Requirements to be a School Goalkeeper: Step by step, Functions and MORE

If you are looking for a job this year, here we will present one to which you can aspire. It is for that reason that we introduce you to the Requirements to be a school porter in Argentina, since it is a good job, to which you must dedicate a lot of effort.

Furthermore, we also show you the step by step that you must follow, to register and aspire to get this job; so we present the most basic tips you will need to be a school goalkeeper.

What are the Requirements to be a School Goalkeeper?

In order to register as a school janitor, you will first have to enroll among the annual applicants of the School Council and then you will have to wait to be assigned a job position.

However, before you can make this registration, you will have to comply with certain general requirements to be a school janitor, which are established in Argentina. Those general requirements are:

  • Be a native Argentine, by option or naturalized.
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 50.
  • Possess a Unique Labor Identification Code (CUIL) number.
  • Have an email address enabled, to receive notifications of your process.
  • Possess a Census or Medical Record.
  • Not receive any type of retirement contribution.

It should be noted that if you do not have the Census or Medical Record, you can attend a Preoccupational Medical Exam, so that these documents can be granted.

Now, once you meet these requirements, you will have to go on to collect certain documents to be able to continue with the registration process in the School Council.

Documents needed to be a School Goalkeeper

After meeting the general requirements to be a school janitor, you must get a series of documents, which you must present at the time of your registration with the School Council.

So, below we present the necessary documents that you must have to aspire to be a School Porter:

  • Photocopy of the DNI.
  • CUIL certificate.
  • Present a certificate of the studies you have completed (primary, secondary, tertiary or university).
  • If you have not completed your secondary studies, you must present proof of what you have completed to date.
  • Have a training certificate, according to the functions of the position you aspire to, which is recognized by the DGCyE.
  • Present a certification of educational services, if you have had previous experience.
  • Have a good health certification.
  • Possess the registration and certification of your personal background.

Step by step of the Procedure

If you are thinking of working as a janitor, you will first have to register among the applicants of the School Council. Now, To do this process you must follow the following steps:

  1. Verify personal data; here you can view your name and other identity data, to complete or correct them.
  2. Presentation of the courses; Here you can check the accredited courses you have taken or you can also register the new ones you have taken.
  3. Presentation of services; Here you can see the record of the services you have worked, therefore you can also modify the information, depending on what you have done.
  4. Training; You will be able to view the trainings that you have carried out to date.
  5. Presentation of the districts and positions requested; Here you select the districts to which you want to register and the positions to which you want to apply, which in your case would be that of the goalkeeper.

Once you have registered among the applicants, you only have to wait for you to be notified if you have been accepted or not in some workplace.

To start this entire registration process, before the School Council, you can enter this LINK

Finally, it is worth noting that this process is done once every year. Normally, it is done during the months of August and September, and also includes the auxiliary registrations.

What’s more, It is a process that is done thinking about the following year. That is, the registration process for the year 2020, will serve so that the applicants who have registered, begin to be available, by the year 2021.

What are the Functions of a School Goalkeeper?

Once you know the requirements to be a school janitor and the process to register, we have come to the moment to know the functions that you would have to perform, if you decide to work as a janitor or a janitor.

Therefore, we will leave you below the functions performed by the school goalkeepers:

  • Have record keeping capabilities.
  • Carry heavy objects or lift them, if the situation warrants it.
  • Repair objects within institutions.
  • Deliver and check passes and ticket keys.
  • Carry out cleaning and care activities for the institutions.
  • Arrange and order the rooms and rooms of the workplaces.
  • Make security rounds on the facilities where you work.
  • Do maintenance tasks on the facilities.
  • Receive and transfer articles from the institution.
  • Monitor the security and maintenance equipment of the institutions.
  • Receive the mail sent to the facilities.
  • Monitor closed circuit television to maintain security.
  • Receive and monitor visitors arriving at the institution.

Now that you know the tasks that a goalkeeper or goalkeeper performs, you can evaluate if you have the skills to perform them and fulfill the functions of the job.

However, if you consider that you cannot perform these tasks correctly, also you can apply to other jobs within the School CouncilAs this list of applicants not only serves to apply for a job as a janitor, but it also works to apply for other school jobs.

Do you have to work a lot?

The work of the school janitor requires compliance with 48 working hours a week, so they would have to work a average 9 hours and so many minutes each day.

However, this work is highly variable, since the doormen do not work with a defined scheduleInstead, they work in shifts, making it difficult to match time schedules.

A janitor can start work from the early hours of the morning, until an afternoon schedule, or start work at night and carry out tasks during the early morning hours.

In addition, there is also the possibility of working on weekends, therefore your work schedule is not only limited to days of the week, but extends to any day that is requested.

Therefore, it is not a question of how much work is done, but which days or shifts are assigned to you in your work, so you could be working at any time or day that is necessary. You will have a very changing and varied schedule, so you must be available to attend the work call.

In the same way, you could also take longer shifts, to achieve compliance with the 48 hours per week that are established.

What is a School Goalkeeper?

In this part of the article we proceed to define the topic that is being talked about. In this case, it is time to define what a school goalkeeper is, so, if you had the same doubt, throughout the article, here we will explain it to you in a few simple words.

So a school janitor could be the one equivalent to a receptionist, because he is the person in charge of receiving all the people who come to the institution in which he is working.

In addition, a goalkeeper or goalkeeper also fulfills maintenance and security functions, so she must have some skill in several areas.

Now, to delve a little more into these skills what a goalkeeper or goalkeeper should have, we leave you below a list of the profile that this type of person should have:

  • A responsible, compliant and trustworthy person.
  • Be practical in handling electronic tools and equipment.
  • To have a good physical condition.
  • A person capable of working without constant supervision.
  • A kind and capable person to work in customer service.
  • Agile person and capable of fulfilling different tasks.
  • Have good communication skills.

In other words, a school janitor must be able to fulfill various tasks and have various skills to be able to unwind easily.

To conclude, being a school janitor is a very demanding work and to which you have to dedicate a lot of time and effort. So, if you are willing to dedicate yourself to this job, you already know the requirements to be a school janitor and the steps you must take to aspire to the job.

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