Requirements to be a Senator: Duties, Advantages and MORE

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It is very important to know the Requirements to be a Senator, not only if you want to become one, but also to know how this person has come to this position. A senator is a member of the Senate, which is a group of people like him or her, because this job is not only for men, who are in charge of more or less the same task: defending the interests of citizens in their different areas and provinces.

These sare elected by citizens, because they trust that it will look after their interests in decision-making, in terms of provisions and regulations. It is not integrated by a single political party, but by those where the population casts the vote.

In Argentina, the Senate Chamber is made up of 72 senators who have special powers and who propose ideas to improve the life of their provinces.

This time We will explain the requirements and the necessary process to be a senator, the duties and advantages they have and much, much more.

Requirements to be a Senator

The first thing that we will explain to you, without being any surprise, are the Requirements to be a Senator, necessary to launch the candidacy. Let’s see what they are:

  • Be 30 years of age or older.
  • Have been a citizen of the Nation for at least six (6) years.
  • Annual income of two thousand (2,000) strong pesos or the equivalent in another currency.
  • Being born in the province that is launching it.
  • At least two (2) years of residence in the province.

And on a more informal scale,

  • First of all, have a connection with the province that you are going to represent. In other words, he must have created the foundations for the province to recognize him and want to elect him as Senator.
  • A team to help schedule appearances, meetings, talks, etc.
  • Knowledge about the Constitution and the social and economic sciences.
  • Public speaking ability.
  • Delegation skills.

It is very important to take into account that elected senators only last a six (6) year period, but they can be re-elected. However, the Senate will be renewed every two years, in parts; specifically one third of the districts.

In addition, the president of the Senate sIt will be the vice president of Argentina. However, despite being like this, he will not have votes in the sessions but when they are tied.

In the event that the vice president cannot be present or perform the functions of the president, then the Senate may elect a provisional president for the House.

Finally, upon the death, resignation or any other reason for the absence of a senator, a new member is immediately elected.

click here if you want to know all the articles of the Constitution of Argentina referring to the Senate.

How is a Senator chosen in Argentina?

In many countries, even running for public office carries a meticulous procedure, where these individuals must present evidence to be elected to office.

In Argentina, The first thing that must happen is that the provinces launch a candidate from a political party for the Senate elections. That is, elections must be held so that they can be elected by direct election and jointly. Hence, the party or coalition with the most votes gets two (2) senators and the one that follows gets one (1).

Once the senators of the provinces have been selected, they must present Oath in the first session of the Chamber. This is done on the National Constitution of the Republic of Argentina, and the senator promises to perform the position as it should, with respect to the Constitution.

Once sworn in, they will be able to participate in the sessions of the Chamber and carry out their functions as they see fit, always within the regulations.

What’s more, it’s important to know that there is a renewal of a third of the members of the chamber, every two years. To carry out this process, elections are held again, in three parts of eight provinces, on a rotating basis.

Who cannot be Senators?

You would think that anyone who meets the requirements and wants to run as a candidate can do so. However, there are exceptional cases that probably won’t surprise you when we tell you about them below.

Remember that be part of the Senate House it is a job of great importance, and not many people are prepared for it. This is a demanding job, for intelligent and insightful people, with a view to the well-being of their provinces in a framework of the common good.

  • Regular Ecclesiastics.
  • Provincial governors.
  • A person with a certain criminal record.
  • People under 30 years of age.
  • People who have only been citizens of Argentina for five (5) years.
  • Foreign.
  • People with an annual income of less than two thousand Argentine pesos.
  • That they have been residing less than two (2) years in the province they want to represent.
  • People who lack knowledge of legislation, economics, public speaking, etc.

These are so because, as said, not everyone can be a senator. You have to meet a series of requirements, have certain knowledge, experience and the support of an entire province, which can be the most difficult thing to achieve if you consider it. However, it is not an impossible job and by achieving it you will be able to defend and care for those who need it.

Requirements: Duties of a Senator

We have already said ad nauseam that there is a certain profile that the senator must fill in order to be an eligible candidate. Well, now we will explain exactly what are the duties of a Senator so you can see for yourself what not just him, but the entire Senate is up against.

  • These must submit reports and statements where the fulfillment of its functions is reflected, at the same time informing citizens of the tasks that it carries out during its role as legislator.
  • Comply with the provisions of the Constitution, the Regulations of the Senate of the Republic and the Organic Laws.
  • Ensure that resources available to you are being properly allocated to the work and projects presented and accepted.
  • Keep a environment of mutual respect with the other senators, personnel who provide services and all those who attend the sessions of the Senate Chamber.
  • Defend the interests of the province that elected it, so that it can maximize the social welfare of all of them. This is always trying to respect the welfare of other provinces, too.
  • Communicate about matters subject to economic interest or personal benefit in order to avoid participating in it.
  • Make your constitutional functions, regulatory and legal to supervise, legislate, represent and manage his province.

And finally, must avoid at all costs perform tasks that are not linked to the position he represents, assert his position as senator for his own benefit and reveal confidential or privileged information.

Knowing this could even be considered a Requirement to be a Senator, if you think about it.

Advantages of being a Senator in Argentina

Just as they have duties, senators also have rights that can be constituted as a advantage to carry out the position to which they were elected. The senator has the right to:

  • Present propositions, excitatives, motions, requests, proposals and particular votes.
  • Present law or decree initiatives.
  • Integrate Bodies of the Senate, a parliamentary group or the Permanent Commission.
  • Request information that allows the work to be carried out.
  • Pay attention to requests for steps.
  • Participate in meetings, debates, votes and any other event organized by the organs of the Senate, as well as conferences, forums, consultations or official ceremonies.
  • You can count on:
    • Official Identification.
    • Budget to adequately perform the position.
    • Technological and information equipment.
    • Trained staff.
  • You may apply for a license to temporarily release your position.
  • You can ask for help for the concept of social communication.
  • Personally:
    • A good salary. Currently this is more than 100,000 pesos.
    • Visas to travel.
    • Insurance
    • Mobility expenses: payment of meals, travel, mobile telephony.
  • Finally, they have a voice and vote in decisions concerning the Senate, such as the declaration of the state of siege.

As you can be, there are many advantages that a Senator has, right?

What does it mean to be a Senator?

A senator He is a person in charge of ensuring the welfare of the province he represents. It is part of a Senate, which together with the House of Disputes, constitutes the National Congress. Thanks to the contribution of each of the Senators, decisions can be made on petitions, decrees, changes of laws, and so on.

One of the Requirements to be a Senator is being prepared to make the best decisions concerning the majority, through knowledge of economics, history, finance, politics, law and much, much more.

The Senate It is also in charge of passing sentence on those accused by the Chamber of Deputies, this in political trial. This includes the President, Vice President, members of the Supreme Court, Ministers, and so on. Do you see the importance?

It has internal regulations, drawn up by themselves, and can reach a concession to dismiss one of its members. Finally, it is important to know that since 2019 there is a system to promote gender equality of candidates in organizations such as Congress or Mercosur.

All this reflects the pursuit of excellence at all times.

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