Requirements to be an Auditor: Functions, Salary and MORE

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If you aspire to work as an Auditor, you are in the best place because you will have the information you are surely looking for regarding the Requirements to be an Auditor in Mexico.

Being an Auditor implies a task of great responsibility, in addition to supporting the organization where it is looking for the best strategies for development and taking control of accounting and financial resources.

The Auditor must put all accumulated experience and professional learning to the test and advance his growth. If you want to prepare yourself for this task and if you think you already have the right conditions, enter the world of Auditing.

What are the requirements to be an auditor?

The Requirements to be an Auditor in Mexico they are framed in the General Provisions that indicate the requirements that must be met by those who are External Auditors of Companies, Institutions and Insurance. In addition to a series of guidelines for reporting.

The requirements that an Auditor must have are the following:

Essential requirements:

  • Be Bachelor of Public Accounting or Public Accountant with professional credential issued by the Ministry of Public Education.
  • If you are a foreigner, you must demonstrate that you can practice the profession of a Bachelor of Accounting or Public Accountant, in accordance with the corresponding international treaties and agreements. In addition, to comply with Mexican laws.
  • Also, you can be a graduate Business Administrator, Economist or similar.
  • Must be endorsed by the professional association that is recognized by the Ministry of Public Education.
  • In addition, the auditor must be part of the company that hired him to offer the external audit services.
  • To have knowledge in management systems.
  • You must be aware of the legislation and its practices.
  • Know accounting programs aimed at auditing practices.
  • Possess the ability to analyze, observe and write to write reports.

Additional requirements:

  • It must be registered with the General Administration of Federal Tax Audit of the Tax Administration Service of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.
  • Of course you must have an experience professional type of a minimum of three years of external audit work.
  • Likewise, it must fform part of a college of accountants duly recognized by the Ministry of Public Education.
  • Not be suspended as an active member of any professional association.
  • Likewise, not have a conviction for an irrevocable sentence for a crime of a patrimonial or intentional type.
  • The Aspiring Auditor must not be disabled for the exercise of commerce or to perform functions, positions or public service, or in the financial system of Mexico.
  • Nor, must you have filed for bankruptcy.
  • Also, not have any pending litigation with any institution or mutual or insurance company.
  • It must be rregistered in the External Audit Committee.
  • It must comply with the manual of procedures and policies of the audit firm to which it belongs.
  • Also, be honest and with professional ethics.

Functions of an Auditor

Following with the Requirements to be an Auditor, we can find that the functions of an Auditor are many and some are quite complex that merit putting into practice their experience and sense of smell developed in their efforts.

Below are the various functions that an Auditor performs in their work.

Basic and essential functions:

  • Make the thorough examination of financial and accounting information of a company or business.
  • You must do the analysis of resources and obligations.
  • Ensure the consistency of accounting and financial records.
  • Analyze and examine financial records.
  • Review the reports and all the complementary documentation.
  • Guard compliance with applicable procedures, policies and laws.
  • Guarantee assets and that these are duly justified.
  • Supervise all the operational practices that are carried out on a daily basis.
  • Present documented observations made in the audit.
  • The auditor must know identify problems with internal procedures and present reports with observations and suggestions in case of potential problems.
  • Also, carry out an exhaustive review of the company’s accounts.
  • Prepare the corresponding audit reports, sometimes it includes balance sheets and the annual report.
  • Present the financial situation with results in accordance with globally accepted auditing principles.

Additional functions:

  • Identify potential problems and risks to apply strategies to avoid, reduce or eliminate them.
  • Safeguard and guarantee assets business.
  • Be aware of all the financial information of all areas and departments.
  • Likewise, you must know how to develop strategies and solutions to optimize productivity and reduce losses.
  • You must know how to identify areas to improve.
  • Give priority to actions aimed at business optimization.
  • Do policy monitoring and evaluation and procedures and implement new ones if applicable.
  • You must establish protocols and procedures in accordance with the regulations and legality of the country.
  • Evaluate results of policies and actions to set new objectives and goals within the organization.

How to Become an Auditor?

According to Requirements to be an Auditor, you have to in charge of carrying out the audit area It is the personnel formed and trained as such, that is, the auditors.

To become one, in principle they must be Accountants or Bachelor of Accounting, Bachelor of Business Administration, Economists or similar areas.

That they have experience in areas directly related to some type of Audit. They can perform as:

  • Auditors
  • Chief Auditors
  • Audit Directors
  • Accounting Auditor
  • Quality auditor
  • Fiscal
  • Internal Auditor
  • External
  • Operational Auditor
  • Of credit
  • Warehouse auditor
  • Food Auditor
  • Of computer systems

Companies or institutions provide specific and necessary training to the needs of your organization. The Audit part receives a lot of education, training, induction and updating of the processes and management systems with which they must be familiar.

Likewise, educational institutions in the accounting area give training courses to those who work in accounting areas and are directed to the Audit part, which is a very broad area. For more information you can know the Standards_General_Audit_Public.

What is the Salary of an Auditor?

Following with the Requirements to be an Auditor, the average salary for the position of Auditor External in the country is from 13,531.27 Mexican pesos monthly. On average 12,733.00 Mexican pesos.

A Accounting Auditor on average receives 13,411.00 pesos per month, a Operational auditor also receives an average of 11,238.00 per month, a Internal Auditor You can receive 12,059.00 per month. Also, a Process Auditor earns an average of 11,725.00 per month, and a Night auditor has an average salary of 9,007.00 per month.

However, a Financial auditor earns an average of 16,222.00 per month, and a Administrative Auditor He earns a monthly average of 11,064.00 per month.

According to other information collected in the country, Mexico offers an average salary for an Auditor of 119,998.00 pesos per year, an approximate of 61.55 per hour. In the basic rank positions, 35,000.00 pesos are received per year and those with more experience can reach up to 203,997.00 Mexican pesos per year.

What is Being an Auditor?

An Auditor is a professional duly trained in the area with sufficient accounting and financial expertise and who is responsible for examining, reviewing, analyzing and evaluating the results of the financial and administrative management of an organization, agency or entity.

The Auditor is the professional who makes the corresponding observations and recommendations to the organization for improvement effectiveness and efficiency of performance.

Are who they review the company’s accounts or organization and must review and maintain the transparency of all accounting activities, of all the money that comes in and also ensure that all the procedures used are adequate and are within the corresponding legal framework.

Likewise, they are professionals prepared with the capacity and skills to assume high responsibilities in the financial advisory part. Thus offering guidelines and strategies avoiding risks and establishing suitable methods for reducing costs and helping to maximize productivity and of course increase profits and profits.

You have already read the Requirements to be an Auditor and you already know more in detail about what is required to be an Auditor, now it is up to you to continue with the preparation and move towards that professional area.

We wish you success in this process.


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