Requirements to be Governor: Election, Functions and MORE

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Exercising the functions of a Governor is not an easy task. The professional goal of some Mexican citizens is to hold this position. In this article you will have access to know the Requirements to be Governor in Mexico.

You will find information about what it means to be a Governor, the process of electing a Governor. In the same way, how long does this position last, its functions, and not least the legal aspects to be Governor.

Requirements to be Governor in Mexico

This information that can be found in the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, particularly in its Article No. 82. The Requirements to be Governor in Mexico they are the ones mentioned below:

  • Be Mexican by birth, with residence in the country not less than five years before the date of the elections.
  • Be at least thirty years old by the day of the voting.
  • In order to be a candidate, should not be occupying the following charges:
    • The position of Secretary of the Office of the Executive.
    • The Magistrate of the Superior Court of Justice or of the Administrative Contentious Court.
    • He cannot be exercising the position of Magistrate of the Electoral Court of the State.
    • The citizen designated as Attorney General of Justice.
    • To be occupying the position of Citizen Commissioner within the State Electoral Commission.
    • The President designated representative of the State Commission of Human Rights.
    • The Commissioner assigned to the Transparency and Access to Information Commission.
    • You can’t be in positions like Public or Military Servant in service currently.
    • He should not be able to exercise the position of Counselor of the State Judiciary.
  • In the case of occupying any of the aforementioned positions. The person must necessarily resign in charge of at least one hundred continuous days before the vote.

Election Process

The election process for the Governor is done in a specific way. It is chosen every six years, and is sworn in on October 4 of the year in which the vote is held. The Governor, depending on the origin of his popular, extraordinary or ordinary election, for no reason will have the possibility to exercise the position.

Nor may he act as an interim, temporary, alternate or representative of the office. Also, they do not have the opportunity to be elected for the next term. These positions are: The Governor appointed by the State Congress, to end the period if there is any absolute lack of the constitution.

Likewise, the alternate Governor, the temporary or the individual who, on any circumstances, substitutes the provisional absences of the Governor. This as long as he fulfills the position during the last two years in office.

For more information about the Governor election process, you can enter the following web portal.

Functions of a Governor

Among the functions that a Governor must perform, the most important are those detailed below:

  • Show in front of Congress the estimate of income and expenses of the State.
  • Decree, execute and carry out verifications of the laws that are promoted.
  • Create agreements on the limits of the territories belonging to the State and neighboring states.
  • Direct the planning of the progress of the State and establish the channels to promote the citizen collaboration.
  • To enable the Judicial Power the necessary support for the execution of its tasks.
  • Agree pacts with the Federation, with municipalities and individuals, in reference to assistance through public services.
  • Practice recurrently with the municipalities and the Federation, the competences with respect to the conservation and repair of ecological harmony. Also social protection and environmental protection, regional regulation of human establishments and urban progress. All according to the division of functions and both state and federal legal regulations.
  • Be the image of the State with the powers that Congress or the laws set. With the conditions stipulated in the constitution and appoint attorneys-in-fact.

How long is the charge?

The duration of a Governor in Mexico it’s six years old. His period destined to exercise begins on September 16 of the year in which he was elected. And it concludes on September 15, having already completed the corresponding six years. It is important to note that he is not eligible for re-election under any circumstances.

Legal Aspects to Be a Governor

In Article 87 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, the legal aspects to be Governor are established. Within the organizational structure, there is a Secretary General of the Government, who has specific powers granted by the Constitution.

Therefore, to be in that position, you must collect all the Requirements to be Governor, who will appoint and dismiss him for his decision. The Governor represents the authority and image of the central Public Administration of the country and the parastatal power of the State. Moreover, this will be applied according to the mandates of the Constitution, as well as what is determined in the Organic Law issued by Congress.

This Law is responsible for assign responsibilities in administrative origin in the Attorney General’s Office and the Secretariats. Likewise, it will specify the basis of the parastatal entities and the participation that the Executive has in it. On the other hand, the Public Ministry entity whose purpose is to represent the protection of the nation’s benefits. Also watch over the correct compliance with the Common Benefit Law, and follow up on faults of a common nature.

All these functions will be carried out by the Attorney General of Justice. This will be accompanied by the employees of that Ministry, including the rest of the workers stipulated by the Organic Law. The position as Attorney General of Justice is solely waivable for any serious reason. Said reason will be considered by the Governor of the State, who is responsible for its admission.

What is it?

A Governor is a delegate of a higher order who represents the President in matters of a state nature. It should be noted that he does not have the opportunity to be reelected, and his position has a duration of six years. Moreover, there are some limits, which are considered at the time of being elected as Governor of the State.

Which are established in Article 87 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, these are:

  • The Governor cannot leave the State for more than thirty days without prior authorization. In fact it is granted by the Congress or the Permanent Delegation. When he intends to be absent for a period of more than five days and less than thirty days, he must notify the aforementioned entities.
  • When it comes to official trips and being absent from the Republic for a time greater than ten days. Must request approval of the Permanent Delegation or the Congress. This request must be accompanied by a work schedule. Also, present a report of what was done during your diligence on your return.
  • The Governor cannot make it impossible or hinder with any excuse the popular votes and dispositions of Congress.
  • You will not be able to demand any kind of contribution that is not established in the Law.
  • Neither will he be able to order individually or instantaneously, while in the field, the National Guard or other security organizations. You must first have an authorization from the Permanent Delegation or the Legislature.

On the other hand, the orders given by the Governor will not be followed. Unless they carry the signature of the Secretary General of the Government together with that of the Secretary of the respective Office. Or in that case, by their legal substitutes. The signing officials will be responsible for the orders issued.

At in the event that Congress allows the Governor admission to leave the national territory for a period of thirty days or less. Or in the event that the Governor is disabled in the same way, the Secretary that the Governor provides will be in charge of the dispatch.

In the event that there is no official appointment of the person in charge, the person in charge will be the Secretary General of the Government. Which will carry out the functions until the designated alternate Governor presents the protest of law.

In such a way, that the Secretary of Administration will validate the signature of the person in charge of the Executive Power. Now, if the authorization were for more than one month (30 days), or due to the impossibility of the Governor, it was correctly corroborated. Consequently, the Permanent Deputation or Congress will designate the person who will occupy the Executive Power as a substitute.

Finally, it should be noted that authorization of an unlimited nature will never be granted to the Executive Power, not for a period exceeding six months. If the Governor does not appear at the end of the permit, he will be summoned by the Deputation or by the Legislature. And in case of no show within ten days, will be out of office. This as stipulated in Articles 90 and 91 of the Constitution, except as established in Article 89 of the same.

Certainly, being the Governor of a State is a job that requires a lot of sacrifice, effort and also preparation. In order to obey everything entrusted during a specific period of time. It is very important to comply with all Requirements to be Governor.

It is a task that implies a great vocation for service, which is an essential requirement in this regard. Being the Requirements to be Governor so simple, we hope you can meet them soon and run as a candidate for your State.


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