Requirements to be a Senator in Colombia: Functions, What it is and MORE

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In the Republic of Colombia, the Senate is part of the Legislative Power. You can review in this publication the Requirements to be a Senator in Colombia and more.

The Senate acts on behalf of Colombian citizens, exercising constitutional and legal functions, in search of the well-being of citizens and the development of all.

Besides, being a collegiate body, the Senate of Colombia exercises direct representation of the people.

The Senate Chamber is currently made up of 108 senators. Of which 100 have been elected in popular votes throughout the country, five are representatives of the peace processes.

While two represent indigenous groups, one represents the candidacy with the highest number of votes in the last elections for the presidency of the Republic.

What are the requirements to be a Senator in Colombia?

There are countless basic functions for the development and proper exercise of Colombian democracy, which are exercised by the Congress of the Republic of Colombia. All established by the Political Constitution and the Law.

According to the Requirements to be a Senator in Colombia established in the Political Constitution of Congress, the senators through their investiture are the representation of the people.

The structure and powers of the Senate are established in Title VI of the 1991 Political Constitution and in Law 5. 1992. The Senate House has seven committees.

It is mandatory that Senators serve on at least one committee.

Your election occurs after four years have elapsed. The election is made by Colombian citizens called to elections, in the month of March.

The Requirements to be a Senator in Colombia are:

  • To have been born in Colombia, that is to say to be Colombian by birth.
  • Exercise the active citizenship.
  • Be 30 years old by the time of the elections.

Who cannot be Senators in Colombia?

  • Those who have been sentenced by judicial sentence, to deprivation of liberty. Except for certain political crimes.
  • Those who have held positions of public officials, civil, political, military authority or administrative in the twelve months before the elections.
  • Individuals who in search of their own interest or that of others, they have participated in business with public entities.
  • People who have been legal representatives of tax administration entities within the 6 months prior to the date of the election.
  • Colombian citizens by adoption cannot be senators, according to Article 28 of Law 43 of 1993.
  • Who for some reason took away their congressional investiture.
  • Those people who have ties by marriage, de facto unions, or are relatives within the third degree of consanguinity, or first degree of affinity, con delegates who have civil or political authority.
  • Citizens with ties by marriage, de facto unions, relatives within the third degree of consanguinity, or second degree of affinity and remain registered in the same party to be elected to public office.
  • Those who hold dual nationality cannot opt ​​to be senators, unless they are Colombian by birth.
  • No person can be elected to more than one public office in the same period, even if it is partially.
  • All disqualifications refer to scenarios in the jurisdiction where the election will be held. The other cases that may arise by kinship and are not stipulated, then the law will make the corresponding regulation.

Take into account that according to Article 179 of the Political Constitution of Colombia, the national constituency is the same with each of the territorial ones.

How is a Senator chosen?

The Senate of the Republic of Colombia is one of the two legislative chambers of the country.

In the Republic of Colombia Senators are chosen as follows:

  • Senators are elected by direct votes of Colombian citizens.
  • By national constituency, 100 members are elected. In other words, they come from the sum of the votes obtained by the candidate at the national level
  • Likewise, votes are added for the representation of indigenous groups. Corresponds to two members. Those who aspire to be elected under this representation must have been leading groups or be a representative of an indigenous group.
  • Likewise, the FARC party has been intervening during two continuous electoral processes. Five representatives go to the Senate of the Republic, as part of the peace agreements.
  • Also a representative to the Senate for the second largest vote in the presidential elections.

Members of Congress are elected for constitutional terms of four years and can be reelected continuously and indefinitely. According to Article 138 of the Political Constitution of Colombia.

Duties of a Senator in Colombia

The Senate of the Republic has the duty of:

  • Accept the resignation of the president or vice president if this is requested.
  • Confer temporary permits to the Head of State to depart from office temporarily.
  • Perform the approvals or disapprovals of high-ranking military promotions (insignia officers and generals, up to the highest ranks) declared by the National Government.
  • They must make the election of the Magistrates of the Constitutional Court and the Attorney General of the Republic.
  • Decree the manifestation of war to another nation, on behalf of the National Government.
  • Conduct an analysis of the complaints made by the House of Representatives against senior officials of the country.
  • Give the free transit permit to foreign military within Colombia.
  • To be an active part of the chamber sessions and also of the corresponding commission, with voice and vote. Similarly, You can participate in any other committee making use of the right to speak.
  • In addition, be part of the permanent commissions.

The Senate, as an important piece of the Colombian Congress, has functions own, corresponding to the legislative part of the Public Power, these are:

  • Constituent Function: Congress can make amendments to the Constitution through bills.
  • Legislative function: is accredited to develop, repeal, reform, analyze, interpret the regulatory order, codes and laws.
  • The Political Control Function: It monitors and controls the accusations against senior officials and makes the summons to the Ministers.
  • The Electoral Function: makes the choice of the Attorney General of the Nation, Magistrates of the Constitutional court. And together with the House of Representatives, elect the Comptroller General of the Republic. Likewise, make the choice of Magistrates of the Disciplinary Jurisdictional Chamber of the Superior Council of the Judiciary and Vice Presidency of the Republic.
  • The Judicial Function: The Senate can sue high government officials for political responsibilities.
  • The Administrative Function: It is in charge of organizing the proper functioning of the Senate and the House of Representatives.
  • And the Protocol Function: He is authorized to welcome Heads of State and / or Government of other countries.

What is a Senator in Colombia?

A Senator is a member of Congress, specifically the Chamber of Senators, which is a legislative body and collegiate body.

Your choice is by direct voting of Colombian citizens, through free elections.

Senator is a term that comes from the Latin senator, which is part of the senate. The main function is to defend the state or region they represent. The Roman Senate was the first institution of this nature and is considered a model.

What’s more, of the aforementioned requirements to be a Senator, it is important not only that you belong to a political party, but also that you are years old living in the region you represent and for which you ran in the elections.

Likewise, they have the duty to attend the deliberations of the chamber, the commission and the Congress. They must also follow the party lines and comply with the rules regarding disability. All members have the same power and responsibility.

The Senate must have one representative for every 365,000 inhabitants. Representativeness is two members for each territorial district. Senators, being part of the Senate, fulfill functions of a constitutional nature within the legislative part.


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