ICES test must reach at least 42 points. Must be single and have no children.

She must be a brave woman, capable of facing great challenges, active, able to perform physical activity with ease, not underestimating her abilities and willing to protect the country.

Requirements to be a Police Inspector

The police inspector has the function of controlling, commanding and coordinating a specific police group. In order to apply for this position, it is necessary to go through an election process and present certain requirements requested by the Colombian Police.

Among the requested requirements are the following:

  • Possess Colombian nationality.
  • Be of legal age, that is, be over 18 years of age.
  • Possess a minimum height of 1.65 meters for men and 1.60 meters for women.
  • Document that certifies the correct use of weapons.
  • Not have a criminal record.
  • They must not have any physical impediment that prevents the person from performing the functions required by the position.
  • Present the official identity document.

To be a Judicial Police in Colombia

People interested in applying to be judicial police in ColombiaThey must comply with the requirements that the Colombian Police Department assigns. The requirements for being a judicial police officer are the following:

  • Possess Colombian nationality, either by birth or by nationalized residence.
  • Be an active person in police practice.
  • The applicant must not have any type of criminal record and must prove this fact, by means of a legal document.
  • Not have any type of expulsion or separation from the police force for bad work or conduct.
  • Have the military situation defined.

Steps to join the police

Throughout the content, it has been seen that the requirements and conditions that must be met are easy and simple. Below are the steps that the aspiring Colombia National Police must go on:

  1. To begin, the applicant must process the pre-registration, using the format established by the SINC.
  2. Then, you must wait for the notification of the success or rejection of the process.
  3. You must participate in the initial induction talk.
  4. Afterwards, all the required medical examinations must be carried out.
  5. The applicant must attend a physical-athletic evaluation.

What is the national police?

The National Police of Colombia is an armed body, which has a civil nature, which is in charge of the public security of the Republic of Colombia.

The highest representative of the armed body is the President of the country. At present, this body is made up of approximately 180,000 people.

The purpose of the Colombian National Police is to ensure national security, guarantee public order and protect citizens from any danger.

Functions of a Police in Colombia

Apart from knowing the requirements to be a police officer in ColombiaIt is also important to know how the police work. Below in this list, some functions of the National Police are mentioned in more detail:

  • Ensure that the company complies with the corresponding legal obligations.
  • Provide protection to the people of the country.
  • In turn, protect the assets of citizens.
  • Monitor areas, buildings and facilities to further secure citizens.
  • Prevent the commission of criminal acts.
  • In case of any crime or crime, the police personnel must investigate and provide the best service to solve the citizen’s problem.
  • Contribute to civil protection services.

Specialties of the National Police

The National Police It consists of five internal operating bodies, which are in charge of guaranteeing national security, each focusing on a specific area. The National Police specials are:

Scientific police

He is in charge of the criminal and analytical area, creation of expert reports, investigations, among other functions.

Citizen security

This area of ​​the National Police is in charge of controlling and supervising everything related to the maintenance, prevention and restoration of public safety, keeping citizens safe.

Judicial police

I know based on judicial activities, in relation to drug trafficking, crimes or crimes against property and people. Like the other areas, it has an important function and favors national development.

Immigration and Borders

This body is in charge of controlling the entry and exit of the national territory and acts on the situation of illegal immigration.


Its function is based on the collection, reception, treatment and development of information of interest to order and public safety.

Each of the police areas has a different function, but each one of equal importance, complementing each other, guaranteeing security throughout the national territory.

Remember to comply with the requirements to be a police officer in Colombia. If you want to know much more about the Colombian police, enter the following website, by clicking here.

Follow the steps indicated, to be a national police


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