Requirements to be a Prosecutor: Functions, studies and MORE

It is very important to keep in mind the Requirements to be a Prosecutor, which are very important if you are interested in acquiring this position. Remember that these must be fulfilled for the most part to the letter, because in this work it is of great relevance to have trained professionals who direct it.

The fiscalIn general terms, it is an official who is in charge of carrying out criminal legal processes. Thus, his subject is criminal investigation and he develops his work in the Public Ministry, in this case in Chile.

NextWe will explain not only the requirements, but also how you can become a prosecutor, what you have to study, what are the functions that you would perform if applicable and what exactly is a prosecutor. Do not go!

How to become a prosecutor in Chile?

Like everything else, reaching a position has its process. You have to acquire certain knowledge and experience, because as we will see throughout this article, it is not a simple and ordinary job that anyone can carry out.

To become a prosecutor, you must:

  • Have a strong inclination for law, justice and order.
  • Carry practices and experience in the area of ​​law.
  • Know the Constitution and all the legal norms not only of Chile, but also some external ones.
  • To study law in college.
  • Not be disabled in the exercise of public functions.
  • To have impeccable criminal record.
  • Meet all the requirements.
  • Carry out your duties as indicated by the Staff Regulations for Prosecutors, which you can find by clicking here.
  • Pass the relevant exams (written and oral) and comply with the educational, work and other profiles that certify the ability to carry out.

The National Prosecutor’s Office It is based in Santiago, Chile, and the prosecutor may only be in office for 8 years. Unlike a senator, he cannot be reelected for the following term. On the other hand, Regional prosecutors, through deputy prosecutors, they carry out their work in specific regions.

In the latter are departments (divisions) according to the concept they serve:

  • Management Evaluation, Control and Development
  • Human Resources.
  • Administration and finance.
  • Computing.
  • Attention to Victims and Witnesses.

Finally, we can find the local prosecutors, where you can find deputy prosecutors, assistants and administrators of the prosecution, and other professionals and personnel necessary to carry out the work of public criminal action, witness protection and other areas such as investigation. These are the operational units of the regionals.

For be a National Prosecutor you must:

  • Go through the quina carried out by the Supreme Court of Justice in Chile, where only five candidates are selected.
  • The president then selects one of these five candidates.
  • Finally, if you are that candidate, then you must have the approval of at least two-thirds of the Senate.

The Deputy Prosecutor, for his part, will be chosen:

  • Through the Official Gazette, and some newspapers with regional and national circulation, the Regional Prosecutor will announce a public contest for the deputy prosecutors to be elected.
  • You will select three candidates and present them.
  • Finally, it is the National Prosecutor who appoints the deputy prosecutors.

Requirements to be a Prosecutor in Chile

There are a number of Requirements to be a prosecutor that you must keep up to date if you want to become one. For the purposes of correct transmission of information, below we will explain the requirements for national, regional and deputy prosecutors, so that you know exactly what you need.

National Prosecutor

  • Be a Chilean citizen.
  • Have the right to vote (suffrage).
  • Be at least 40 years of age.
  • Not having the disabilities and incompatibilities that we will explain later and that are subscribed in the Organic Law.
  • Have a law degree for at least 10 years.

Regional Prosecutor

  • Be a Chilean citizen.
  • Have the right to vote (suffrage).
  • Not having the disabilities and incompatibilities that we will explain later and that are subscribed in the Organic Law.
  • Be 30 years of age or older.
  • Possess a law degree for at least 5 years.

Deputy Prosecutor

  • Be a Chilean citizen.
  • Have the right to vote (suffrage).
  • Not having the disabilities and incompatibilities that we will explain later and that are subscribed in the Organic Law.
  • Possess the title of law.
  • Have the appropriate skills and knowledge to develop prosecutorial functions, including specialized training.

Now, by virtue of giving more information, let’s see what are the disabilities and incompatibilities that prevent you from being a prosecutor:

  • Be deaf, dumb, or blind.
  • Drug or gambling addiction.
  • Dementia.
  • Having committed a punishable offense.
  • Failed, unless otherwise stated.
  • Have been President of the Republic, Minister of State, Intendant, Governor or Secretary of Intendancy in the last year.
  • Being in a personal relationship with another prosecutor.
  • Have another paid job, whether with private or public funds.
  • Reside more than 35 km from the prosecutor’s office.

And remains forbidden:

  • Follow the legal profession, with some family exceptions.
  • Intervene in matters that are personally related.
  • Receive bribes.
  • Use your benefits in a personal way, such as workers or work time.
  • Using authority for purposes incompatible with the functions.
  • Join any political party.
  • Leave the country without prior notice.


The functions that the prosecutor performs are very important, so if you want to apply for this position you will need to take them into account. Let’s see what they are, and for the explanation we will include their duties:

  • Follow the legal rules, regulations and instructions Regarding the fiscal year, at the same time it is promoted is follow-up in the subordinates.
  • Carry out research pertinent to the cases treated, within the established deadlines.
  • Always tell the truth Regarding the narrative of obtaining evidence in an investigation, whether the prosecutor was part of it or not.
  • Act on the principles of ethics and probity.
  • Watch over the victim safety, ensuring adequate protection.
  • Respect religious, sexual, social and political inclinations and conditions.
  • Provide the services that correspond to you, with hope, courtesy and respect, while the objectives of the Public Ministry are met.
  • Maintain confidential informationwell, confidential!
  • Obey orders from superiors.
  • Maintain good business record.
  • Caring for, rationing and using the goods and services that are available to you.
  • Justify yourself before superiors on complaints that are formulated, within the agreed term.
  • Follow the Constitution and its laws.
  • Investigate each case with great dedication, so that there are no mistakes when passing sentence.
  • They must keep the victims / survivors informed of the development of the case.
  • Apply the laws correctly: with sufficient evidence and in favor of the person who did not carry out the illegal act.
  • Report to whom it corresponds the crimes, simple crimes and irregular acts that are seen in the exercise of their position.

And much, much. As you can see, they are many functions and duties of a prosecutor and knowing it could even be considered as one of the requirements to be a prosecutor.

Studies to be a prosecutor

As you may have realized by now, you need to perform a series of studies to become a prosecutor. First, you will need to obtain your law degree or degree. Next, as it is a public position, you must present written and oral exams at the time of the contest.

In addition, you must go through a evaluation process work, academic and other records that allow the prosecution to see your level of training to be in the position. For this reason, it is important that once you acquire your law degree, you acquire as much experience and knowledge as possible, so that you become an eligible and exemplary candidate, with incredible recommendations.

Some of the topics you should touch on are Right:

  • Constitutional.
  • Trade.
  • Penal.
  • Civil.
  • Civil procedure.
  • Administrative and Labor.
  • Criminal Procedure.

Regional prosecutors receive a remuneration approximately $ 7,000,000, the national prosecutor for $ 9,000,000 and below the assistant prosecutor attorneys, with an average salary of almost $ 2,000,000.

What is it?

A Fiscal He is an impartial public worker who is in charge of defending the legality and interest of the citizens. That is, to protect victims, basically. The prosecutor is called the Public Ministry, sometimes the Public Ministry, but it is the same. The important thing is not the denomination, but what it is dedicated to.

Defining what a prosecutor is is not an easy task. This seeks to be an objective person, in charge of applying the law. He is not exactly a judge. The judge is there to hand down a sentence, while the judge is there to apply the law and defend the public interest but does not hand down a sentence: his job is to investigate and protect, as we have said.

A judge is independent while the prosecutor depends on the national prosecutor, so there is another difference. The truth is that there are prosecutors for everything: corruption, the environment, economic crimes, urban crime, juvenile delinquency, and so on. However, in addition to criminal matters, the prosecutor also intervenes in civil proceedings, individuals, such as minors and the disabled.

This is a very influential character, as you may have seen, and now that you know what the Requirements to be a prosecutor, You can be too!


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