Requirements to be a Security Guard: Salary, Duties and MORE

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If you are a person who has the instinct to protect and preserve the safety of people, and you are looking for a job that fits you, we recommend that you study the possibility of becoming a security guard. Do you need more information on the subject? In the following lines of this article about Requirements to be a Security GuardWe will try to present you with all the relevant information, to facilitate the entire process.

It is for this reason that we have gathered information on the necessary functions and characteristics that a security guard should have; so you can prepare as best as possible. This way, you can ensure you have a head start when you decide to apply for this job.

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What are the requirements to be a security guard?

The first thing you should do, when you want to apply for a new job, is find out the requirements that companies or locals request from their applicants. This is done with the intention of avoiding the lack of documents and any other type of obstacle in the procedure. Make sure you start every procedure on the right foot!

Now, to help you make your experience with this procedure the best possible, we look for the general requirements to be a security guard in Ecuador and we will present them below.

The first place, in order to start the process of becoming a security guard, you must take a 180-hour private security course, which is certified by the Ministry of Interior.

NOTE: There is a detail regarding the 180 hours of the course. Half of these hours must be taken in person, according to established regulations.

Now, surely you wonder: What is this course about? The answer is simple. Throughout several modules you will be taught notions and concepts of private security and your physical conditions will be evaluated.

What do I do after taking this course? Once you finish passing the course and receive the corresponding certificate, you must take some tests called by the Secretary of State for Security, to obtain the Professional Identity Card.

This card, later, allows you enroll in the National Registry of Private Security Identity from the country. This step is super important, as it is what allows you to work as a legal security guard in Ecuador.

On the other hand, to be able to present yourself to these tests convened by the Secretary of State for Security, you must record the following requirements:

  • Have an understood age between 18 and 55 years old.
  • Possess the Ecuatorian nationality by birth or by naturalization.
  • Have a high school degree, As minimum.
  • You can’t have criminal record, nor have he been expelled or separated from the Ecuadorian Security Forces and Bodies.

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Proof of the Secretary of State for Security

With the intention of helping you as much as possible with your desire to be a security guard, we are going to dedicate a small section to talk about the test that you have to present yourself.

The proof of the Secretary of State for Security consists of two parts: one theoretical and other physics. In the physical area, you will see some of the following activities:

  • Barbell push-ups.
  • Medicine ball throw
  • Vertical jump.
  • 400 meter race.

Note: The minimum marks established for these tests vary according to the age and sex of the applicants. We recommend that you inquire about the function table of the test.

On the other hand, the theoretical area of ​​the test will be evaluated with a 80-question quiz, which you must answer in fifty (50) minutes. The minimum grade to pass is five out of ten.

Necessary Characteristics to Be a Security Guard

Not all are requirements and documents to be a security guard, it is also necessary to have certain personal characteristics, in order to be a professional in this area of ​​private security.

All professions need their workers to have characteristics of the area. An accountant must be good with numbers, a writer must stand out for his writing skills, but What does a security guard need?

A security guard must have at least one of these developed features:

Good Physical Fitness

Security guards can be involved in acting in dangerous situations quickly and efficiently. Therefore you need be in good physical condition, to perform in the best way in these cases.

Sharp Common Sense

Security guards must analyze many situations daily; so you need a great common sense to detect dangerous situations and make the best decisions.

Communicative skills

Normally, a security guard comes in contact with several people a day, so he must know how to express yourself. In addition, it must also have a good presence, since it is part of the presentation of the company or premises.

Leadership and teamwork

Teamwork and leadership skills are essential in this job. Usually, security guards must work together with other members, either from the company or place where you work or with state security forces.

Training and Experience

Like other sectors and professions, security guards must be in constant learning on the advances and changes in their areas of work.

How Much Do You Earn Being a Security Guard in Ecuador?

One of the main reasons why we decided to work is financial support, in addition to the aspirations that each person may have.

Similarly, it is this argument that makes us choose between accept or decline a job offer. The better the economic offer of the job, the more likely it is to accept the job offer.

Regarding the issue of security guard salaries, we find ourselves with a complicated picture; since wages they are not usually paid at the established amount.

According to the table of minimum wages published by the Ministry of Labor, security guards should earn an amount of $ 390 per month. In addition to this, if the guards carry out night shifts and rotation, the amount increases by $ 262 dollars. That is, the salary would be approximately $ 652 dollars.

However, many people in the union assure that these are not always the salaries that are paid; but, normally, the salary that is paid to a security guard is of $ 400 or $ 480 dollars.

Therefore, you cannot stipulate an exact salary for security guards, but it will depend on the company you work for; Since this can pay you based on the minimum salary, below it or a salary above the minimum.

So, we recommend that before accepting a job, you investigate very well about the salary they offer you and analyze it and think about whether or not it works for the claims you have in mind.

Duties of a Security Guard

One of the doubts that arises with the issue of security guards are the functions that they must fulfill. The activities of the guards are often confused with security agents or bodyguards.

But really a security guard must take care of the surveillance and protection of establishments and events. As they can also work in shopping centers or the perimeter of a prison.

On the other hand, The activities that they must carry out in these places that we have mentioned are the following.

  • Supervise the central monitoring station.
  • Notify and make a record of visits.
  • Make security rounds around the facilities.
  • Assistant in work with electronic security devices.
  • Make and deliver a daily report on the security of the company.
  • Report any irregular situation to the security forces.

What is it?

To end this article on the requirements to be a security guard, we are going to present you a brief summary, starting with defining what a security guard is.

Security guards are people in charge of caring for and preserving the safety of people, objects and facilities. However, this person is not authorized to intervene in dangerous actions with the use of firearms.

In Ecuador, in order to be a security guard, you must take a previous course to learn safety notions and train your body. Then, you present a test to be cleared to work as a security guard.

Of course, remember that you must gather all the requirements to be a security guard that we have presented to you in this article, so that you can present yourself to the test.


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