Requirements to be Governor in Colombia: Functions, Duration and MORE

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The Requirements to be Governor in Colombia they are crucial for any election period. Therefore, if you are interested in being part of the change and to become the political representation of your Department, it is important that you know each of the responsibilities and functions that would be in your charge if you are elected by Colombian citizens.

As well as, be aware of the management plan that you want to develop throughout your mandate, with the aim of promote the growth of the state.

Are you determined to be the change that Colombia needs? Read in detail each of the requirements to apply! Also, in this article you can find each of the functions, duration and responsibilities that a Governor.

What are the Requirements to be Governor in Colombia?

Colombia has a set of departmental governments that are led by a civilian who democratically receives the position of Governor. In addition, the latter is in charge of direct and drive the policies needed to protect and sustain the development of the department in which it has jurisdiction.

Likewise, the Governor It is a public figure who chooses its work team with the intention of developing the necessary measures for each department.

However, this charge requires several obligations during the term of office. As well as, achieve a series of Requirements to be Governor in Colombia. If you are thinking of running for this political office, we invite you to learn about each of the requirements:

  • It is mandatory to have Colombian nationality (Active or Exercise)
  • Be a citizen or have resided in one of the municipalities corresponding to the department to submit the candidacy (One (1) year before registration or three (3) years of residence)
  • I knowr older than 25 years old
  • Not having a record of legal and judicial problems

If you think you meet the Requirements to be Governor in ColombiaDon’t think twice and give your department the Governor it deserves!

Now, it is crucial that you have information on some important aspects on the Governor’s mandate.

Also, if you want to apply, you should know what kind of decisions you can make once you are chosen, or if you are voter, observe what kind of people work with this political figure.

What kinds of people work with the Governor?

  • The Governor has the power to choose his work table.
  • Choose a trained staff to manage and report on the different Secretaries that work in the Department.
  • You can revoke any of your work team.
  • People trained to design and execute policies that promote the development of the department.

What kinds of decisions are handled?

  • The Governor creates a management plan and presents it to the Departmental Assembly.
  • Each of the decisions made about the Department must be governed by the National Constitution.
  • Presents the General Budget to carry out any construction plan for health, social, education, among others.
  • Once the General Budget is approved, you must comply with the management plan with your work team.
  • This public figure is also the link that exists between different Colombian municipalities and departments.

Term of office of a Governor in Colombia

According to Constitution of the Republic of Colombia, the mandate of national officials of the country’s departments will have a government period of three years (3) years about.

As well as, during those years, he must fulfill all the functions that are under the jurisdiction of the Governor and be accountable to National Assembly of the country.

However, in the latest constitutional amendment that raises l1st House of Representatives of the Republic stipulates that the current mayors and governors of Colombia will have their term until 2022.

That is, the period to choose the new departmental representatives of Colombia was extended (4 years approximately), with the aim of complying with the entire «Management Plan» set out at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018.

On the other hand, we whoWe want to offer you important information that you must take into account if you want to be the next governor of your department or if you want to choose through the vote to best representative of your municipality.

How is a Governor chosen in Colombia?

On the other hand, it is crucial to remind you that all the processes to choose the political representatives of the country are under the democratic election of each one of them. Similarly, if the mission is to choose the best representative for the department, then they must comply with two (2) crucial stages (before and during)

Before voting

  • Presentation of the candidacy
  • Proposals to the councilors and the Departmental Assembly
  • Presentation to future voters
  • Strategy and political campaign
  • Interview with all the media
  • Application of general surveys prior to voting

During voting

  • Last presentation to the public on the proposals as Governor
  • Exercise the right to vote
  • Wait for the election results

So, all of the above you can do if you comply with the Requirements to be Governor in Colombia and if you are determined to make a change for your department and for the country. Remember! You can make the change you want so much.

Now if you are the one you want to decide who can represent better to your department as Governor, you must exercise your right to vote. However, we invite you to read the following requirements so that you have a safe and guaranteed electoral process:

  • Have Colombian nationality
  • Be of age (From 18 years of age)
  • Be registered in the Electoral System of the Republic
  • If you are outside the country, you will not be able to choose the Governor of your department
  • If you have judicial and legal problems, your electoral process will be interrupted
  • Present the Original Identity Cardl (No exceptions)

Likewise, there are always people who have doubts about the electoral process. Therefore, we decided answer each of them quickly and easily. Come and read each one of them!

People who cannot be Governors in Colombia

Your decision today will be tomorrow’s plan! Consequently, you should carefully study each of the people who are running for this important position. That is to say, many times there are politicians who do not comply with what is necessary to run for office and end up being chosen due to negligence or citizen unconsciousness. Therefore, we want to offer you the best tips so you know what kind of people are not suitable to fulfill this great responsibility:

  • Low leadership ability
  • Judicial and legal problems
  • You do not have Colombian citizenship
  • Decadent and unconvincing proposals
  • Has no contact with the citizens of the Department
  • Reputation for irresponsibility
  • Little promotion and encouragement of political agreements with other Municipalities and Departments

Functions of a Governor in Colombia

In this section you will find all functions What will you have to fulfill if you are elected? Governor. As well as, it is primarily responsible for enact and promote the development of the department as dictated in the Constitution.

Still do not know what are the other functions of a Governor of Colombia? Relax, here we tell you all!

  • Promulgate and enforce all laws stipulated in the Department
  • Take ownership of banking, tax, cultural and education policies
  • In charge of fiscal policy in the Department
  • You can make a proposal for a minimum wage increase to present to the Departmental Assembly
  • Present the General Budget (income and expenses) to the congress
  • Promote agreements related to more federations and municipalities
  • Exercise the judicial power to have control of the Department
  • Control of the police forces of the Department
  • Promotes the development of activities encouraged by the citizens of the State
  • Preserve public order within the State
  • Directs all administrative and judicial aspects of the Department
  • In charge of observing and supervising the expenses made within its management
  • Not meeting all Requirements to be Governor of Colombia

What is a Governor?

In summary, the Governor is that political figure chosen under the electoral system in order to take charge of the administration and coordination of the Department to which he is attached. Also, it guarantees the management and coordination of the services presided over by the National Government.

Similarly, you must present all management plans to the General Assembly. In accordance with the foregoing, these plans will work to promote the political, judicial, cultural, social and educational system of the entire Department. For this reason, the Governor chooses his work team that will help him fulfill each of the obligations and functions that the Municipality needs.

As mentioned throughout the article, it is crucial that you comply with each of the Requirements to be Governor in Colombia, and have the ability to be a good leader and example for your Department. Also, if you want to become the next Governor Bear in mind that your role is crucial to improve the administrative situation of the State. You are the great change your City is looking for!

Finally, if you are the one who prefers to choose who should be the next Governor of your City, you should listen and study each of the proposals they have for you and the City. Come and exercise your right to vote!

Colombia needs a change, it needs you!


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