Requirements to be Mayor: for Minors, Cost and MORE

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The Mayor it exercises great authority over the municipality and is also the main representative body of the same. To be appointed mayor, the applicant must meet a certain number of requirements, required by law and the state. If he complies with everything requested, the process to be elected is very easy.

Over the years, the duration of the mandate and the mayoral election process has been modified, and at present it is very easy to manage.

Below in this content, the requirements for the candidates for the office of mayor are expressed, as well as the election process is detailed and much more information of interest to the reader is presented.

What are the Requirements to be Mayor?

A Mayor He is a person with a very important public position and without a doubt, many want to obtain the position. It should be considered that it is a job with many obligations, responsibilities, and the person who performs it must face many risks, as well as can obtain abundant benefits.

The citizen who wishes to aspire to this public office must have an exemplary life history, since within the most important and recognized figures of the country, which has great authority and weight that allows him to make changes and make decisions that directly affect the citizens.

Each applicant must state a series of requirements, which are based on the Law 136, established in 1994:

  • The applicant must have Colombian citizenship.
  • The person must have been born in the municipality to apply.
  • In case of not fulfilling the aforementioned requirement, at least one must have resided in the area for at least one year, prior to the candidacy, or have lived for at least three years, in the place, at any time.

These are fundamental requirements that the applicant must meet.

Functions of a Mayor in Colombia

The mayor must fulfill a series of functions, which are subject to the provisions of the Colombian constitution. Below is a list of each of them:

  • The mayor must be in charge of enforcing the laws, decrees, orders and mandates of the government.
  • Enforce the constitution.
  • You must preserve public order.
  • You must ensure the correct work of your subordinates.
  • Ensure that the municipal police do an excellent job.
  • It is in charge of the administration of the municipality.
  • Represents the municipality in the judicial and extrajudicial sphere.
  • Before the council, it must prepare and present economic development plans, public works and general expenses budgets.
  • You must supervise the expenses and plans of the municipality.
  • Among other functions.

The Mayor It turns out to be a very important figure for the municipality and it is essential that it complies with all the assigned obligations, to ensure its integral development.

Who Cannot Be Mayor?

According to what is established in Law 136 of 1994, to be mayor, it is necessary to comply with a series of requirements already mentioned, such as being a Colombian citizen, among others. If he does not comply with these requirements, he will not be able to be mayor.

Below are some of the conditions that do not allow a certain candidate to be mayor, based on Law 136 of 1994:

  • A person who has been sentenced for more than 2 years cannot be appointed mayor.
  • No person who is in judicial interdiction.
  • Neither may the person who has exercised jurisdiction or civil, political, military or administrative leadership positions in the same municipality to run for office, be elected mayor.
  • Among other.

How is a Mayor chosen in Colombia?

The process to elect mayor it is one of the most significant and important moments for the municipality. This decision is made through the votes of citizens, who express their opinions and have the duty and right to choose the candidate of their choice.

For this election process, it is necessary for the citizen to vote to meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a citizen of the Republic of Colombia. Applies by nationalization or birth.
  • Be of legal age, that is, be over 18 years old.
  • Belonging to the electoral roll of Colombia.
  • If the citizen is outside the country, he / she cannot make the corresponding vote.
  • The person who is not within the corresponding municipality cannot vote.
  • You must possess and present the official identity document, which must be current.

This process is carried out for a full day, and at the end the results of the vote are issued. You can get more information by clicking here.

Duration of a Mayor in command

It is important that in any democratic country, mayors are in command for a certain time, with the purpose of maintaining democracy and pleasing the people.

The law states that mayoral elections should be held every four yearsThat is, this is the duration of the mandate.

The established time has varied over the years, through new laws and has always been for more or less short periods.

What is a Mayor?

A Mayor It is an important public position, which is in charge of the political administration of a municipality or of a certain part of the established national territory. He is in charge of a series of municipal obligations, which directly affect the development of the municipality and the country.

The Mayor He is elected by the people and has a period of command established and assigned by law. He can be reelected by the people and applicants for this position must meet a series of requirements established by Law 136 of 1994.

In Colombia, the mayor is the highest authority, with the highest political position in a municipality. Since 1986, thanks to a modification in the constitution, it was established that mayors were elected by popular vote.

A Mayor directs the municipal administration and is the main representative body of the municipality. It must ensure the well-being of citizens, making sure to improve their quality of life and present effective plans to promote development.

Frequent questions

This section presents some of the frequently asked questions of greatest interest to readers. Each of them is shown below, with their respective responses:

What is a mayoralty?

The term town hall refers to the town hall and municipality, in the sense of jurisdiction, which is governed by the mayor.

What are the functions of the mayor’s office?

Below are some of the functions of the mayor’s office:

  • It is in charge of producing and carrying out a government plan, which is adjusted to the needs of the community.
  • It must attend and coordinate the administration and internal control systems of the municipality.
  • Organize the procedures and plans to serve the population.
  • Provide comprehensive care to citizens.
  • Promote development, by ensuring safety, creation and maintenance of communication routes, social plans, among others.

What are the benefits of being mayor?

Among the benefits of being mayor, it can be mentioned that an official exercises great authority, which represents a great responsibility and in turn a great privilege.

It has the opportunity to provide the best plans for the municipality, in order to promote national development and offer a better quality of life to citizens.

What does the Mayor’s right of pretrial mean?

The mayor’s right of pre-trial is a type of guarantee that the country’s constitution provides the mayor, in case he commits some type of crime, where the mayor can choose not to be prosecuted by a court, without first being the case. studied by the Chamber of the Court of Appeals.

What are the purposes of a municipality?

The municipality has the responsibility to contribute so that the purposes of the duties of the state are fulfilled.

You can follow the steps given to get the best results.


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