Requirements to be Monotributista: Registration, on Registration and MORE

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The Requirements to be Monotributista it is crucial for each of the future contributors. Therefore, in this article we will indicate each of the instructions to enroll in their online system.

Also, remind you that if you decide to be a Monotributista you can collaborate with the collection of the payment of taxes and social contributions of the country. As well as, you can receive a variety of benefits by joining this community.

You want to know more? Keep reading this article!

Requirements to be Monotributista

The monotax started working in Argentina in 1998 con the objective of modernize the payment of contributions. That is, the monotributista is a form of contribute with those citizens who must cancel your tax obligations through the simplification of your payment.

Likewise, this new methodology to cancel social obligations is crucial to have a control of all payments referring to this level, and thus avoid any irregularity or illegality in the process.

Certainly, like any payment process there is a set of conditions to be part of this contributing community. So yes are you thinking of joining you must be informed of each of the Requirements to be Monotributista. Still don’t know what they are? Quiet! We will tell you each one of them.

People who can be Monotributista

  • If you are a seller of products related to furniture, infrastructure or provide some type of service to the community
  • You are in the process of the «Heirs» process for the death of a family member who was monotax.
  • Independent worker without employees or locations (Over 18 years of age)
  • You are part of a work cooperative
  • You have a cooperative with a maximum of three (3) members

Individuals who cannot be Monotributista

  • If you belong to a Stock, Limited or Collective Company
  • In the last year you imported products for marketing within the country
  • You have more than three (3) jobs and business locations
  • They sell products at a higher price of 15,000.00 pesos each

Now there is a set of categories, according to the type of monotributista adapt to your working conditions.

As well as, this scale is associated with gross income received by each of the service provider workers. Next, we will explain each of them:


  • TO: Income ($ 208,739)
  • B: Income ($ 313,108)
  • C: Income ($ 417,478)
  • D: Income ($ 626,217)
  • AND: Income ($ 834,956)
  • To consult the rest of the categories, click here.
Attention! In these categories, people who do not comply with the Requirements to be Monotributista. As well as, those who are retired under the conditions of the Law.

How is the registration process to be a Monotributista?

Similarly, when you meet each of the Requirements to be Monotributista you must complete the next step which is «Online registration».

However, to carry out this type of procedure you must consign a series of documents previous to be able to have a simple and successful process. Therefore, we take care to mention each of them:

Papers to be consigned

  • Personal Identification Document or DNI
  • Unique Tax Identification Code (CUIT). However, if you still do not have this password, we suggest that you contact the AFP Offices as soon as possible.
  • If you are a foreigner, you must present your passport or immigration certification
  • Two copies «AFP Form» Without filling in the following fields: Economic, tax and Social Security data
  • Residence certification valid for 60 days
  • Original and copy of the receipt of some type of service that is in your name
  • Economic expense letter or record of the latest bank movements (credit card)
  • Certification of the title of the property where you are residing
  • Original proof of municipal authorization of your commercial activity (if required)
  • Photocopy of the notarial registry (signed and sealed)

So, if you have each of these documents, don’t wait any longer and sign up at AFIP Monotributista. Don’t you know how to do it? Follow us and we will tell you how!


  • Request an appointment on the official AFP page: They will choose the nearest office to your home
  • Process all documents to the certified operator who works for the agency
  • Provide each of your personal data: Signature, photo and fingerprint
  • Wait for the systems to process your ID and place you in the Monotributista system
  • Remember! Once you leave the AFP facilities, you must have your CUIT and the Tax Code certification with you.

Did you see how easy it is to sign up? This is how easy you can do this procedure! In addition, we remind you that this procedure is totally free.

Monotributista Registration

Now yes the inscription It seemed quick and easy to you, imagine how easy it will be for you registration through the website. Certainly, complying with this part of the process is crucial because it will allow you to access all the procedures and queries on your website. In addition, once the registration is finished you can start with your obligations as Monotributista. So if you want to have a rfast and successful registration, you must follow these instructions:

  • Seeks your Unique Tax Identification Code (CUIT)
  • Sign in to AFIP official page
  • Place your CUIT and click to «Next»
  • If you want to update your personal data, Mark «Change Password»E introduce andl Tax Code correspondent. We care about your security, so we recommend that you do not inform strangers about this security code
  • Change all your personal data
  • Seeks the option «Comprehensive System»
  • Choose «Type of taxpayer»
  • Choose the one that best suits your working conditions
  • Click to «Tax registration» and details your business (service provider or merchant)
  • Finally, Mark the option «Monotributista»

Ready! You are already part of the contributors of the contribution payments. For more information, you can contact «Customer service» through the telephone 0810-999-2347.

However, many Argentine citizens are unaware what kind of Monotributista they are. Consequently, we want to explain to you each one of them so that you avoid any confusion in the registration process. Stay with us!

  • Gross income: Category A to K
  • Economic activity: Part of categories A to H
  • Electric Energy Consumed Annually: Capture categories A through K
  • Annually Accrued Rentals: Mainly develops between activities A and K
  • Integrated Taxes: It depends on the type of location and services of the worker
  • Contributions to the Provisional Integrated System and Contributions to Welfare Projects (SIPA): Monotributista that develops in the Social part of AFIP
  • Worker: Independent, Member of a Monotributista Society, Member of a Cooperative or Promoted Independent Worker


On the other hand, being part of these contributors will not only have to comply with all the Requirements to be Monotributista, but you can also enjoy a variety of benefits that will be at your disposal once you sign up. Come and know each one the benefits that you can have as a future Monotributista!

  • Tax Simplification: You will only have to pay a small fee that will cover your social and tax obligations
  • Complete Social Coverage: Through the Welfare Projects developed by AFIP, you will be able to obtain complete medical coverage for you and your family. In addition, having a life pension as soon as you retire
  • Multiple Payment Channels: You can cancel in several systems quickly and easily
  • Compliance incentive: If you meet the payment dates you will receive part of the monthly contribution
  • Contributions for your retirement: You will be thinking about your future
  • Medical coverage: You can have access to basic coverage with respect to social work
  • Easy administration: It does not require monthly declarations of the Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Family members with benefits: Your children and spouse may have access to the social work to which you correspond

What is the use of being a Monotributista?

Similarly, be Monotributista is to have a «Extra work» with the aim of having additional income for those freelancers. As well as, contribute with the Nation to retake payment of social obligations and taxes of Argentine citizens.

Likewise, you can be part of this community if you meet all the Requirements to be Monotributista and you meet all your obligations as a taxpayer.

Therefore, remember that your participation in the economy can benefit the whole country. Consequently, everyone’s actionss Monotributistas may guarantee and ensure the collection of all tax and social obligations that correspond to each Argentine.

Monotax payment

Certainly one of the attractions of being Monotributista is the payment variety. The most important thing you should know is that the first twenty (20) days of the month. To do this, you will have the following payment systems:

  • Online: Enter the official website and AFIP and deposit in the corresponding Current Account
  • Homebanking: It is done through the ATM with the corresponding code of this service
  • Credit cards: You can do it through the comfort of your phone with MasterCard franchises (01143405665), Exact(01143192550) and Visa (01143784499)

What is a Monotributista?

In short, a monotax it’s a percentage or fixed amount that you must pay monthly for the acquisition of goods, services and social contributions.

In other words, this system allows all taxpayers «Monotributista» to cancel their taxes, issue invoices and collect contributions from social work collaborating with their participation.

In addition, each of them will have a category that corresponds to the level of monthly income they receive.

However, in order to participate in it, they must comply with all the Requirements to be Monotributista. Consequently, having control of each of the taxpayers will be essential to have an efficient collection of taxes. For this reason, AFIP offers you its website to register easily and quickly.

Finally, if you fulfill all your obligations as a taxpayer, you will be able to participate in the formal economy of the country. As well as, you will have secured a set of benefits for you and your family.

What are you waiting for? Be a contributor!

Being Monotributista is being with the country!

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