Requirements to Be a Public Accountant: Studies, Functions and MORE

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Performing professionally is one of the wishes that every citizen raises when he is training academically to practice a profession. This is why we invite you to read this article, if you want to know the Requirements to be a Certified Public Accountant in Ecuador.

For this, citizens have to academically in those of higher studies that offer the program of each institution. To realize and achieve the title of Public accountant, which accredits and authorizes you to practice as a public accountant in Ecuador.

The occupation of the public accountant who must practice is to analyze and interpret the accounting of an entity or a person. In order to prepare the respective reports for management and / or third parties. You can exercise it independently or as a dependent of a public or private body. If you are interested in this article, we invite you to continue reading.

What are the Requirements to be a Public Accountant in Ecuador?

The requirements that must be met to apply, apply for and begin studies in the university career «Public accountant», apart from the admission tests, they are the following:

  • Present the original and copy the bachelor’s degree.
  • Three color passport photos.
  • The result of the philosophy test carried out by UCSG.
  • Original identity card and color copy of it, accompanied by the certificate of good conduct.
  • Enrollment Application.

If you did the studies of bachelor abroad, must present with the agreement to the above, the following documents:

  • Original and copy of the bachelor’s degree Obtained abroad, already notarized and legalized by the Ministry of Education of Ecuador.
  • If you are a foreigner You must have a valid student visa.

If you want to apply for this career and previously took courses related to the training of Public accountant in other higher institutes, you must deliver a certificate of Homologation.

Likewise, you must comply with the guidelines on the essential requirements to be able to study this university career and present all the documentation before the UCSG.

Studies Needed to Be a Public Accountant

Currently a public accountant He is the key person in the management team for all public, private and governmental entities; accounting is the language of business.

To train as an accountant, the citizen must study in the universities that teach said career and fulfill all the assignments for the culmination of the same, finally obtaining the title of Degree in Public Accounting.

That is why, if Ecuadorian citizens want to study this career, below we will highlight some universities where I can train.


The University on the Internet (Unir) contributes to higher education in Ecuador through a online educational work which has positioned it as a European institution with reference in the country.

It is part of foreign universities of high prestige and international quality as certified by the National Secretariat of Higher Education, Science and Technology (SENESCYT). It is the body that carries out this inclusion process.

In bliss institution will acquire knowledge theoretical and practical on accounting and finance, taxation, business organization, banking, auditing, among others. In addition, they must study other necessary subjects related to the economic, legal, mathematical and statistical fields.

Its purpose is to prepare each of the students to enter the work environment in the most demanded positions in the financial departments and the banking sector.

If you are interested in training at this university, you can access your web portal and receive all kinds of information.


It is a humanistic and innovative academic community that is based on research for the comprehensive training of citizens who are capable of carrying out a profession and thus being able to relate to the reality of the country in order to improve it.

The students graduated from this university (Ute) They go out into the work environment knowing and applying regulations. As well as accounting, financial, tax, management control and auditing systems in both the public and private spheres.

It will also have the ability to perform external and internal audits. Students will learn to improve capital flows and their valuation with financial tools of the strategic planning that they carry out in any company.

If you aspire to train at this incredible institution, you can do so by accessing your Web page.


The Technological Business University of Guayaquil It is destined to provide an education of excellence and to promote formative and applied research in the development of many disciplines.

Students who wish to do a research analysis on the problematic structures facing the country and the business world; the Uteg offers them a unique experience through his line of research.

The objective of the accounting and auditing career in this institution is to model a professional with ethical principles and preparation in accordance with the technological advances of accounting and auditing systems. And thus to be able to have a great capacity to contribute to promoting a better and adequate business management.

To enter this educational institution you can review and observe in your web portal the entire program of said race.

Duties of a Public Accountant

Among the most important functions of a Public accountant we list the following:

  1. Generate States Financial
  2. Run audits
  3. Declare taxes
  4. Make payroll
  5. Keep cost accounting
  6. Advise on financial matters
  7. Accountants review clients’ books.
  8. It takes care of the correct tax policy of companies and timely payment, efficient of taxes to the country of residence of the companies.
  9. You must report irregularities of the organizations.

They are professionals in charge of the accounts and expense ratio of a company, administration or person. To practice as a Certified Public Accountant in EcuadorYou must complete the studies concerning the career and have completed all the required subjects.

Public Accountants Law

After completing the career of Public Accountant and being able to practice, you must register in the National Registry of Accountants of Ecuador, according to the Law 43 of 1990, Professional Registration Registry. Its purpose is to legalize all professionals in the country.

The National Registry of Accountants, assigns a national identification number. Approving them to carry out the established accounting activities, where each accountant certifies their work with the assigned identification digit, accompanied by their signature.

The Public Accountant in Ecuador it deals primarily with executing accounting actions, controls, manages and interprets the accounting of a company or a person that requires accounting services. Its main objective is to help the client make decisions related to financial statements, asset movements and carry out operations in order to obtain better profits.

In Ecuador the salary of Public Accountants It varies according to those actions and clients that it manages. In accordance with all the appropriate actions that you take, it will provide you with the tools and income and be able to qualify for the salary of an Accountant in Ecuador. Which is contemplated between about 945 to 1,500 $ USD.

Labor Field Available for Being a Public Accountant

To exercise as Public Accountant in Ecuador You must comply with the legal regulations that support your professional actions in terms of administrative and accounting exercises of a company. The legal bases is it so embodied in the the nation’s public accountants law, considering primarily all the rights and duties that you must have to exercise accounting functions in the country.

Once you are authorized to practice as Public Accountant in Ecuador, you must have the ability to execute the creation and implement organizations whose functions are directed towards the environment MYPYMES. Establishing the study, control and operational management of the company that help its development.

A Certified Public Accountant, must maintain communication in good terms with clients, carry out the pertinent investigations to conclude and solve certain problems in the company’s labor sector and optimize profits.

The accountant can enter private or public industry or pursue a career in government and also in non-profit organizations.

You can also train in the fraudulent financial study, where you have the possibility of evaluating the file and presenting evidence for the prosecution of criminals with white gloves.

Hire an accountant in Ecuador It is very simple. The application should only be presented, as is, to one more employee in order for him to carry out all the accounting actions that you need in your company or business. The position will be defined in accordance with the 3 to 6 years of work experience You can opt for a senior position according to your area of ​​specialization and in the future you will be able to opt for managerial positions.

What is it?

A public accountant is a professional who specializes in the world of accounting in the economic environment that develops within corporations and organizations and even to help people in the best performance of their personal finances or their companies.

To conclude, more and more people are needed to take charge and study this career, since it is essential in society to help in finance and accounting.

Fulfill your dream by receiving the most sacred thing that is obtaining a degree in public accounting, to exercise in the least way this incredible career that unites people.


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