Requirements to be an Airplane Pilot: know the Licenses, Cost and MORE

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The requirements to be an airplane pilot, the associated costs, the procedures for the license and much more, are described in this article.

Those people who want train as airplane pilotsThey must meet a series of requirements that will be mentioned below. On the other hand, there are several types of pilot Among which we can mention: 1st class commercial pilot and private plane pilot.

Being a pilot aviator makes it easy to travel to other countries or unknown sites, it is also the entrance to access an international job, with excellent pay.

One of the outstanding aspects is that the person who wants to study aviation, you can do so with an approved and certified basic training degree.

However, those who wish to train to be airplane pilots must go through different tests and courses to acquire the required experience.

It is important to note that demand is growing in several countries of aviation pilots, so it is expected to increase in the coming years.

That is why people who are fond of the air, who looking for a job with a futureThey are going for a very good option since being an aviation pilot adjusts to their tastes.

What are the requirements to be an Airplane Pilot?

  • To have 18 years old or 16 years with parental authorization, certified by a notary public.
  • National document of original identity and 3 copies.
  • CMA (aeronautical medical certification) original and 3 copies. This exam is obtained with the presentation of the psycho-physical exam.
  • Three 3) frent photose 4 × 4 blue background.
  • School certificate compulsory basic, primary and secondary complete, 3 copies.
  • For the psycho-physical examination, the applicant must register at digital aeronautical locker.

To take the exam psycho-physical, you must request a request for appointments from the CAD, choosing the venue and date to take the exam.

Regarding the registration in CAD the applicant must follow the instructions. For this record, it is necessary to have a level three (3) tax code.

Furthermore, the requirements for enter as a private plane pilot are as follows:

  1. Have a minimum age 16 years.
  2. Proof of having carried out basic level studies (primary and secondary).
  3. To have passed physical exams and psychological tests carried out by the Argentine air force.
  4. If the applicant you are under 21 years of age, you must have a certified authorization from the representative in charge.

Also below are the requirements to be an airplane pilot 1st class commercial:

  1. To have 21 years old.
  2. Proof of having carried out basic level studies (primary and secondary).
  3. Have a psychological and physical certificate, where this indicates that the applicant is an act to be a pilot.
  4. Have at least 650 flight hours total.

What are the Licenses?

License for pilot of private plane, to obtain this license, it is necessary:

  1. Accumulate 40 flight hours and take a course for a maximum of 30 days or 2 years.
  2. Likewise, it must be the instructor who determines what the applicant is fit to be a private plane pilot.
  3. In the same way the air force, will take an exam practical and theoretical to grant the private plane pilot license.
  4. This license has legitimacy internationally, by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Controlled VFR License

Also called controlled visual reference flight, this license is obtained through a course that qualifies and qualifies for:

  1. The flight development in controlled spaces under visual rules and daytime conditions.
  2. A efficient communication with the personnel of the control towers.
  3. The applicant also will learn to locate using navigators in the airspace.

Night license local, this license is obtained through a course that allows:

  1. Empower yourself to be able to develop night flights and in visual meteorological conditions only.
  2. It’s a 20 hour course, which is divided into 10 hours under night conditions and 10 hours under the hood system.
  3. A instructor will determine if the pilot is eligible for the air force to take the theoretical and practical exam to be able to grant the license.

Commercial Pilot License

For this license it is essential to have the private pilot’s license and in the same way have performed 150 flight hours.

This license allows the pilot be co-pilot of any commercial aircraft or not.

Transport license of airline.

It is a license where applicants can reach work as a co-pilot and once they have exceeded 1500 flight hours they can be pilots.

Cost of the Race

It can be considered that it’s an expensive race, but Argentina is one of the countries that offers more affordable prices on these courses.

In fact, the flight time in Argentina it is estimated in nineteen hundred pesos ($ 1,900).

For this reason, applicants from all over the world They choose to go Argentina to do the aviation courses.

In this sense, the following are mentioned some relevant aspects of the training course to be an airplane pilot:

  1. The courses have a duration of 40 hours of flight, each class lasts 30-40 minutes and you must fly 3-4 hours per month.
  2. The full course is estimated in seventy-six thousand pesos ($ 76,000) for 40 hours.
  3. In addition to practice, you should study some of climatology, regulations, aeronautical bibliography, aeronautical mechanics, this is not paid and is included in the flight hours.
  4. The airplane pilot license private, allows you to go out and fly and accumulate flight hours for the commercial license, which is 300 hours.
  5. This training does not need any type of revalidationSince airplanes are the same all over the world, what can vary are salaries.
  6. It is important to mention that the salary of the pilot and co-pilot in some cases it makes no difference, many times they earn the same.

Where to study to be an Airplane Pilot in Argentina?

In Argentina there is no public university that offers the course to be a pilot by plane, so it must be done privately.

Therefore, the applicant must seek information in at the training center of aeronautics.

It is important to note that the course requires pass a series of theoretical subjects, such as those indicated below:

  1. Communications.
  2. Radioelectric systems.
  3. Aerodynamics.
  4. Human factor.
  5. Flight instruments.
  6. Search survival.
  7. Rescue.
  8. Motor instruments.
  9. Legislation.
  10. Aeronautical documentation.
  11. Flight theory.

The theoretical course lasts 6 months, must attend 5 times a week, that is, the applicant must attend from Monday to Friday.

The experience that applicants obtain is very broad and at the time of completing the courses, they also they make good profits What:

  • A certification international.
  • Facilitates for an aviation professional to get a job in many countries.
  • It allows meet others countries.
  • The salaries are high depending of the license.

Requirements to be an Airplane Pilot: Benefits

Being a pilot aviator makes visiting other countries or unknown places, it is also the entrance to access an international job, with excellent pay.

One of the relevant aspects, is that the person who wishes to study aviation, can do so with an approved and certified basic instruction degree.

Also at the end of the training the applicant manages to obtain the benefits mentioned below:

  1. Certification of international projection.
  2. Enable to the aviation professional to get a job in many countries.
  3. The remuneration of the pilot and co-pilot is good, it will depend on the hiring company.
  4. This occupation does not need no revalidation, since airplanes are the same all over the world, as are flight regulations.
  5. The benefits more important is that there is no fixed schedule and the days are not the same due to the different destinations each week.
  6. Another advantage is that large number of hotels and airlines offer discounts not only to pilots but to their families.
  7. As the experience advances the salaries of pilots increases and that is where they can decide whether to work seasonally or permanently.

What does it mean to be an Airplane Pilot?

An aviation pilot It is the guide of the aircraft during the flight. In the same way, he has the leadership of the crew and the ability to concentrate under pressure.

These professionals can fly aircraft or helicopters, with the purpose of transferring travelers or cargo.

Generally, pilots work for airlines private or transportation service companies, so they can work as:

  • Those who work for a private airline are known as pilots of airline.
  • On the other hand, those contracted for light aircraft or for private charter flights are known as commercial pilots.

Likewise, the pilots frequently must comply with routes programmed or defined in advance by the contracting company.

On the other hand, the breadth of the working day and load class to be transferred may vary according to the needs of the contracting company.

Also important mention some of the activities pilots daily before taking a flight:

  • Make of crew knowledge all the details of the flight.
  • Make a review of aircraft systems, to the cockpit, to the flight indicators, among others, before takeoff.
  • Report on any fthere in the aircraft control systems.
  • Request approval and instruction for take off or landing.
  • Be in continuous contact with the tower control and the other aircraft.
  • Switch tasks with the co-pilot in order to prevent burnout.

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