Requirements to be a Property Broker: Documents, What it is and MORE

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If you are looking for work options that allow you to manage your own time and at the same time produce extra income, you have come to the right website. Through this article we will introduce you to the Requirements to be a Property Broker.

You will also know, about the advantages as a Property Broker, the profits that are obtained through that activity. Also on social skills, among other data.

Requirements to be a Property Broker in Chile

This is an activity that in recent times many people have joined. Since they consider that it is suggestive and well paid.

Within the Requirements to be a Property Broker, are the following:

The National Registry of Property Brokers Law 18,796 of 1986, was repealed. From that moment it was determined that this is an activity that any citizen can carry out, without specific requirements and without limits.

But, some tools and instruments must be applied to fulfill these functions in the best possible way. It is not necessary to have a university degree or professional to perform the job of Property Broker. However, you have the opportunity to take the corresponding brokerage courses.

They are courses that last a short time, where in a short time you can acquire general studies to develop yourself in this area of ​​buying and selling and renting real estate. The syllabi for these courses contain areas such as sales tools, brokerage and appraisal operations. Also, legal studies of all contracts, etc.

In addition, some specialists confirm that it is essential that Property Brokers, know the right and value of properties, and they must also be talkative and expert. Having all the above mentioned characteristics, they are sure to become excellent in the real estate trading business.

Necessary documents

Generally when we lose our job, we are ready to find options that help us to get out of the need we are going through. It is not only finding a job, but also obtaining one that provides us with regard to improving both personally and financially. And certainly Real Estate Brokerage is an excellent option.

The necessary documents that must be presented as Requirements to be a Property Broker they are mentioned here below:

  • Start operations as a Property Broker in the Internal Revenue Service (IBS). Login to this link to find the code 702000.
  • Cancel the Commercial Patent that belongs to the municipality (both as a natural person and as a legal person). Desire to be an independent professional with an establishment (local or physical office).

As can be seen Requirements to be a Broker in Chile they are very few. This with respect to the legal part, however, are enough not to break the Law. But it is not the same if the interested person wants to achieve success as a Property Broker.

Now, if the person wants to be a successful Property Broker, he must invest sufficient economic capital and acquire the necessary tools to grow professionally. It is essential to train, through the courses and diplomas offered by the Chilean market.

In addition to this, it is advisable to raise the necessary capital, and later have the capital to open your brokerage business, and start as a freelancer. It is very important to obey the requirement of being of legal age (from 18 years old).

On the other hand, the interested party will decide where they will receive the training. In some places the training lasts between 60 and 70 hours, for a period of approximately one or two weeks. It should be noted that to be a real estate agent it is not essential to have professions relating to sales, commerce, marketing, finance or administration.

The aforementioned does not exclude people who want to exercise these functions. Of course, if the interested parties have any of these professions, it provides them with some advantages since they are connected with the information.

In conclusion, people who want to join these teams can do so, with the goal of being a Property Broker. In this area not only the intellect counts, but also the will to grow, nurture and stimulate oneself to go far.

Social Competences

With regard to social competences, what is taken into account as faculties, proficiency, capacities or social skills. Both organization and cooperation are essential for the job to be effective, as a real estate agent.

Within these teams, it is very valuable solidarity and sympathy. Being part of a team of Property Brokers. The most experienced staff within the area, works as support for those who are starting in the business.

In other words, and studying the external environments, in any organization it is essential that its employees are dynamic and capable of putting themselves in the place of the other. Since only in this way is it possible to achieve the daily, monthly and annual objectives.

A real estate agent is the one who must ensure the aforementioned objectives. It is not only about generating income, but it is also important to will you have to progress and grow. You must be willing to be a leader who is self-stimulating and stimulates his team.

As a leader you have to support your organization to expand its production. And you should be ready to study different states and decide from there. Do not forget that the real estate agent has excellent vision regarding the connection of people.

For this reason, you must be communicative and analyze situations to increase knowledge and express yourself in a better way. Once you start your job as a real estate agent, you will be faced with the essentials of communicating. And above all of hear what your customers want and need.

Advantages of a Property Broker

One of the advantages that being a Property Broker gives you is that you have the possibility of working at the same time in another place. Since fulfilling these functions it is not necessary to occupy your entire schedule as a real estate agent. And in this way you generate additional parallel earnings.

You have the opportunity to manage your time. You receive remuneration as compensation for your performance. You can start the business even without having capital. You can also reach your financial goals while still paying attention to your family.

Property brokerage is an exercise entirely independent and with great income, but for people with a drive and entrepreneurship. If you are at a time where you are looking for another job option, or starting your own business. We invite you to know about one of the possibilities with great expectations in the market.

Functions of a Property Broker

A Property Broker’s main function is to contribute through neutral mediation, so that a real estate contract is materialized. It also takes care of advise and advise their clients in everything related to real estate businesses.

Likewise, it contributes to the acquisition of the financing requested by the property buyer. Also in gathering all the precedents that are needed, to do the legal analysis on the property documents.

In addition, he is responsible for managing the properties on behalf of others. And above all and very important, they must be people with ethics, perfection and professionalism. For this reason, they have to be constantly updated on the area and on legal issues, appraisal methods, urban planning, construction, etc.

It should be noted that for the Property Broker to fulfill all the functions entrusted, it must have technological support. Infuse and give confidence to all your clients, be in charge until the entire operation is concluded. As well as, provide truthful data that serve as a guide to public opinion.

What is it?

A Property Broker is the person who acts as mediator between two elements, in the context of real estate. In other words, they play in a remunerated way between contracting parties to facilitate the realization of real estate deals.

Also, commercial or industrial premises, rentals, exchanges, purchase-sale contracts and even mortgages. In short, the functions of a Property Broker, is to fill out, evaluate, organize and manage everything related to real estate.

The earnings that a Property Broker receives are detailed below:

For every sale made, earn 4% of the property’s value. The 2% charged to the seller and the other 2% charged to the buyer). In the event that the property price is $ 35,000,000 pesos, the broker will receive a profit of $ 1,400,000 pesos.

In the case of rentals, it is 100% of the price of the first month of rent. 50% charged to the lessor and the other 50% charged to the lessee. When the rental value of a property is $ 200,000 pesos, the broker will have a profit of 200,000 pesos.

You already know about Requirements to be a Property Broker. It is essential that you know that, through the training courses taught in certain institutions, you can train and become familiar with the business.

The most important of all this. It is that from the moment you begin to develop in this profession, you will obtain peace of mind, experience and financial independence.

We wish you luck with the corresponding processing, so that you can soon start producing your own income.


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