Requirements to be an Importer: Documents, Steps and MORE

Do you want to become an importer? Here in this writing it will be explained which are the Requirements to be an Importer where the step-by-step below will be highlighted. Keep reading!

Importing in Chile are acts that are becoming more frequent every day. However, people who are starting in this new world must comply with the following requirements to be an importer.

What are the Requirements to be an Importer in Chile?

It is important to note that the authorities for importing falls on the responsibility of the National Customs Service. It is a body that regulates all customs processes. So the requirements to import into Chile are the following:

Requirements to be an Importer: mCash (FOB) that exceeds the value of US $ 1000

If the merchandise exceeds the established value, the importer must hire a custom agent which must be of Chilean nationality and prepared by the National Director of Customs. The citizen who wishes to import will have to provide the agent with the essential documentation to present the Declaration of Income before the SNC.

Requirements to be an Importer: mfreight (FOB) less than US $ 1000

In the case in which the articles have a value less than 1000, the import procedure is a mechanism according to the Simplified Processing. That is, the person who needs to import must do so in person through the customs office of the merchandise jurisdiction.

Requirements to be imported: aimported ranceles

With having met the above requirements, you must take into account that to import you must be aware of the Harmonized Customs System. The purpose of this system is to standardize internationally created by the World Customs Organization (OMA).

Imports in the Chilean country are governed by the payment of the duty ad valorem which is calculated through the value of the cost, insurance and freight value (CIF). In 2013, the total rate for the 6% on most articles.

In addition, there is an added value added tax VAT that is of 19% totalized over CIF and ad valorem tax.

It is important to note that if there is evidence of a pact between Chile and the country where the merchandise will arrive, the tax Ad Valorem May decrease. But, the added value VAT if they should cancel it.

Any article can be imported into Chile unless the law shows otherwise. Depending on the condition of the resources, it may be feasible to submit a permit, approval or inspection through the regulatory organization.

It is important to note that the list of items that need approval includes artifacts such as: firearms, vinegar, spirits, alcohols, pharmaceutical products, among others.

Requirements to be an Importer: Payment

The payment of the duty can be made once the Customs has import declaration approved. The citizen can do it in a on-line or through authorized financial institutions.

Importers have approximately 15 days to cancel customs duties, which are counted from the day the merchandise is obtained and the entry declaration is announced.

In the event that the payment has been made after the stipulated date, there will be additional charges for delay. In addition, if the merchandise is not collected at the customs warehouse after 90 days, it is suspected that it is abandoned and additional fees are implemented on its rights.

Documents Needed for an Import into Chile

Already having fulfilled the Requirements to be an Importer, the next step is to collect the necessary documentation that will be explained below:

Merchandise over $ 1,000

The following documents must be presented:

  1. Document regarding the commercial import.
  2. Knowledge of original shipment with a transport letter or air waybill that shows the belongings of the merchandise by the receiver.
  3. Receipt original commercial that demonstrates the merchandise as a sales object.
  4. Sworn declaration of the importer by means of the price of the merchandise, with its respective form that it has to deliver to the authorities in the customs.
  5. Mandate: Document established by the endorsement unique of the original shipping.
  6. Document regarding accessing the tariff benefits of the TLC with Chile.
  7. The importer must have the assurance document that must attach the amount of the premium paid.

It is worth mentioning when the amount of the premium is intended on the commercial receipt, it is not mandatory to provide the insurance document.

You can also show additional documentation that you can request from importers, this will depend on the items you choose to import. The documents in particular cases are:

  1. You must have the document of origin in which case the merchandise is eligible for the permit through commercial agreements.
  2. The importer must attach a packing list.
  3. You must supply an expense note.
  4. License, visas, permit, this depends on the type of merchandise you want to import.

Merchandise less than US $ 1000

  1. Original document by at bill of lading be it by sea, a letter according to the transport that is carried out by land or air transport document.
  2. Commercial receipt.
  3. Assurance document with the value of the premium canceled.
  4. It must contain a power of attorney in the event that the procedure is carried out by a third party.
  5. Documents or approvals in the event that a particular merchandise is present.

Steps to be an Importer

It is important to note that the Chilean Customs Chamber published a series of steps for people who are starting to import and they are as follows:

Requirements to Be an Importer: The SNational Customs Service

The starting point where the import process will be related is through the National Customs Service (SNA). It is an organization whose function is to inspect and supervise the movement of goods along the coasts, borders and airports in Chilean territory.

Requirements To be an Importer: Seller

When the first purchase is made, the provider a pro-forma receipt.

That is, it refers to an international valuation with a document where the seller specifies the goods, highlighting the price for a specified time.

Requirements To Be an Importer: mmoney that can be imported

It is important to think that merchandise is going to import. It is worth emphasizing that you can import any merchandise except those that are prohibited by law.

requirements To Be an Importer: las goods that are prohibited

The goods that cannot be imported because they are discarded by law are used vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, pornography, toxic industrial waste, articles that harm animals, among others.

Merchandise value

The value of the goods to be imported will depend on whether the value exceeds the amount of US $ 1000 or if it is worth the amount of US $ 1000.

Taxes to be paid

Imports must be carried out with the right of payment ad valorem (6%) on the CIF value.

Additional payments

  1. There are imports that must cancel additional taxes of fifteen % on the value of products such as: gold, ivory and platinum. Also jewelry, both natural and synthetic stones; Carpets, tapestries, furs, preserved caviar, air or gas guns, among others.
  2. In case of canceling additional tax of a fifty% of the value falls on pyrotechnic products. And with other taxes alcoholic beverages.


Payment can be made as long as the declaration has been validated by customs. It can be done through the page of the Treasury of the Republic.

Labeling, Classification and Packaging Requirement

Packaged items must be identified as being demonstrate the quality. For example: imported foods must show labels specifying all ingredients and nutritional pyramid, date, expiration.

Products that need pre-market documentation

  1. Electrical items and products containing fuels. The Superintendency of Electricity and Fuel is in charge of decreeing the documentation system with specific protocols.
  2. Medicines and cosmetics. The Institute for Public Health is the authority in charge of inspections and verification of sanitary control.
  3. Pesticides and Fertilizer. This falls to the Agrícola y Ganadero agency.
  4. Vehicles.
  5. Food.

Items that do not need prior certification

  1. Toys
  2. Footwear
  3. Textiles
  4. Plastic products
  5. Telecommunications


The goods that are abandoned, confiscated, will be transferred to the public auction to the best bettor according to the date and place imposed by the National Customs Directorate

What are the most important products?

  1. Cars for tourism.
  2. Petroleum or mineral oils.
  3. Crude oil or bituminous minerals.
  4. Natural gas.
  5. Boneless bovine meat.
  6. Radiotelephony, television, camera, etc. transmitting devices.
  7. Vehicles for the transport of goods.


Today importing is a profitable alternative for organizations and companies. The most important thing to undertake the world of import is to be prepared to research the market and what is needed.

  1. The importer must have a relationship with his supplier to avoid insecurity and danger.
  2. If you are starting it is better to consult an expert in the business.
  3. Hiring of the freight.
  4. Do not forget to collect all the necessary documentation.
  5. The importer must be careful with the payment methods.

What is it?

The purpose of the importation is to acquire products and services from a specific foreign country for use in the requested country. They are tools that are essential today.

In other words, the purpose of importing is to obtain products from foreign countries that are not in the requesting country or, if it exists, the costs are higher than in the foreign country.

If the citizen in the future wishes to import, he must follow a series of requirements to be an importer.


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