Requirements to be Cabify: Process, Documents and MORE

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If you want to have some additional income, then check the Requirements to be Cabify in Chile. Since this company gives its drivers the opportunity to work the hours they can and want to do so. Cabify is a modern platform that makes life more practical and safe for Chilean citizens and at the same time gives drivers the opportunity to generate additional income in a comfortable and quiet way.

On Cabify Chile drivers can generate income through travel, travel commissions and supplemental bonuses.

Go ahead and review all the information related to this platform called Cabify, perhaps you are interested as a driver to obtain extra income, as a company to hire its services or as a user to travel quietly and safely.

Process to be Cabify in Chile

In the Requirements to be Cabify, the process to be a driver in Cabify, requires meeting certain conditions.

Cabify from Chile It is a platform that provides a lot of security not only to users but also to drivers who work in the transportation system. The company carries out a rigorous process of reviewing the documentation of the applicants, since all the documentation is verified. They are demanding in this aspect, that makes them generate more tranquility for the user. There are also certain requirements related to the vehicle to be used in the Cabify system.

Requirements to be Cabify:

  • Have a minimum age of 21 years.
  • Present a valid Chilean identity document.
  • Current circulation permit.
  • Certified proof of background.
  • Present the CV of the applicant.
  • Also the identity card.
  • Submit profile photo.
  • The permission of the Ministry of Land Transport is optional.
  • You must have a class B license with a minimum of one year old. Likewise, you can have a class A license, the Cabify group class requests a class A2 license.
  • Be an active person in Tax Services, either as a natural person, money order 960909 or as a legal person, money order 492240.
  • Present psychological test andn online or in person.
  • To belong to Cabify, you must not have four or more serious traffic offenses derived from speeding on your record.
  • Nor are there any offenses due to the consumption of spirits, drugs or damages caused to third parties.
  • Likewise, the applicant for Cabify must not have infractions in the last three years for driving with a license not corresponding, either to the type of vehicle or to the service, for driving in unsuitable conditions both psychically and physically or for not having respected signs of the carabinieri.

Documents Needed to Be Cabify in Chile

In the Requirements to be Cabify there are those who want to become drivers of this wonderful transport platform, they must consign the documents shown below, they can make the consignment of documents through the web platform or in person at the agencies or Cabify offices.

The required documentation is:

  • Photographs of the identity document on the front and back.
  • Evidence of the antecedents.
  • Driver’s curriculum vitae.
  • If the vehicle they are going to drive is the property of the applicant, they must present the driving license.
  • In the case of the Lite and Group categories, the presentation of a private passenger permit issued by the Ministry of Transport is required.
  • Once all the documentation has been delivered, the Cabify company reviews, approves and activates the account of the new driver on the platform in approximately two days.
  • Subsequently, the new driver must complete the incorporation through a complete training that can be done online or if you prefer in person.

Requirements for Vehicles

The company Cabify provides services to the Chilean people, by categories or classes, therefore the demands regarding vehicles are different.

The requirements for vehicles are as follows:

  • In the case of the category Cabify Lite Vehicles must be registered in the Private Transportation Registry of Vehicles must be Station Wgon or SUV, either 4 × 2 or 4 × 4, with three rows of seats, must have five or more doors, more than 2 airbags, an engine with 2cc displacement of course air conditioning, radio and electric glass system.
  • Cabify Lite version Corp which is a version of the category intended for companies.
  • If it’s about Cabify City The driver is asked to have a sedan, Hatchback or Satation Wagon type vehicle corresponding to the years from 2008 onwards. They must have three airbags, five doors, essential air conditioning, radio and electric windows.
  • For category Cabify Group The vehicles must be registered in the Private Transport Registry of Must be a Station Wagon type vehicle or also a Van, with the capacity to transport a minimum of 7 people, there must be three meters of distance between one axis and the other. Likewise, it must have five or more doors, at least two airbags, electric windows, radio and air conditioning.
  • Cabify Group version Corp which is a version of the category intended for companies.
  • For category Economy It is not necessary to be registered in the Private Transportation Registry.
  • Cabify Beach only in the city of Valparaíso.

Dress Code to be Cabify

In the Requirements to be Cabify, no dress code is specified as such. The only expectation is that Cabify drivers will be dressed in a formal or semi-formal way, with a serious and professional appearance and also in dark colors and in a sober way.

Chilean cities served by Cabify

The Cabify company is currently in the city of Santiago, Iquique with the Economy category, in Valparaíso and in Concepción with the Economy and Lite categories).

In the city of Valparaiso The Cabify company offers its clientele the category called Beach, with diversified rates.

What is it?

Cabify is a systemma online for passenger transport in Chile. It is a very safe service, adjusted to the law, with the provisions of article 80 of the Land Law. They have different classes of vehicles with a private driver, category car. It offers water services and musical selection.

You can make the reservation through the mobile application or in the Web page.

The mission is to move the passenger throughout the city in a safe, easy, simple and very pleasant way.

Benefits that Cabify gives to drivers:

  • Grant fuel discounts through the My Copilot app at Shell service stations
  • It facilitates medical and psychological consultations for its drivers at no cost, also for family members.
  • It allows them a cell phone plan for 5,000 pesos a month with Virgin Mobile.
  • It gives them the opportunity to obtain a professional driver’s license at the Automobile Club.
  • Drivers have Insurance with coverage of Personal Accidents, damage to third parties and civil liability, at no cost.
  • They have discounts on repairs and acquisition of spare parts at Auto Planet.
  • Cabify offers you the opportunity for drivers to work on other similar transportation platforms. It does not demand exclusivity from drivers.
  • Likewise, drivers can stop their work and resume it when they can.

Additionally, Cabify offers you the following incentives:

  • The bonuses for the admission of trips, according to the number of trips that the driver decides to take on the proposed total.
  • By number of trips, that is, the trips you make in a certain period of days, weeks or months.
  • They will receive bonuses if they attract clients or new drivers to the platform.
  • Likewise, give bonuses to new drivers when they complete a certain number of trips.
  • In relation to tips, these always serve to honor good service. Users can leave a tip through the application. Completely reaching the driver’s pocket and are not subject to the discounts made by Cabify.

The company has a practice called Service Fee that is charged to users and is to continue improving safety, quality, as well as not impacting the environment.


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