Requirements to be a Representative to the House: know its Functions, What it is and MORE

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The political career is a long and full of many positions, and great competition. But to get started in this world, the position of Representative to the House is a good place to start and explore this career. In turn, you would have certain functions with which to help the country. So, if you are interested, here we explain the requirements to be a representative to the Chamber and start your journey.

Also, we explain other aspects of the representatives, in case you are a curious person and want to know more about those people who must watch over your popular desire. So, here you will see their functions, the duration and the way in which they are chosen.

Requirements to be a Representative to the House

Being a representative of the Chamber of Colombia is a simple process, so it would be an ideal step or position for people who are starting in the world of politics.

This is because requirements to be a representative to the Chamber from Colombia, they are very simple and accessible to a large part of society.

So, if you are interested in having this knowledge about the Conditions that must be met to be a representative of the Chamber, here we leave it below:

  • Be Colombian by birth.
  • Be a practicing citizen.
  • Be over 30 years of age at the time of the elections of the representatives to the chamber.

Now, these are the requirements that are established in article 172 of the Constitution Politics; However, according to article 177 you should only be a practicing citizen and have more than 25 years at the time of the elections.

However, there is also a small unwritten requirement that may be important, which is the trajectory you have in the political field, since this will be support to justify your application.

Who cannot be representatives to the House?

Just as there are requirements to be representatives to the Colombian Chamber, there are also certain parameters that restrict the possibility of applying to some people.

This is because it is about filtering people and leaving those who are better prepared to face and take office within the Chamber.

So, if you want to know who cannot be representatives, here are the parameters that restrict the ability to apply, according to article 179 of the Constitution:

  • People who have records of a judicial sentence or a custodial sentence. However, political or culpable crimes are excepted.
  • Those who have held any public officelegal, civil, administrative or military, during the 12 months prior to the elections.
  • People who have managed in business before public entities, during the 6 months prior to the elections.
  • People who have lost his inauguration as a congressman.
  • Those people who have relationship by consanguinity with officials who exercise civil or political authority.
  • The people who have dual nationalityHowever, this does not apply to Colombians by birth.
  • You may not be elected to more than one corporation or public office, if the periods coincide with each other. However, waiving one of the positions does not remove the disqualification.

So, as you can see, these inhibitions seek transparency in these political positions and try to maintain a stable environment.

How is a House Representative chosen?

Representatives to the House are elected by direct vote of the citizens, through a territorial district.

Now, What is that of a territorial district? Here we will explain it to you.

To begin with, it is worth noting that each of The 32 departments, plus Bogotá, represented in the Chamber are entitled to a number of seats, determined by the number of its inhabitants. This distribution is issued every four years by the Government.

So, this distribution is done as follows:

  • Initially, there are 33 regional districts that the country has, since there are 32 departments, plus one that is added by Bogotá.
  • These regional constituencies become 66 seats, since each of the 33 has two seats at its disposal.
  • Now, for every 250,000 inhabitants, one more seat is added and an additional one for every 125,000 inhabitants, after those 250,000 inhabitants.

Finally, on the day of the elections, 33 different cards will be presented for each of the departments, for the candidates to be voted on and then sent to the Chamber.


They have talked about the requirements to be a representative to the Colombian Chamber, the inhibitions for certain people and the election process. Now, it’s time to talk about the functions of a representative to the Chamber.

This knowledge will help you to know if your representatives fulfill their functions, or also to know what you should do if you aspire to this position.

Then, the functions that the representatives to the Chamber fulfill are the following:

  • Elect the Ombudsman.
  • Examine the general budget and treasury account, presented by the Comptroller General of the Republic.
  • Be aware of the complaints and complaints presented by the Attorney General of the Nation, before them; and then second them before the Senate, if you are, they deserve it.
  • Request help from other authorities to develop investigations that concern you.
  • They can accuse before the Senate to diverse political and public positions, if there were institutional causes.

On the other hand, as is known, the House of Representatives is a part of the legislative branch of the country, which contributes together with the Senate of the Republic. Therefore, it could be important that you also know some of the functions of the Senate.

In that sense, now we present to you the functions that the Senate of the Republic must fulfill:

  • Constituent: They reform the Constitution, through legislative acts.
  • Legislative: They elaborate, interpret, reform and repeal laws and codes of the Constitution.
  • Political Control: They can interrogate ministers and other authorities about the performance of their duties, if necessary.
  • Judicial: Exceptionally, they can judge, from a political point of view, public officials.
  • Electoral: They elect the Comptroller General, the Attorney General, Magistrates of the Constitutional Court and other political positions of the Nation.
  • Administrative: They administer the assets of the Senate and the House of Representatives.
  • Public Control: Call anyone to investigate, to account for matters investigated by commissions.
  • Protocol: They receive Heads of State from other nations.

Duration of a House Representative

The duration of a representative to the chamber is considerably long, similar to that of some presidents of other countries. Therefore, it requires a great commitment on the part of the party that is going to apply.

According to article 138 of the Political Constitution of Colombia, Representatives to the Chamber are elected for a term of four years.

So, being a representative seems to be quite simple, since the requirements to be a representative to the Chamber are very accessible, and its duration is four years.

What is a Representative to the House in Colombia?

To answer this question, you first have to go to the beginning of the legislative power in Colombia. This is divided into two parts, which are the House of Representatives and the Senate, which in turn are known as the Congress of the Republic of Colombia.

Therefore, the House of Representatives is the other part of this Congress. This part is also the popular representation of the citizens, since it is they themselves who elect them by vote.

However, these votes are carried out by departments and each one chooses their own representatives in the House, in popular votes.

At the same time, these representatives have a duty before the people and some functions that they must fulfill, during their period of legislation for 4 years. Also, they have to fulfill some electoral, judicial, protocol or political control tasks.

Finally, it seems that this position is ideal for people who want to start a political career, since the requirements to be a representative to the Chamber Colombia are very accessible and also have access to important functions to help manage the country that everyone wants.


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