Requirements to be an Escort: Functions, Courses and MORE

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If you are interested in protecting or being part of a person’s security group, the profession of the escort is the one for you. Today there is a job offer for all kinds of skills of a person. Here we leave you the requirements to be an escort in Mexico and other information on the subject, so that you can start your way as personal security.

In this article about Requirements to be an escort you will find information on courses and training for employment. In addition, you will be able to see the functions of an escort and know the salary that accompanies this very respectable profession. In the same way, you will find a section that contains the difference between bodyguards and bodyguards (surprisingly, there are differences between both jobs).

So, if the world of private and personal security is a subject that attracts and of which you want to be part, we invite you to continue reading this article about the requirements to be an escort.

What are the requirements to be an escort?

Although there are no requirements established in any law, there are a series of requirements to be an escort, which is collected by people who have worked in the area. Sayings «Unwritten requirements» it is necessary that you fulfill them, since they are part of the common situations that are requested to be part of a private and personal security group.

Therefore, if you aspire to be an escort in Mexico at some point in your life, you must take into consideration the following requirements that we are going to present to you:

  • You must be of legal age.
  • Possess Mexican nationality, preferably (However, it is not a limiting requirement).
  • Possess a compulsory high school diploma. Studies equivalent to these are also taken into account.
  • Have a correct psychophysical aptitude to carry and use weapons; as well as providing private and personal security services.
  • They cannot be owned criminal record, for serious crimes.
  • You cannot count on any conviction made by a judge. It is also not allowed to have a prior sanction.
  • In the case of having belonged to the Armed Forces or the Security Forces and Bodies of the country, a separation from service is required.
  • Possess the diplomas and certificates that guarantee the approval of the applicant to the Private Security courses.
  • Possess a minimum height of 1.70 meters for men and 1.65 meters for women.

Likewise, you must also take into account that these requirements may change, depending on the person or company that hires you; so they will ask you for more or less requirements. In those cases, you must be very aware of the requirements that are being requested.

Duties of an Escort

An important aspect to take into account are the functions that an escort must perform, during the performance of their activities. For that reason, below, we are going to present you the tasks that a person must perform if you find yourself working in this profession. In addition, this information will also serve to clarify doubts regarding the tasks carried out by an escort and the tasks carried out by a bodyguard.

To begin with, the bodyguards must take care of accompany, defend and protect to a certain person, to prevent them from being attacked or assaulted. On the other hand, an escort cannot carry out arrests, movement restrictions nor any other act that corresponds to law enforcement officials. However, if there is no other alternative, the escort may carry out these activities, as long as you notify the security forces.

Similarly, an escort is authorized to solve situations of danger or risk, with the use of knives or firearms or close combat. Therefore, if you want to dedicate yourself to this profession, you will have to have training in the use of weapons and combat with the body.

In other words, an escort must defend the life and physical integrity of the person in their care.

Courses to be an escort

To carry out any profession it is necessary to have some prior training. In the case of the work of the escort, the situation is not different, you need to train yourself to be able to carry it out. There are also several courses that you can find that cover all the skills of an escort. But also It is recommended that you take extra courses areas that you want to develop better, such as close combat.

One of the courses to be an escort that you can find in Mexico is the one taught by the Mexican Society of Bodyguards. The course has a duration of three days and unfolds in the Mexico City.

In addition, it has a cost of $ 13,500 Mexican pesos and gives you a Certificate of the Mexican Society of Bodyguards, SC with registration with the STPS.

However, taking this course alone is not going to be enough, it is also recommended that you take other courses in which you develop other qualities. You can take shooting classes, risk analysis or driving classes, among other alternatives. The idea is that you train yourself as best you can, so that you have several tools when it comes to fulfilling the tasks of an escort, which is to protect and defend the person under your care.


Regarding the economic part, the salary of an escort can vary a lot. To calculate this amount, several aspects are taken into account, such as: the person you must take care of, the time of experience or the position you may have. Therefore, there is no exact salary that can be established, as it will depend on the situation of your employment.

However, you can get an average for the salary of an escort in Mexico. To get started, the standard average per month is $ 16,000 Mexican pesos, with a maximum close to $ 27,200 Mexican pesos per month.

Now, if we take these calculations to an annual rate, we observe that on average you can earn $ 192,000 Mexican pesos per year. Although if you have a basic position as an escort, you may win only $ 30,002 Mexican pesos per year. On the other hand, if you are an experienced escort and you are in charge of protecting important people, you can get an average annual salary of $ 326,400 pesos per year.

Differences between being an escort and being a bodyguard

Contrary to what you might think, bodyguard and bodyguard jobs are different professions from each other. There are differences between exercising one and the other and, here we explain them to you.

The first difference that exists is professionalization, since the being an escort is a professional career, while bodyguard is not a professional profession. That is, one has a degree of officialization and the other does not.

Similarly, the profession of the bodyguard differs in carrying weapons. An escort is authorized to use and carry weapons to defend and protect the person they care for, while a bodyguard cannot use or carry weapons.

In other words, a bodyguard can only accompany a person and take care of him or, in such a case, monitor; while the bodyguards can participate in the defense of the person, using force.

What is being an escort?

Then, What is being an escort? Simple. Is a person in charge of caring for, protecting and defending another who has hired him. In addition, the escorts can make use of weapons and close combat, if the situation warrants it. It is this activity that differentiates the bodyguards from the bodyguards.

Likewise, the profession of the bodyguard it is a job that needs a lot of training, since people put their lives in your hands; so you must have the best tools to provide security and protection to them.

Therefore, if you want to practice this profession, you will have to check the requirements to be an escort and start working on getting the best training to perform the tasks that this job entails.


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