Requirements to be President: about its Functions, Advantages and MORE

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The Requirements to be President vary depending on each Constitution. However, comply with each of the requirements set forth in the law of each country is crucial if you want to obtain the position of Head of State.

Similarly, this is a political office that demands a series of capacities and responsibilities, with the intention of ensuring the Nation and its citizens. Therefore, in this article we take care to inform you everything you need to know about the Executive power of the Casa Rosada of Argentina.

What are you waiting to read each section that we bring to you? Here you can find everything related to thethe requirements, necessary documents, benefits, advantages and presidential history of Argentina.

This and much more!

Requirements to be President

The Executive power It’s one of the fundamental pillars to set the democratic and legal guidelines from a country. Therefore, the presidential figure is one of the most important to guarantee control and order in a Nation.

Therefore, the Head of state takes care of manage the Republic of Argentina. In addition, it fulfills the responsibility of lead the Armed Forces of the Nation.

Now, if an Argentine citizen is interested in exercising this position, he or she must comply with the Requirements to be President. Consequently, this is crucial to avoid illegality and fraud in a future voting.

Likewise, complying with the legacy of the democratic system that Argentina has obtained in recent years. Then, Do you have any expectations of being the next Head of State? Know all the Requirements to be President!

  • Be an Argentine citizen
  • Being the son of native citizens, in the case of being a foreigner
  • A minimum age of 30 years old
  • Have Argentine nationality (at least six (6) years)
  • Be a resident of Argentina (minimum two (2) years)
  • Have an annual income or income equivalent to 2000.00 Argentine pesos
  • Not having held another executive position
  • Physical, mental and psychological abilities
  • Be a resident for a minimum of two (2) years in the province where you exercised your candidacy
  • Have been a senator of the province of residence

Necessary documents

Similarly, if you meet all the Requirements to be President exposed in the «Article 89» of the Argentine Constitution, you must record a set of documents for certify each of them. Still don’t know what they are? Quiet! Next, we will tell you each one of them:

  • National identity document (DNI)
  • Notebook according to the type of genre: Enrollment (Men) or Civic (Women)
  • Birth certificate
  • Certification stating the place of residence
  • Annual Income Tax Declaration Letter

After obtaining each of these documents, you will be able to approach the National Electoral Chamber from the country. Next, prepare for the long road of Upcoming candidates for the Presidency of Argentina.

Who cannot be President?

However, if you do not comply with the Requirements to be President You will not be able to register your candidacy in the country’s Electoral System. Therefore, we will tell you what are the sanctions thatThat may prevent you from being the next Head of State.

  • Be under 30 years of age
  • Judicial and legal problems
  • Declaration of an annual income above two thousand (2000.00 pa) Argentine pesos
  • Regularity of documents
  • Not having Argentine nationality
  • Being a candidate of a province without being a resident of the same

Attention! We care about you, that’s why we decide answer the most frequent questions that you may have during this process.

Functions of a president in Argentina

On the other hand, the Head of state has a series of obligations, responsibilities and functions throughout his tenure. Certainly each of these aspects are crucial to meet expectations and proposals to the presidential candidacy. As well as, to be successful in the administration of the Republic with the objective of ensure well-being of Argentine citizens.

Therefore, a good Head of state must comply with the articles set out in the «Chapter II» of the Constitution of Argentina. Next, we will tell you the most important aspects of this chapter that contains each of the functions that the future President of the Republic must have in mind:

  • Administrative responsible before the Law of the Republic of Argentina.
  • Promulgates new laws and instructions for the operation of the Nation.
  • He is a witness to the change in the laws of the Constitution.
  • He is in charge of appointing the Magistrates and Judges of the Tribe.
  • You can change the fate of a sentence if only they are subject to the framework of federal jurisdiction.
  • It grants retirements, pensions, withdrawals, among others according to the laws of the Constitution.
  • Choose and change the diplomatic corps (ambassadors, ministers and managers) with the disposition of the Senate.
  • The Congress meeting meets annually, where it proposes new reforms to the Constitution.
  • If there is an emergency situation, you have the power to demand an extraordinary session with Congress.
  • It supervises the work of the ministers in charge of managing and restructuring the national budget.
  • Promotes and esteems international relations. In addition, it signs agreements and treaties that guarantee the improvement of the country’s foreign relations.
  • Supervises and directs the Armed Forces of the Nation.
  • It allows the stimulation of military jobs in the Nation.
  • It decides under its own organization and responsibility the use of the Armed Forces in case of extraordinary situations.
  • You can declare a State of Emergency and Retaliation with the prior agreement of Congress.
  • It requires all cabinet chiefs, ministers, administration workers and other reports to explain the situation of the Nation.
  • He may leave the national territory with the authorization of Congress.
  • You can request the occupation of the offices of the Senate (only those that are vacant).
  • Declares the intervention of a province or city of the country with the prior approval of Congress.

How is the president chosen?

Now, to become part of the Executive power which is established in the Pink House not only must comply with the Requirements to be President. That is, a few previous elections that complies with the principles of democracy and citizen participation. Therefore, we will tell you all the instructions on how to choose this executive position in Argentina.

Elections preliminaries

  • You must be supported by a recognized political party in the country
  • However, you can also apply independently
  • Advertising with the media to publicize the candidate
  • Make known the proposals of the presidential candidate
  • Democratic elections are held to choose the official representative of the party

Official elections

  • Elections can have two rounds, in the event that no candidate has a majority of the votes
  • The person who will be declared President of the country must have 45% of the votes in his favor
  • Important! Every vote of the citizens is supported by the Electoral System of Argentina

In the same way, in order to be President of the Republic, each of the principles of justice and democracy must be borne in mind, which supports the opinion of Argentine citizens. Then, Are you thinking of being the next President of Argentina?

Remember! If you are an Argentine citizen and you want to be part of the change, your vote can be the future of the country.

Advantages of being President

Although, this position has a way ahead to demonstrate the necessary skills for the position. As for example, the reinforcement of responsibility and commitment with the country with the aim of safeguard Argentine nationalism.

In addition to to guarantee the welfare of the entire Nation through a good management and planning during the term of office.

Certainly this political figure has obligations, But also has benefits and advantages during his term of office. Still don’t know what we’re talking about? Here we tell you everything!

Reinforcement of values ​​such as commitment, discipline and responsibility

  • Be a companion to the well-being of Argentina
  • Worldwide recognition
  • Collaboration with police, judicial and legislative bodies
  • Security 24 hours a day
  • Learning new knowledge in political, economic and social matters
  • Be part of the strengthening of international relations
  • Collaboration with charities
  • Citizen support
  • Personnel at the disposal of the President
  • Secret service protection for life
  • Presidential pension

Economic and political support

In another vein, one of the great strategies to win the presidential elections of a country, especially Argentina, is thepolitical and economic support that the political parties provide to the candidates. As well as, one of the main factors that looking for sponsors they are the best candidates who can represent them. In other words, financial support is one of the crucial pillars during a candidate’s campaign.

According to the above, a good management plan during the campaign can guarantee success Of the same. Therefore, we will highlight the most essential points prior to the elections:

  • Communication
  • Proposals
  • Arguments
  • Speech
  • Logistics
  • Advertising
  • Crisis management

This and much more! It is what each Argentine citizen who thinks be the next President of the Republic.

What does it mean to be President in Argentina?

In short, Argentina since its independence has been a State that stimulates the democracy and respect the vote of Argentine citizens. Therefore, each four (4) years the presidential election in the country.

Consequently, the civilians who have the necessary skills and conditions to assume the mandate of the country’s administration. In addition, each one complies with the Requirements to be President of Argentina.

As well as, comply with each one of the mandatory requirements set forth throughout the article. will avoid illegal problems and lack of ethics on the part of the Electoral system. Although, in recent years, Argentine voting has served as an example to the world because part of the pillars of social democracy. Also, plan all the phases to participate in the final stage of the presidential elections.

Next, it is crucial that you remember all the functions what does the Head of state of the Republic once it is chosen by the Argentine people. Similarly, if a President seeks to be re-elected shall fulfill all your obligationsyes, and of course, improve administration of the State during his term of office. But, not everything is obligations for these public figures but, they can enjoy their presidential time through the granting of benefits.

Finally, we will mention the Most outstanding Argentine presidents in recent years:

  • Eduardo Duhalde (2003)
  • Nestor Kirchner (2003)
  • Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (2007)
  • Mauricio Macri (2015)
  • Alberto Fernandez (2019)

Do you want to be the next President of Argentina? Sign up and be the change for your country!

Argentina is counting on you, Argentina is you!

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