Requirements to be Beat: Documents, Fees and MORE

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Are you looking for a profitable and simple job option? Do you want to know the alternatives for apps like Uber? In this article we will talk about Beat, the application that emerges as the competition of Uber. So, if you want to explore an alternate world to Uber, write down and get the requirements to be beat and sign up for this new transportation option.

Necessary Requirements to Be a Beat in Chile

Applications such as Uber, a transportation service with vehicles, have become more used and recognized every day.

In the case of Chile, Beat is one of these apps that has broken into this type of market, working as an alternative to Uber.

So it has become a transportation service and a job source for Chilean citizens.

So, if you are interested in being part of the Beat community, you should gather as much information as possible to get started, starting with the requirements to be a Beat in Chile.

These requirements are very basic, since the intention is that a large part of the population can access the app.

So, read the following requirements to be a Beat and start your affiliation process.

  1. Be over 18 years of age.
  2. Have a foreign identity card.
  3. Foreigners must have a RUT.
  4. Have a valid driver’s license.
  5. International licenses also work, if you are a foreign citizen.

In addition to the requirements to be a Beat, which have already been detailed, you will need a series of documents and cars with certain aspects.

Documentation for Being Beat in Chile

Apart from the requirements to be a Beat in Chile, you also need to submit a series of Documents necessary for your affiliation to the Beat service.

Now, these documents must be delivered before the approval of your case to be Beat, so you must gather these documents in time, so that you can do the process without problems.

So, here are the documents to be a Beat in Chile:

  1. A photo of the Driver’s License.
  2. A Certificate of Background with an antiquity of 60 days.
  3. The vehicle’s registration certificate. (It doesn’t matter if you are not the owner).
  4. SOAP.

On the other hand, at the time of your registration, you have to provide your personal data, along with a photo of you. This is done to create your profile so that users can recognize you.

Once you have met these requirements and documents, Beat Chile will activate your driver account, so you can start working with your first trips.

Likewise, it should also be noted that you do not necessarily need your own vehicle to be a Beat Chile driver.

In those cases, you only need the driving license of the car you are going to drive, and associate it with your Beat Chile account.

What specifications should the vehicles have?

Beat Chile has three categories of service, for their customers, who are differentiated, according to the type of vehicle of the drivers.

Now, because of this, the specifications of the vehicles are different.


Its about Beat Chile basic service. Also, it is the cheapest within its offers and the one that most users use.

Vehicles registered for this service must be:

  1. 4-door vehicles.
  2. Have a maximum seniority of 10 years.
  3. Be in perfect condition.

So, the range of options is wider, since there are many cars that fall within these requirements.

Beat luxi

Is he luxurious service from Beat Chile, and only found available in Santiago de Chile.

Therefore, the specifications for the vehicles that register with this service are different.

  1. 2009 onwards SUV or 2015 onwards Sedan or Hatchback.
  2. 4-door vehicles.
  3. Be in perfect condition.


Recently, Beat Chile activated another modality at its service, which is aimed at the drivers with older vehicles. So if your vehicle isn’t that new, you can still be a part of Beat.

In this service, the prices are cheaper and is available only in the commune of Maipú, as the point of origin.

  1. Cars from 2005 to 2010.
  2. Be in good repair.

Finally, Beat Chile also enabled a delivery service through its conductors. So you can send or receive packages with Beat.

This service does not require particular specifications, but any vehicle can be part of it.

Chilean Cities that Beat Arrives

Currently, Beat Chile operates around four cities in Chile, which are:

  • Santiago de Chile.
  • La Serena.
  • Conception.
  • V Region.

Nevertheless, there are some services that only work in one city, as is the case with Beat Luxi, which only works in Santiago.

Similarly, the Beat Lite service also works only in Santiago, specifically in the commune of Maipú.

Now, Classic Beat and Shipping Beat do work around all of these 4 cities.

Therefore, depending on the service you want to join and the city in which you are going to operate, you must choose one of these 4 modalities.

Rates for Travel in Chile

Beat Chile has a very friendly rate system for drivers, since they are very well rewarded financially.

This system has several criteria to take into account, but the most important is the type of service you choose to use.


Beat’s standard service rates are:

  • Base rate (the minimum that the passenger will pay): $ 1,000.
  • Minutes: $ 80.
  • Kilometer: $ 250.
  • Guaranteed minimum (the minimum the driver will earn): $ 2,000.
Beat luxi

Beat’s standard service rates are:

  • Base rate: $ 1,300.
  • Minutes: $ 100.
  • Kilometer: $ 350.
  • Guaranteed minimum: $ 1,300

In addition to these established rates for driver trips, Beat has a series of stimuli for its drivers.

These incentives can even generate a better income than the rate of the trips you make as a driver.

Now, the stimuli that you will have if you join Beat, are the following:

Free Gasoline

Those drivers with more profit during the week, can receive fuel prizes, equivalent to 1,000, 7000 or 500 liters.

Referral Payments

To the recruit new passengers or drivers who sign up using your code, you can get a bonus for each of them. This payment can reach up to $ 150,000.


Beat conductors have a bonus for goals, that can increase their profits.

What is it?

Beat is one of the latest applications to join the application service to transport passengers, and in turn it has been gaining more ground, to share with the rest of the apps that coexist in this market.

To be a driver at Beat you do not need so many requirements to join and the profits are much better than its competitorsIt is for this reason that Beat has generated more interest in this passenger transport market.

In addition, Beat has become an excellent job offer, for people who want to be their own bosses, since you can work in this job, for as long as you want.

Beat does not require a specific schedule, not a minimum of time for work, but you can plan your work schedule and work the hours you need.

Secondly, Beat payment is made every Friday. The trips of the week accumulate and are transferred to the driver, on Fridays to an account in the name of the person.

In the same way, Beat allows the registration of any type of car, you can even work without having your own car, but you can ask for one registered, and add your circulation permit.

However, if you want to know more about this app, access its website: Beat Chile.

In conclusion, Beat is a company that is gaining popularity among users of transport applications, as it is a very profitable option for drivers, due to the fact that they receive better economic compensation.

Also, it stands out for the ease it offers its users to associate, since the requirements to be beat in Chile they are very accessible to citizens.


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