Requirements to be Mayor: Benefits, How to Choose and MORE

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Traditionally, mayors oversee a city’s major departments, including police, fire, education, housing, and transportation departments. At the same time, their responsibilities vary according to the local power structure.

If you want to become one, In this article we will tell you the Requirements to be Mayor, in addition to many other things.

On the other hand, being mayor is a traditional form of government, which was adopted from the British style of local government, establishes the mayor as a member of the council, equal to all other members, except for some other responsibilities


The mayor in this structure may have final authority on tax matters and will generally be the presiding member of all council meetings, he will sign proclamations for the city and make ceremonial appearances.

Requirements to be Mayor

To be mayor, he must fulfill or reconcile a series of procedures that are mandatory to occupy the public position. Here are the requirements:


By setting the minimum age of 35 for serving as mayor, compared to 30 for senators and 25 for representatives, the framers of the Constitution implemented their belief that the person holding office must be a person mature and experienced.


While a member of Congress need only be an “inhabitant” of the state they represent, the mayor must have been a resident of Argentina for at least 14 years. The Constitution, however, is vague on this point.


To be eligible to serve as mayor, a person must have been born in Argentine territory (if born abroad) at least one of the parents must be a citizen. The authorities clearly intended to exclude any possibility of foreign influence from the administrative position in the federal government.

Requirements to be a Municipal Mayor

A Mayor in Argentina he is an elected official who serves in the state, who is part of Congress. The mayors are elected for three-year terms. They are assigned to serve on committees where they review proposed laws, called bills. It is an important position that requires many documents to be processed in order to be:

  • You must be at least 25 years old.
  • Have been a citizen of Argentina for at least nine years.
  • Have experience in the state you want to represent.

Although there are no set rules on how to become a senator, Here is a list of tips to help you become a mayor:


It is important for a mayor to have a good academic background in political science and law. Most senators have at least a master’s degree in one of those fields.

Get involved

Most mayors climb the ladder before becoming desired. Get elected as a member of the local committee or assemblyman. Establish a track record and be elected to state office, then to local congressman, and finally to mayor.

Get the support of your party

Getting the support of party politicians, known as the “party machine,” can help you run for mayor.

Establish a campaign committee

Appoint a campaign manager, select a public relations and advertising person, and hire a fundraising manager. The most important person on your staff will be your fundraising manager. Being elected mayor is very expensive, so the more money you raise, the more you can advertise and have your name recognized.

Get signatures and files

You will need a minimum number of signatures from registered voters in your party for your name to appear on the ballot. You must also submit your candidacy to the Secretary of State.


You are now ready to run for office. All that remains is to make a strong campaign. With any luck, you will be the next mayor of your state.

You will never be able to occupy the position if you do not complete the requirements to be mayor.

How do you choose?

It is chosen through a selection processThis can be defined as the process of selection and pre-selection of the correct candidates with the necessary qualifications and skills to occupy the position of mayor.

The selection process varies between 6 to 12 months. For this, the citizen must follow a series of steps to be considered a candidate:

  1. Run for the secretary of state.
  2. Perform and complete the documented processes.
  3. You will have to carry out a campaign.
  4. At the end of the campaign you will have to wait for the municipal elections

Nevertheless It is necessary to emphasize that the main importance of the mayor comes from the unique powers that public officials have, that make them effective and influential in the advancement of politics.

For example, a significant power right now is filibustering, in which a mayor can basically veto a bill by refusing to stop talking until it expires.

Secondly mayors also have terms longer than one year, meaning they can focus more on actual policy progress rather than the issue of getting re-elected, which is time consuming for House representatives. If you do not want to waste time, comply with the aforementioned and submit all the requirements to be a mayor.

Additionally, while the House of Representatives initiates impeachment proceedings, the mayor adjudicates and a two-thirds majority is required for impeachment.

Duties of an Intendant

The mayor serves for one year and is elected annually by the full Council. He is the civic and ceremonial head of the Council and is the first Citizen municipality. The mayor will have the following roles and functions:

1.Ceremonial role

As the first citizen, the mayor is a symbol of the authority of the Council, it is his duty to represent and promote the interests and well-being of the states of Argentina and all those who live, work or visit the country.

Secondly, the mayor will attend such civic and ceremonial events. The functions that he or she or the Council decide are appropriate. The Mayor gives recognition, appreciation and encouragement to all those groups and individuals who contribute to the life of the city.

2.Preside over the state meeting

The mayor (or another person presiding over the meeting) will have, during the meeting, the following responsibilities:

  1. To defend and promote the purposes of the Constitution, and to interpret the Constitution when necessary.
  2. Preside over the meetings of the Council so that its affairs can be carried out efficiently and with respect to the rights of the Directors and the interests of the community.
  3. In case of equality of votes, as mayor, the mayor has a second or decisive vote.

3.Has appeal

The mayor may promote a Mayor’s charity appeal for the charity or charities of his choice during his term and will make external arrangements to provide all necessary support in connection with his participation in or support of that charitable appeal. Although this excludes you if you did not complete the requirements to be mayor

Four.Lead the municipality and state

The mayor is also an important community leader and is often the community spokesperson on financial matters (such as commenting on the impact of jobs lost or won in the municipality) or when the community is under stress (such as disaster management and social problems).

5.Promote good relationships.

Good relationships are the glue for good governance. Counselors particularly rely on the cooperation and support of colleagues and management to achieve their goals. This cooperation is based on good relationships and understanding and acceptance of each role.

6.Manage and model good behavior.

The mayor also has considerable influence in setting standards of good governance behavior and ethics. As leader of the council, the mayor has an important formal role to play in promoting good behavior and managing misconduct.

Benefits of being Mayor

Holding a highly responsible position also has rewards. In addition to that you can enjoy multiple benefits:

Salary increases

State mayors are eligible to receive the same annual cost-of-living increase granted to other federal employees, if applicable. The increase automatically takes effect on January 1 of each year unless Congress, by passing a joint resolution, votes to reject it, as Congress has done since 2009.

Social Security

Members of the state receive retirement and health benefits under the same plans available to other federal employees. They become invested after five years of full participation. They also get a security policy while in office.

Health insurance

Those who have held the position of mayor must purchase health insurance plans, offered through one of the exchanges approved by the Affordable Care Act to receive a contribution from the government for their health coverage.


No matter their age when they retire, the amount of a member’s pension is based on their total years of service and the average of their three highest years of salary. By law, the initial amount of a mayor’s retirement annuity cannot exceed 80% of his final salary.

What does it mean to be a Mayor in Argentina?

The mayor is the leader of a city. He or she directs the city government in order to maintain control and organization of a society. In this case, control the problems assigned to the politics of any state in Argentina.

In conclusion is the person who has been chosen to represent a state of Argentina for a fixed period of time or, in some places, to run your government.

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