Requirements to be a Waiter: Services, Hygiene and MORE

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One of the most common jobs among young people, foreigners or people who want to work is the waiter job. This profession is a good way to enter the world of work and receive your first salary. In addition, it is a job for which you do not need many documents, just a good willingness to tend. However, among the requirements to be a waiter You can find skills that you must have if you want to work in this profession.

It is for that reason that in this article on Requirements to be a waiter you will find the attitudes that make you a good waiter and the tasks that a waiter must perform. In addition, there is also information on training courses for this type of work and the hygiene rules that you must follow to work in this profession. There is also information on the types of services that an innkeeper offers.

So, if you want to start working as a waiter, we invite you to read this article about the information you need to practice this profession in Mexico.

How to be a good waiter?

In this case, we are not going to talk about requirements as such to be a waiter, since to apply to this type of job no need for many documents or requirements. But if we are going to mention aspects or qualities that make you a good waiter and the activities that take place in this profession.

In this first subtitle we are going to mention a list skills that a waiter must have to perform effectively in their job. Said list to be a good waiter is the following:

  1. A positive attitude.
  2. Read to customers.
  3. Make good use of body language.
  4. Serve the dishes correctly.
  5. Have good hygiene.
  6. Know the menu.
  7. Know how to set up a table.
  8. Have tolerance with difficult diners.
  9. Get to know a bit of history and culture.
  10. Know the daily tasks of a waiter.

So, waiters are the face of restaurants to customers, so they must have a good attitude that is based on positivity, confidence and kindness. In addition, a waiter must also know how to read customers and recognize what is the best way to serve them. Likewise, the waiter must take care of his posture, gestures and way of approaching the diners; that is, it must watch your body language.

Another aspect to consider is knowledge about the ways to serve a plate, since these vary depending on the style of the restaurant. Similarly, a good waiter should have good hygiene; as well as a great knowledge about the menu.

On the other hand, a waiter must know how to set the table for customers and how to deal with tolerance for difficult customers. In turn, the person who wants to dedicate himself to this profession must know the history and culture of the restaurant who hired him and fulfill the basic and important tasks of a waiter.

Waiter Training Course

Is it necessary to take a course to be a waiter? The answer is no. But like any profession, to be the best in your area you need knowledge and teaching. So if you want to be the best waiter, yes it is important that you train yourself the best you can; To do this, you can take courses that teach you everything related to the waiter’s profession.

In addition, if you own a restaurant or food establishment, it is also It is important that you consider that your servers go through training courses; since they are the ones who interact with customers. Therefore, they are the ones who give the consumer the experience; So if they give a bad experience, you can lose your customers.

In the same way, having a waiter course is one of the requirements to be a waiter that can come in handy when looking for work, since you will have better training over the rest of the applicants.

Surely you will find several courses that are dedicated to the profession of the waiter, but then we leave you the link to a course of the Mexican School of Specialty Cafeterias, Bars and Restaurants.

Types of Services that a Waiter Can Provide

Between the requirements to be a waiter, you will find that the applicant must know the types of services that a waiter can attend; since these vary depending on the style of restaurant for which the person is going to work.

The ways of serving customers or serving a dish change according to the type of service that the establishment handles. In a Buffet type place you cannot serve the same as a French style restaurant. So here are these types of services.


Plating service is the most common and simple of all. Consists in serve the dishes ready to be taken and delivered to the clients.

This service is just as simple as the previous one. In this case, all the food is presented on a «kind of table» and the customer chooses what they want eat and the amount you want. In these cases, the waiter only serves the food and answers other questions.

This type of service is similar to plating, only, in this case, one waiter is assigned per table, for this to attend and advise on everything you need.

In this type of service the dishes are presented to serve; that is to say, a large plate is taken with the food and served at the table to the customers, separately and for everyone’s taste. Likewise, one waiter is assigned per table.

It is a more complex style of service, because the waiter must use his culinary skills, since he must present the dish to customers and chop, shred or bone it, in front of the customers at the table. Similarly, a server is assigned to each table, but the service is slow compared to the other styles.

Hygiene Rules for Being a Waiter

On the other hand, the issue of the hygiene of a waiter is also important for restaurants and for the consumer experience. A good presentation and hygiene in a waiter is essential for the success of your premises.

In addition, it is an aspect that as an aspiring waiter you must take into account, since you interact directly with the food dishes and the clients of the establishment.

Similarly, there is a series of «Unwritten rules» what a waiter should consider to care for and maintain good hygiene. These regulations are:

  1. Take a bath every day.
  2. Take good care of your hands, without wounds or scratches and have the nails well cut.
  3. Have the short hair, if you are a man; and the hair tied, if you are a woman.
  4. Clothing must be clean, just like shoes.
  5. It is recommended do not use strong perfumes or lotions.
  6. Do daily use of deodorant.
  7. Take care of the presentation of the face. It should always be clean.
  8. Brushing teeth daily and use mouthwash.
  9. In the case of being sick, it is recommended not show up to work and notify the absence.
  10. If you are a smoker or drinker, it is recommended don’t do it before work to avoid bad odors.
  11. It is recommended to have at least three uniforms to be able to alternate them in the week.
  12. It is recommended take care of the presentation of the uniform.

In addition, each restaurant may have its own health regulations; so you will have to get used to the style of each place.

Tasks to Accomplish to Being Waiter

A waiter has several tasks to fulfill within a restaurant, what’s more, they can increase or decrease depending on the guidelines of each location; but HThere are a series of activities that are repetitive for the profession and are the following:

  1. Clean up all areas of the premises.
  2. Set up the tables and chairs, in addition to aligning and accommodating the position of the entire place.
  3. Wash and polish all utensils, glassware and tableware from the restaurant.
  4. Make the inventory of all products owned by the establishment.
  5. Attend and serve customers’ food and drink.

What is it?

A waiter is that person in charge of serving and serving food and drink for restaurant customersAlthough, they also fulfill other internal functions. The work of a waiter is the most used by young people, foreigners or looking for work, since it is an easy profession to access.

However, like everything in life, you should always seek to be the best in what you perform; so, courses have been created so that people can be better trained in this work. In addition, there are a number of «Unwritten rules», that waiters use in the service and health areas of their profession.

Similarly, serving as a waiter is not easy. It is a job that requires patience and tolerance to deal with different types of people, in addition to a lot of knowledge in the area of ​​culinary service. You must know how to set up a table and serve dishes or drinks.

Therefore, although it does not take many requirements to be a waiterYes, it is important to train well to perform in the best possible way in the profession.


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