Requirements to be an Expert Appraiser: Appraisals, Functions and MORE

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An expert is an official who presents opinions, oral and written, that function as completely reliable testimonies to be able to carry out the resolution of disputes. In order to be an expert, you must comply with the requirements to be an appraiser

In this sense, the following content presents each of the requirements and steps to be able to become an expert, in addition to issuing all the data and information necessary to carry out this process.

What are the requirements to be an expert appraiser?

A expert is a professional appraiser, which must demonstrate and accredit to carry out this function, that he has both the practical and theoretical knowledge to carry out the position.

In addition to this, it is necessary for the candidate or applicant to supply a certain amount of requirements, which are extremely necessary. Each of them are presented below:

Application Document

It is a written request, which must be addressed directly to the Certification Coordinator. It is important that this document is delivered in the same format issued by the College or institution.

This application must state the desire to join the group of certified professional experts.

Job title

One of the requested requirements is to issue a copy of the professional title of the bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate. This is necessary in the case of a new record.

Identification document

For most processes it is necessary to supply the identification document, and this process is no exception.

In this sense, it is important to present an original and a copy of a document that can prove the personal identity of the candidate or applicant, such as the professional card, identity card, passport, among others.

Curriculum synthesis

The applicant must issue the curriculum synthesis, where he expresses all his personal data, work experience and academic training.

The places of training and work must be detailed. It is important that it is completely up to date.


Another requirement is to issue a copy of two appraisals, which must be made by the applicant, in the requested specialty. This is requested for those new to the process to become an expert.

Applicant courses

The candidate must issue the certificates for each of the training courses carried out by the candidate in the area or specialty requested.

It is only necessary to issue the certificates obtained in the last three years.

Certificate from the College of Civil Engineers of Mexico

It is necessary for the candidate to issue a certificate that can prove their participation as a member of the College
of Civil Engineers of Mexico.


It is also important to make the payment or cancellation of the corresponding costs for the process.

Who can be an expert appraiser?

Now, it is important to know who can be a valuation expert, and in this section, the conditions that the candidate must meet to be an expert are presented.

  • Impartiality: The opinions and attitudes of an expert must be subject or subject to the rule of law, that is, to what is established in the law.
  • Objectivity: You must present completely objective opinions, based on verifiable evidence and evidence. You can not give personal opinions, that is, subjective.
  • Veracity: This person must always tell the truth, be honest, and have no interests of their own.
  • Responsibility: It is important that the person who wants this position or function, is responsible in all his steps, must act responsibly in each of his functions.

It must also meet the following characteristics:

  • Have the knowledge and the required qualification.
  • Experience and knowledge of the area or specialty.
  • Analytical reasoning ability and preparation.
  • Have good communication by conveying clear and objective opinions, speaking in the language or terms that are adapted to the court.
  • Be flexible to be able to change opinions, based on new evidence issued.
  • Transmit confidence in judicial aspects.

Functions of an Expert Appraiser

An expert has the main function of issuing an analysis of a technical nature, on facts and objective evidence, in order to provide suitable assistance to the court to be able to issue a fair resolution.

These functions can be described in these characteristics:

  • It has the function of preparing reports or expert opinions.
  • Issue responses to the questions of the court or, where appropriate, the corresponding parties.
  • Issue evidence that is related to the reports presented, to prove the facts.
  • Objectively analyze the information.
  • Issue technical explanations that allow the doubts of the judge or the corresponding authority to be resolved.
  • Perform against experts.
  • Among others.

Duty of an expert

It is important to know and understand the duty of an expert, which consists of being truthful to the facts, in this sense the expert has the duty to deepen the technical reasoning, issue honest and objective opinions, both in oral and written statements.

In order for an expert to fulfill his duty, it is necessary that he possess all the necessary knowledge and skills, as well as that the requirements to be an appraiser.

When is the participation of an expert necessary?

The participation of an expert is necessary when it is required to have a strong proof or accreditation to be able to carry out the resolution of any dispute.

Your participation is important, since the evidence that the expert emits is an important power, a weapon that serves to resolve disputes and problems.

How to be an expert?

In order to be an expert and work in this area, it is necessary that the interested person have an official title, and it is also highly recommended that they take courses or training plans in the areas presented below:

  1. Specialization in the specific area of ​​expertise: Due to the wide range of specialties and multitude of branches within each career, it is good to have a clear and detailed knowledge of some of them.
  2. Expert area: Another important aspect is that you must have a general knowledge about the preparation of expert reports.

What is an Expert?

An expert is that person who provides the necessary and suitable help for the resolution of problems or disputes. This person who is in charge of carrying out this function must have extensive knowledge and practical experience in the required area.

The participation of an expert is important, his testimony can be considered by the judge, at the time of sentencing or also for other technical processes of a case.

Types of Expert

There are different types of expert, which are classified into three types, based on various points of view. Each of them are presented below:

According to dependency ratio

In this sense there are: The official expert, who is called a forensic, and works as a state official. There is also the Private expert, which works through lists or part.

According to the origin of hiring

According to this aspect, there are three types of expert, which are: ex officio expert, which is a state official, the part expert, which is hired by one of the parties.

There is also the expert appointed by the court it is chosen randomly from those that appear in the lists of professionals.

According to the accreditation

In this case, the following categories are found: Registered expert, which consists of certified experts, who belong to and make up the list of experts from professional associations, among others.

There is also the certified expert, which has a degree to work and specialized training in a specific field.

And finally in this category is the proficient suitable, he presents extensive knowledge and practical experience in a specific area, despite not having any outstanding qualifications.

Experts have a very important function in legal matters and in society, for this reason, the person who wishes to carry out this work must comply with the requirements to be an appraiser.

If you want to know more you can click here.

Follow the steps, meet the requirements to be an expert appraiser and be successful in your management.


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