Requirements to be a Public Broker: Function, Importance and MORE

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Through this article the Requirements to be a Public Broker. Which are very easy to comply with, especially if the person has a professional degree in Law.

In addition, there is information about the functions of a Public Broker. Your salary, Laws that govern Public Brokers and other information of interest, in order to provide the necessary guidance.

Requirements to be a Public Broker

The Requirements to be a Public Broker, are below:

  • To be Mexican by birth, you do not have the right to obtain another nationality. And enjoy all the political and civil rights that correspond to you as a citizen.
  • Have a law degree.
  • Valid official identity document.
  • Not have a conviction under any charge (intentional crime, that obeys corporal punishment).
  • To complement the Requirements to be a Public BrokerIt is mandatory to request, present and pass the test as an applicant, and obtain the corresponding authorization.

How to be a Public Broker?

To be a Public Broker it is essential to study law. Likewise, comply with all Requirements to be a Public Broker that they named in the first point of this article.

Salary of a Public Broker

It is based on 171,000 salaries, and every month he receives $ 13,000 pesos. The average salary obtained by a Public Broker in Mexico is $ 156,000 per year, which is equivalent to $ 80.00 pesos every hour. According to the general hierarchy they receive $ 49,680 pesos per year.

On the other hand, the most experienced professionals can earn up to $ 265,200 pesos per year. As mentioned above, the average salary of these graduates is $ 13,000 pesos per month. Being the highest per hour of $ 22.10 pesos and the lowest $ 4,140 per hour. This applies to the entire Mexican territory.

Functions of a Public Broker

The Public Brokers are authorized by the Federal Executive, to fulfill the functions that are entrusted to them. Guaranteeing and giving legal security to entrepreneurs in all the progress of their businesses and entrepreneurs with new projects.

It does everything through the following functions and services:

  • As Legal Advisors: They provide information of interest and provide opportunities to execute operations of a commercial nature.
  • Give Public Faith: They grant validity to agreements, contracts and legal actions of a commercial nature. Except in cases involving real estate and different legal acts. For example, confirmation of signatures, communications, some requirements, and procedures where authorized and be able to make investments.
  • The Arbitration: They can resolve disputes, regarding the requests of the interested parties.
  • Valuations: They calculate and they count the value of each good, service, duties and rights that are considered.
  • Mediation: Communicate and exchange proposals between interested parties, which can be two or more.

Documents Issued by a Public Broker

Generally, a Public Broker issues two documents, which are of a public nature as stipulated in the Commercial Code in its article 1237. These are:


It is a written document that reflects legal actions, agreements or commercial contracts, where the Broker is authorized to participate as notary.

The Minutes

It refers to the connection of a legal act of a commercial nature. They contain material actions, confirmations, deprivations and conditions that protect people and things. As established in Article 35 of the Regulation of the Federal Law of Public Brokerage.

Which are related to commercial actions and that other elements can be observed in a fair way. These elements are: Communications, demands, demands, rejection of commercial documentation, and other procedures.

In the event that a Broker does not find the person to contact. You must make sure that this has its place of residence in the indicated place, to make the communication. However, it can be carried out by granting the instructions to a relative, service personnel or acquaintance of the person.

It is important that the record reflects how it was done. The instructions should contain a concise connection to the reason for communication. The minutes, policies, entries in the registry book and the certifications that are issued are public documents.

These documents are part of the arguments of the contracts, legal facts and corresponding commercial acts. Therefore, the Public Broker is empowered to issue certified copies of both the minutes and the policies in which it participates. As long as you have them under your protection and in the relevant record book. As stated Federal Law of Public Brokerage in its Article 18.

What Information Do the Policies and Minutes Include?

If these documents are prepared in Spanish or another different language. They must include what is established in the Federal Law of Public Brokerage in its Article 19:

  • The date and place of preparation, also the number and name of the corresponding Broker. In the same way, the seal and your signature.
  • The antecedents and certificate (if it is the case), that the Broker carried out the review of the documentation that was presented to him.
  • Credentials of the interested persons, certificate that the Broker carried out the verification of the identity and legal authority. In the case of having commissioners, like their represented they have legal power, and that the exposed commission has not been restricted. As well as the relative information, where documentation for such purposes can be incorporated.
  • The certification that they are read the documentation to stakeholders (declarants with their respective interpreters). Or if the interested parties read it on their own.
  • Confirmation that the Broker explained to the interested parties the legal pros and cons of the documents.
  • The verification that all interested parties signed according to the document, or in any case if it was not signed. Depending on the situation, someone must sign except the Public Corridor. The person who knew or could not sign must place their fingerprint.
  • Put the dates or date of the respective signatures.
  • The actions that make up the act that is carried out in the presence of the Broker. Also, the granting of money or titles.

Importance of a Public Corridor

Regarding the importance of a Public Broker, the following aspects are mentioned:

  • The Public Brokers are in charge of speed up business operations. This is due to his great knowledge in commercial matters.
  • They take care of the interests of their clients, because they provide a guarantee through the performance of their functions as a Public Broker.
  • They are fair in business in which they intervene. And they have an obligation to remain professionally silent.
  • They have the possibility of agreeing the amount of their fees directly with their clients. What allows to reach the best agreement between both parties.

If you want to review the Directory of Public Brokers By Federal Entity, you can enter this link and receive the necessary data on the subject.

What is it?

Public Corridors they have law degrees, and they are authorized to perform their functions by orders of the Federal Executive, through the Ministry of Economy. This allows them to proceed in different ways: Notary Public, Appraiser, Legal Advisor. Also as Mediator and Arbitrator Agent in matters of Federal Law.

At this time, the Public Brokers, both men and women, can exercise the aforementioned functions throughout the Mexican territory. Since they intervene in the progress of commercial operations of small and medium enterprises, as well as also of the micro companies.

It is the obligation of all Public Brokers to comply with the following:

  • Personally perform their duties with integrity, honesty and efficiency.
  • Be diligent in carrying out the tasks assigned to you.
  • Plan any business punctually, truthfully and regularly.
  • Corroborate the authenticity of personal data of the parties involved in business. Also of its powers to enter into contracts and comply with obligations.
  • Guide and notify the grantors of the cost and consequences in legal matters, on the actions that are handled.
  • Keep professional secret the performance of their duties.

The Federal Law of Public Brokerage and its Regulations regulate the constitution of the Public Brokerage Colleges. In all the federative organisms where they exist 3 or more Public Corridors. This College is a collaborating entity of the Government of Mexico by stipulating supervision of both the union and the administration.

These Colleges carry out union supervision through their disciplinary work, and inspection by promoting the proper execution of public brokerage. Supports the Secretary of Commerce and Industrial Development in the tests of the postulates for Public Broker.

It also takes care of notify about the faults committed to the Federal Law of Public Brokerage and its Regulations. And it acts as an advisory and support institution by providing the corresponding officials with the information they request in this regard.

As mentioned before, it controls the administration by regulating compliance with the code of ethics of Public Corridors. This code is based on preserving the particular values ​​of the union and its reputation. It maintains a wide range of honesty, neutrality and credibility in the performance of its functions. And also of professional excellence, the dissemination of collaboration and mutual support.

We hope we have helped you with the Requirements to be a Public Broker. The next step is to gather them. We wish you luck with the process, so that you can perform in this position as soon as possible.


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