Requirements to be Head of UTP: Functions, Objectives and MORE

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The Requirements to be Head of UTP They are very important and you must take them into account when you want to choose this job. However, today we will also be talking to you about how you can become head of UTP, what functions and objectives you would have, and much more

The Pedagogical Technical Unit (UTP)As its name indicates, it is a team in charge of ensuring the correct development of the activities of a school, as well as the planning of its planning during the school year, so that the objectives set are achieved.

A Head of UTP the person in charge of ensuring that these services are carried out properly, while ensuring the performance of the teachers in their day-to-day life. Stay to find out more!

How Can You Become a Head of UTP?

To become head of UTP You only need to meet the necessary requirements and be very well prepared. Many of them have not only graduated in Education, but have also taken courses in pedagogy, leadership, public speaking, and so on.

It seems to us that it is very important to start there, to prepare yourself. And if you consider that you already are, then all that remains is to wait. There is no election procedure as suchInstead, the heads of UTP are one day professors, and the next they have been professionally promoted to head of UTP. At least that is how some of the testimonies have been.

We recommend you show your dedication as a teacher, so that the director of the educational center where you are can see that you are ready to immerse this role in the best way. Or, if you wish, make it clear that you aspire for that position and see your opportunities.

Necessary requirements

As we have said in the previous section,s requirements They are the ones that will position you as Head of UTP, so keep in mind that you must fulfill all of them in order to be promoted to this position. These are very practical, as you’ll see below, so fear not.

  • Undoubtedly having a certain career path in the area of ​​education.
  • Study pedagogy, I mean, have the title of professor or technician in education.
  • The Head of UTP must be trained in the area of ​​management and curricular scope. You have to be trained in management, that is, you have to be in agreement with your director, to advise on everything that is going to be carried out in the classrooms, with the teachers, with the training and requirements, with the educational project, and much more.
  • Be a responsible person, since all the work of a school focuses on the learning and results of its students, which is the scope of work of the technical head.
  • To be a committed person, with the purpose of being better and better in order to carry out a more productive and higher quality work.
  • You have to be able to resolve conflicts, disorder.
  • You must have good communication channels, and be empathetic when listening.
  • You must know what the best way to Promote teamwork.
  • The ability to see the whole picture, that is to say, the final analysis of the performance of the institution, it is very important that you have it, because it is the one that will allow you to ultimately see if you are carrying out your work as it should.
  • To know face the qualitative leap from the classroom to the organization.
  • Be open to learning.
  • Have a good relationship, or at least a cordial and respectful one, with the director.


The functions of a UTP chief there are many and we will try to explain them all in the best possible way. They are all very important, so if you are going to choose this position it is vital that you take them into account. If we are completely honest, knowing what they are and carrying them out in their entirety could constitute one of the Requirements to be Head of UTP.

  • Advise teachers, so that you can coordinate with and support them.
  • Supervise and supervise.
  • Lead and accompany the classroom project.
  • Promote teamwork.
  • Maintain open communication channels, with the aim of creating an organizational climate.
  • Be efficient in the work area, so that a final analysis of the results of the institution as a whole can be presented
  • Visit laboratories, classrooms and other spaces to see that everything is working properly.
  • Contribute to the professional growth of teachers in their various areas and give them tools to learn to deal with stress and anxiety.
  • Check that the assessment and class plan be according with the objectives of the educational establishment, so that it can be satisfactorily fulfilled and achieve the desired results.
  • Evaluate new or special programs, to see that they are in compliance with current regulations.
  • Keep up-to-date with advances in the area of ​​pedagogy and duly inform the director and teachers of what you find and think it may be useful.
  • Integrate the School Management Team.
  • Lead the UTP meetings, de way that these are enjoyable and useful.
  • Plan the class schedule.
  • Monitor that all plans are being carried out as it matches.
  • Plan the correct use of informative, computer and audiovisual material, and improve them if necessary.
  • Follow the work of teachers week by week, to see that he is integrating the students properly and that his activities are suitable for each and every one of them.
  • Evaluate and monitor off-campus activities, according to the requirements of this.
  • Serve as support to the director, so that it is up to date with the progress of the plant and the continuity of the UTP Chief’s work plan.
  • Supervise the correct understanding and execution of the programs.
  • Be a helping hand for the teacher.

And many other things that you consider pertinent and enter into the work as Head of UTP. It is important to note that it does not carry out activities administrative, but mostly organizational, as you have been able to deduce from what we just told you. But do not worry! You will make it amazing.

Goals of a Head of UTP

Without a doubt, the functions and the objectives of a Head of UTP they are strongly linked, as you can see below. However, it is important to bear in mind that by meeting objectives you will fulfill your functions as boss, without a doubt. Also, these goals are general, but you can create more personal ones if you think it’s necessary.

Let’s see what they are:

  • Have a good relationship with the board, they will be working hand in hand in the development and operation of the campus.
  • Improve the performance of students and teachers, verifying this by doing a general analysis of the situation month by month.
  • Be a support for teachers, assist them when they have doubts about the programming, the execution of their work on a certain issue and when they have any complaint or idea.
  • Stay up-to-date with advances in education to communicate it to teachers and to be able to create programs according to these advances.
  • Promote a teamwork climate, in terms of mutual cooperation and respect among all.
  • Be friendly and respectful with all workers on the campus, regardless of the position they hold.
  • Make a school planning according to each course, and future-oriented, so that topics that will be necessary for the more advanced student are not overlooked
  • Promote strategies, methods and techniques for students to learn new ways to be productive, learn topics more easily, and study well.
  • Acquire more information about the area of ​​pedagogy, leadership and public speaking, as they are skills that you will need in your job. This can be on your own, courses, and so on.
  • Supervise at all times the work of teachers and / or members of the UTP, although without being invasive and always showing an indisputable respect for them.
  • Be punctual, responsible and disciplined, it will be the example for all the other members of the UTP.
  • Advise the fulfillment of all the proposed programs, and its correct execution and understanding.

What do you think would be another objective of a Head of UTP? Let us know!

What is UTP?

A Pedagogical Technical Unit andIt is a group made up of all those people who are in charge of organizing, supervising, diagnosing, planning and correctly assessing all programming in terms of curricular and extracurricular tasks. They are found in schools and are an important factor to take into account when it comes to the teaching / learning process.

In Chile, most schools have a UTP. This is indispensable to improve the performance of schools, knowing that this basically depends on the performance of the students and the teaching staff.

Now that you know what the Requirements to be Head of UTP, the functions and objectives of these, and much more, what would you like to add? What are you waiting for?


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