Requirements to be Governor: How to Elect, Functions and MORE

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In this writing it reflects the Requirements to be Governor. In case you want to run for this position, we will explain below everything related to what a true Governor has to fulfill.

The Republic of Argentina is a country that is located in South America. It is typified in article N ° 1 of the Constitution of Argentina (1853) that its form of government is «representative federal republican»

It is representative because the delegates of the population govern; Republican because the people in charge are elected by citizens through suffrage and Federal because each provinces are governed in their own way, that is, they are autonomous.

The position of governor in the Republic of Argentina is very important, that is why if you want to aspire to this fundamental position you have to continue the following requirements to be Governor. Take note!

Requirements to be Governor

Citizens who wish to run for the office of governor must meet the following requirements:

  1. Citizens who want to be governor must having been born in Argentina.
  2. In the event that the person is a foreigner, they must be the child of those who were born in that country.
  3. The applicant must have as minimum 30 years.
  4. You must be domiciled for at least 5 years in your respective province, with continuous exercise.

Comply with these requirements to be governor will be able to apply.

Who can be?

It is important to explain that to elect each governor must be in his own province. Each province dictates its own constitution, respecting article 5 of the constitution of Argentina.

That is why those who can be governors are citizens born in Argentine territory or natives. The citizen must from 30 years onwards.

The citizen who wishes to apply must have resided in the province for at least five years with continuous exercise, if he had not been born in it. However, in several places you can change the requirements to be governor.

In the province of San Luis it is emphasized that the citizen must have two years of residence quickly prior to the election and for those born out of it, where he asks for at least four years. It is also totally forbidden that those who aspire to the position of governor and lieutenant governor have blood ties, through the fourth degree (cousins) and not related to the second (brothers-in-law).

In the province of Entre Ríos it is required that the residence in said province be of two years prior to the election, decreeing the distinction through services to the province. And in Córdoba the citizen needs to have four years prior to the election in the province.

Requirements to be Governor: Functions

People running for the role of governor must fulfill the following functions:

  1. The governor plays the representative government function and directive of the policies of the provinces, decree the purposes; choose the appropriate means and tools for one of them.
  2. The governor is in charge of Public administration made up of five ministers, the general secretary and two government secretaries.
  3. It solves the needs of the exercise of power with respect to security. The highlight to the prevention of crimes and non-compliance with the preservation of internal security and relations with the forces of the nation with the help of the Secretary of Government.
  4. Help the people covering basic needs , for the most vulnerable people in society.
  5. Incorporates, suggests laws or transforms existing ones through a plan exposing to the legislature, as determined by regulation.
  6. Collaborate and intervene in the creation of laws regarding the right of legislative decision and the total indication of legislative sentences.
  7. It promotes the improvement of the infrastructure and supply of the sector.
  8. It communicates to the legislature with a notice through the state of the province at the beginning of the ordinary sessions.

How are Governors elected?

The Republic of Argentina is a federal nation where it is made up of 23 provinces and Buenos Aires which is an autonomous and independent city. Each province and the capital that is Buenos Aires chooses its governors and legislators through suffrage. In addition, the provinces plan and maintain their administration of justice.

The executive power of each state is carried out by the Governor elected by the citizens of said province; Among their functions is to comply with the laws regarding the constitution and the laws of the country where they are referred to as representatives of the Federal Government.

Every voter has the right to vote in any election that is held. effect in his province or district, but the citizen must be at least 16 years old to vote. The provincial and capital governments can aspire to the Chamber the appropriate list for the voters of their province.

The provisional registers will establish the decisive electoral roll. Distributed in the primary and general elections, which will need to be ready 30 days prior to the date of the election.

When the definitive registry is already in place, citizens can review it through the J website.National Electoral Justice. If the citizen is not on the roll, he will not be able to exercise his right to vote both to elect governors, as in any other popular election.

Buenos Aires and each province establishes a constituency. Each district will have its sections where it will bear the name of the Province, of the party or also the designation of the commune referring to Buenos Aires. Now the circuits are the subdivisions of the sections.

The circuits are grouped depending on the proximity of the homes, reaching a polling station to create the circuit.

Requirements to be Governor: llist of candidates

It is important to note that from the publication of the candidates in the popular elections, the parties will register through the federal judge the respective list of candidates, who must comply with the requirements to be governor and not be compromised by disabilities.

Once the candidates have been proclaimed, the ballots are add the payroll of each candidates and the appointment of the political group. The ballots that are ready will be delivered to the National Electoral Board.

In Argentina, governors are elected through the universal, equal, secret and compulsory vote. That is, they are chosen by the citizens through direct voting. The winner is the one with the simple majority of the votes.

It is important to emphasize that from 18 years of age people have to vote in a compulsory way, in the case of those who are 16 years old they can exercise their right to vote optionally.

The position lasts for four years and depending on the province there is reelection. If it is the case of Salta and San Juan, it allows re-election through two terms.

Approximately 16 provinces accept reelection for one year for example Chaco, Córdoba, Buenos Aires, La Pampa, Tucumán, etc.

Advantages of being Governor in Argentina

The governors may consecrate the treaties and pacts for the administration through the interests of each province. Through the organization and grouping of similar services with the Federal State.

The citizen who wants to run for the office of governor can enter into agreements with the same requirements. Both foreign public and private entities. That is, you can negotiate with outside organizations, without harming the federal government.

It is beneficial that governors name and replace to the Ministers, officials and persons in charge of the administration. Besides, the designation is not determined by another officer. That is, it has delegated in obedience to this Constitution and its respective laws.

With the position of governor he must maintain the peace and quiet of public order to promote productive activities.

Also, a governor can pardon or release penalties for crimes. Through the provincial jurisdiction after the final decision.

What is a Governor?

The governor is a superior head of a province, city or territory, who, according to the gender of authority he must exercise. The governor can also be in charge of being head of government where he fulfills the function of carrying out the executive power, assisted by a group of people that makes up the cabinet.

That is why the people who want to aspire to this position, prepare themselves so that in the future they comply with the requirements to be governor.

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