Requirements to be Ombudsman: about its Duration, Functions and MORE

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Politics is a very broad and competitive career, but it is also a way to be able to do things well for your country. The position of Public Defender is one of the political positions with which you will be able to help people the most, because it is a position with which you will ensure compliance with human rights. So, if you are interested, here you will find the requirements to be Ombudsman of the Republic of Colombia.

Requirements to be an Ombudsman

To be an Ombudsman there are some requirements that you must meet; to be able to aspire to this political position that is submitted to the vote of the representatives of the Chamber.

In this case, the requirements to be Ombudsman are somewhat basic and accessible to a large part of the Colombian majority. So, if you want to know, if you meet these requirements; Here we leave you the documents or characteristics that you must have:

  • Be Colombian by birth.
  • Be a practicing citizen.
  • Not have convictions for judicial sentences or penalties for deprivation of liberty. Although, political or culpable crimes are exempt.
  • Have a 10-year career in the judicial branch or in the Public Ministry, although practicing law can also be considered, during the same period of time.
  • Be a lawyer.

Now, these requirements can be found in the article 232 of the constitution from Colombia.

Duration of an Ombudsman in Office

The duration of an Ombudsman in office is similar to that of representatives of the Chamber; Therefore, it is a demanding and very demanding position.

Therefore, you must take a lot of commitment, if you aspire to have this position during your political career in Colombia.

The people chosen to occupy this position have a duration of four (4) years, in which they will be able to defend the human rights of the country’s inhabitants.

This period of validity is not so short or so long, it is a reasonable time, so that the person who exercises it, does it satisfactorily and correctly.

How is it chosen?

Selection of the Ombudsman passes by the hand of House Representatives, although they are first nominated by the President of the Republic.

According to article 281 of the Constitution, the House of Representatives must elect an Ombudsman, for a period of four (4) years.

Now, this choice is made as follows:

  1. The President of the Republic draws up a list of candidates and presents it to the House Representatives, within the first 15 days of House legislation.
  2. Later, the Chamber must elect one of the candidates between one of the first sessions of the month.
  3. Finally, the Chamber must give its verdict and present the new Ombudsman, so that he takes office on September 1, as established by law.

What cases can be presented to the Ombudsman?

The main task of the Ombudsman is to investigate the accusations or complaints that citizens exposen on the actions of the Public Administration.

Likewise, these accusations must be investigated to verify their veracity. If the accusation is founded, the Ombudsman must act before the Administration.

Now the cases that can be presented to the Ombudsman, could be the following:

  • Undue delays in the Administration.
  • Errors or arbitrary decisions in the application of legal norms. Here, they also come into account when the laws are not applied correctly.
  • Cases of undue treatment of citizens.
  • Denying citizens the right to information.
  • Do not execute resolutions, previously addressed and applied.
  • Cases or situations that prevent or impair the legitimate exercise of citizens’ constitutional rights.

In addition, These cases may be exposed by anyone and the Ombudsman’s Office must abide by and carry out the respective investigations.

The process to attend this type of case is as follows:

  1. Receive the complaint or accusation.
  2. Process the respective investigation.
  3. Act before the Administration, if the complaint warrants it.
Attention! If you have a case that you want to present to the Ombudsman, you can do it online as well. To do this, enter the following LINK.

Functions of the Ombudsman

The Ombudsman has certain commitments that he must fulfill with citizens and governments, so here we leave you the detail of the functions that he must develop:

  1. Define the policies and issue the guidelines to be followed by the Ombudsman’s Office.
  2. Together with the Attorney General of the Republic, the Ombudsman must design, direct and adopt the policies that human rights must follow.
  3. Make the respective recommendations and observations to the authorities or institutions when there is a violation of human rights.
  4. Provide diagnostic guidelines on economic, social, cultural, legal and political situations that have an impact on human rights.
  5. Disseminate knowledge of the Political Constitution of Colombia, in the field of fundamental rights of citizens.
  6. Direct and manage the National System of the Ombudsman’s Office.
  7. Provide guidelines to ensure the protection of the rights of subjects of special protection.
  8. To sue, challenge and defend before the Constitutional Court, the accusations or complaints of the people.
  9. Act as a mediator between the Administration and the collective requests made by civic organizations.
  10. Take the role of mediator between users and public or private companies that provide public services, when this is affected by a lawsuit.

Attention! If you still want to know another of the functions of the Ombudsman, you can access this link on the website of the Ombudsman’s Office.

What does it mean to be an Ombudsman?

The Ombudsman is a position assigned by the House of Representatives, so that the person who occupies it guarantee human and constitutional rights of the inhabitants of the nation. In addition, it must defend citizens from abuses that may be committed by political and public government officials.

This position has a duration of four (4) years and must fulfill the following functions:

  • Guide and encourage citizens to exercise and defend their rights before the authorities and legal institutions.
  • Disseminate human rights and plan policies to ensure their teaching.
  • Invoke the right of Habeas Corpus and file protection actions.
  • Direct the Public Defender’s Office.
  • Take pertinent actions regarding the matters that relate to itself.

Therefore, this position is a public service, with which you can ensure compliance with human rights in the Nation. So, if you have some curiosity about the position, you already know the requirements to be Ombudsman. Now, you just have to make sure you want to fill the role and start charting your political trajectory.


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