Requirements to be an Urban Curator: Documents, Advantages and MORE

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In Colombia, day by day, many constructions are carried out in the municipal or district areas. In this case, Gestionalo will tell you the documents, advantages and more to be an urban curator in Colombia. In this way you will be able to carry out works in your residential area or in the vicinity of your town. In the next paragraphs we will mention the Requirements to be an Urban Curator.

In most cases, the application process to obtain the license is extremely short and fast, in this case it is advisable to speak with the state supervisor to clarify any doubts.

But nevertheless not all people have licenses to perform these actions. An urban curator takes care of this, issuing licenses so that individuals who do not have permission to build, can do so.

An urban curator is necessary for society due to the role it fulfills within small rural societies, since through its leadership large works can be carried out in areas with very little residential demand. However, for this person to have the aforementioned leadership, they must go through multiple processes to be selected.

Requirements to be an Urban Curator

There are several procedures to become an urban curator, however there are other types of documents that can only be delivered by the corresponding authorization. On the other hand, below the Requirements to be an Urban Curator:

Educational requirements

While associate degrees are available in the field, aspiring contractors will need to choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in construction management to increase their job prospects.

Work experience and licenses

All states require contractors to be licensed before offering their services. Licensing requirements may vary by state. Some states may require contractors to demonstrate at least four years of work experience or education in a trade. If aspiring contractors can only demonstrate work experience, they may also need to be licensed.

Specialized Contractors

In addition to general construction contractors, individuals can also apply for specialty contractor positions. Specialty contractors oversee and facilitate certain aspects of the construction process, such as the installation of elevators, electrical installations, carpentry work, landscaping and masonry. This is an add-on for urban curators.

Only valid for Colombia

Salary information and job prospects

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), construction managers or urban curators, including general contractors, brought home an average annual salary of $ 103,110 as of May 2018. Experience in the field is often required prior to achieve these positions, and a license is required in all states. Job prospects are above average for general contractors.

However, it takes all the Requirements to be an Urban Curator.

Documents to be presented

There are few documents that you will have to reconcile to complete the Requirements to be an Urban Curator, however they are necessary. Here we will mention the procedures:

  • Have the registration form signed and stamped
  • Get the life format
  • Copy of the identity card (on both sides)
  • Signed and stamped professional card sheet
  • Copy of the diploma of pregado
  • Certificates for evaluation

Urban curators are important since the constructions play an important role in the energy consumption of a home. There are different types of buildings and different standards, which are for each of them. Therefore, the decentralized power system has different settings for each building standard and buildings constructed according to each of the standards.

Undoubtedly urbanization is one of the main trends that shape our world today. As cities grow and new buildings appear around the world, we must take a close look at the places where we live, work and play. It is in these spaces that some of the greatest energy challenges can be seen and answered.

Urban curators are in demand in Colombia because there are many people who want to create and carry out works in their parishes. Therefore, if you want to enter the group of builders or curators, you will have to reconcile the mentioned documents.

Who can be Urban Curators?

Only citizens of residing in the country legally, may be urban curators. Of course, they must meet the Requirements to be an Urban Curator. In addition, the individual who wishes to become a worker to carry out the different actions of the same, will have to be chosen by the governor or municipal mayor corresponding to the area of ​​residence or, failing that, the state.

On the other hand the purpose of an urban curator is to be functional, that’s number 1 on the list. Too often I see that aesthetics take precedence and that is not the idea that should be number 2. The idea is to design a basic building suitable for its intended purpose. Good design should create the best of both that can be achieved within constraints such as location and materials.

It should also blend in with its surroundings And yet many architects ignore this in favor of their design being prominent and I feel more about the ego. There are places where that can be achieved, but they are often nestled between older buildings and stick out like a sore thumb.

However, the way the design worked has been too forgotten, many commercial buildings resembled the domestic ones that surrounded them, many of us today have placed orders for listing and saved from demolition. Modern materials should allow more flexibility, but the curators were very masterful on that and it was also seen in the large exhibition building.

Advantages of being an Urban Curator

Alright, let’s delve into the Pros and Cons of Working in Construction as an Urban Curator. This list is not complete, because it will be different for each person. But hopefully this list helps you understand some of the potential advantages and disadvantages of working in specialized trades. Here are the advantages:

There is good job security

In case you haven’t heard, there is a huge shortage of skilled workers in the trades. Everyone from residential contractors to commercial construction companies is looking for young people willing to learn and work hard. In fact, there are projections that job openings and the need for skilled workers will continue to grow.

You are providing a real solution to a real human need

Call us old-fashioned, but we think there is something to be said for doing a good and honest job. Construction is a kind of unknown hero of our culture. A skilled trader builds the places we work, the houses we live and play in, the roads we travel, and more.

You can stay active, fit and healthy

In case you haven’t heard the buzzing, it turns out that being felt all day is bad for your health (some people say it’s really bad for your health). Our bodies were designed to move: running, walking, bending, lifting, and stretching. For years, most of the work was physically active work, and that was not looked down upon, it was normal.

Earn a good living

Another advantage of working in construction is the potential salary you can earn. Now, it’s important to understand that the pay varies based on where you live, what business you do, how many years of experience you have, and whether it’s a residential or commercial job. All of those factors influence how much you can earn

You have the opportunity to build something tangible

In Colombia, more and more companies operate online, and more jobs are reduced to working on a computer. And while there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, many younger people want a more tangible job – wanting to create something that they can touch, feel, and wear. Construction work will allows you to build something tangible and see the direct result of your work.

How is an Urban Curator chosen?

The urban curators they are selected by the municipal or district mayor for terms of several years. Once elected, they will have to go through a series of tests to confirm the election designated by the ruler of that area. However, the selection processes depend on the circumstance and need.
On the other hand, the executive in charge of carrying out all the processes to choose a curator, will take into account all the documents or requirements to be an urban curator. This is extremely important since there are people who have been selected but due to the lack of a document, they have been omitted by the mayor himself. You must have the procedures up to date to avoid inconveniences.

What is an Urban Curator?

The urban curator He is a worker in charge of observing, annexing and issuing licenses for subdivisions, urbanization, and construction. He is the one who tries to create works for the different rural areas in which Colombians live.
Urban healers are important since architecture is the skin of a society, just as a beautiful human skin reflects a healthy body, buildings tell the story of the health of a society, which can be political health, economic health, health sociological, psychological health, and educational health. And even, it is decisive for foreign travelers.


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