Requirements to be President: Election, Functions and MORE

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You should not only know the Requirements to be President, but you must also know what the election process is like, the functions and duration of the position, and even the salary that these leaders have enjoyed. This will allow you to understand what is demanded of the people who reach that position and, if it is the case, what you should do to achieve it.

Be president It is not a simple task. To get there, a person has to go through a life of politics and preparation, and then go to the elections and beat other candidates who have also dedicated their lives to fulfilling that goal.

However, some achieve it before others. Everything is possible. If you are interested, know everything about How to be President, do not go! Today we will explain everything about it.

What are the Requirements to be President of Ecuador?

Let’s start with the Requirements to be President, which each and every one of the people who apply must be up to date.

All of these are in the Political Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador, specifically in the Title VII: Of the Executive Function, Chapter 1: Of the President of the Republic.

Let’s see what they are:

  • First of all, it must be Ecuadorian by origin. That is, having been born in the country. This is so in most countries of the world. It is almost a universal law, which in Ecuador we can find reflected in Article 165 of the Constitution.
  • Further, the candidate must be in full enjoyment of their rights, both political and civil, to be able to run for the presidency. (Art. 165)
  • For the day of registration of his candidacy, the applicant must be over thirty-five (35) years of age, without exception. (Art. 165)
  • He must win the presidential elections held in the country with absolute majority, being the democratic vote: universal, secret, direct and equal. (Art. 165)

Additionally, it must have the support of a political party, movement or political organization. Although you can legally apply without the need for this, the need arises to have an endorsement at the time of the Presidential campaign, which is a determining factor in the popularity of a candidate. And, consequently, in its success.

As we told you before, the candidates for the presidency are generally prepared people, who carry a certain political trajectory and that they belong to a political party, which launches him as a candidate. In that sense, if a certain degree of experience is required in the political life of the country. Many are mayors and governors before running for president.

Who cannot be President in Ecuador?

Sometimes people can meet the Requirements to be President, those established in the Constitution, and yet they can’t run for president because they hold a certain position. This is so because it would cause a conflict of interest within the State administration, something that is always sought to be avoided.

In this way, the only way that exists for these people to run is by leaving that position some time before the elections. But how long before? And what positions? We’ll see!

  • The Vice President and all the Ministers of State. These must leave the position before the date of the candidates’ registration.
  • Public workers, whether of a fixed period or of free appointment and removal. As before, they must resign before the registrations of the candidates. The other public servants will be able to launch themselves without leaving the position, although with certain conditions.
  • Members of the public force on active duty. They must terminate their service.
  • People in contract with the State, whatever the personality (natural, legal representative of a legal person). The period of validity of the contractual form must end.
  • Those who have exercised executive authority in de facto governments (governments that are not officially recognized by legal means). Never.
  • Magistrates and judges of the Judicial Power. They must resign, at least, in the 180 days prior to the date of registration of the candidates for the presidency.
  • People called to the plenary stage, for crimes punishable by imprisonment. They can only apply if an acquittal is decreed. The condemned will not be able to launch themselves, neither to this nor to any of the other elections.

And, finally, under no circumstances may the spouse, children, siblings or parents of the current President of the Republic of Ecuador apply. They will have to wait for a presidential term.

Election Process to be President of Ecuador

THE Election Process you also have to know it. This is the same year after year and is managed by the National Electoral Council (CNE) of Ecuador. For next year 2021, new elections will be held to elect the president and vice president, who are elected jointly in each presidential term.

Before the elections, this body publishes what will be the schedule or electoral calendar. In that you can see which are the phases of the electoral process very easily. Next, we will show you the proposed calendar for 2021:

  • At first, the CNE is in charge of organizing and electoral territorial zoning for all voters. During this time, political organizations should begin to register in the registry.
  • Then, you have more than a month so that people can make, if they wanted, the changes of the polling place that they had to.
  • Once this campaign is closed, the delivery of Preliminary Electoral Registry to political parties or organizations in the country. At the same time, the inscriptions in the Permanent Registry for political organizations are closed.
  • About a month later, the closing of the Electoral Registry. Political parties begin an internal process of democracy, in which decisions of various kinds are made.
  • By mid-June, the CNE begins to receive the alliances of the parties and accepts the pre-candidacies that they launch.
  • In September is when, at last, the publication of the Call for Elections. Thus, from mid-September to the beginning of October (18 to 07) the process of registration of candidatures.
  • Between December and February the Electoral Campaign, where all the candidates present their ideas. It is the ‘sale’ stage. Then, during the following months, presidential debates and rounds are held between the candidates.
  • Finally, it is in May when the voting and the president is elected. If you want to know the Voting requirements, we have an article dedicated to it.

This is basically all the Electoral process. Of course, all candidates must comply with the Requirements to be President and, as you have seen, it is the political organizations who launch him as a candidate.

Requirements to be President: Functions of the Position

The Functions of the Office of President We can also find it reflected in the Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador, Title VII: Of the Executive Function, Chapter 1: Of the President of the Republic, specifically in Art. 171.

The duties and powers Of which the person who acquires the presidency must be in charge, subsequent fulfillment of the Requirements to Be President, they must be mainly:

  • Comply with and ensure compliance with the provisions of the Constitution and all other legal norms endorsed by the competent organisms of the Republic.
  • Present a government plan. This should reflect all the actions and policies that you plan to carry out during your tenure in office. In addition, it is responsible for approving plans development and provide general policies of the State. Then you must ensure that they are met.
  • You must participate in the establishment of laws, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution. Likewise, it must issue the regulations it deems necessary for the laws to be applied; yes, without modifying or contradicting them.
  • You must maintain public order as well as security.
  • Appoint the Comptroller General of the Republic, with the participation of the National Congress. It is also your responsibility to accept your resignation and choose a replacement.
  • Be the highest authority of the public force. Consequently, it is their duty to appoint the members of the police and military high command, in addition to offering the respective promotions of the general officers. Finally, it is up to him to approve organic regulations of the public force.
  • Every year, on January 15, it is the turn of the National Congress to deliver the report on the execution of the government plan and the evolution of the main indicators of the country. At the same time, you must present your plans for the following year and a management balance sheet.
  • Issue the standards required to achieve the effectiveness of the Executive Branch, at the same time that the public administration is directed.
  • To elect and, if it is the case, to eliminate, heads of diplomatic missions, ministers of States and all the civil servants who correspond to him.
  • Direct the celebration of treaties and agreements with countries abroad, at the same time as handles international relations and defines foreign policy. It must also have the participation of the National Congress, when appropriate.
  • Maintain the integrity, independence and national sovereignty of the State.
  • He must assume the political leadership of the war.
  • Finally, it must ensure the well-being of the people, of the country.

All of these are attributions to the President. They don’t sound easy in theory and probably aren’t easy in practice either. That is why the training of the person who is going to apply is so important, as we indicated in the section on Requirements to be President.

Requirements to be President: Term of Office

The Duration of the position it is exactly four (04) years old. At the end of this elections will be held again to elect a new president. This is so because the Constitution establishes it.

There are extraordinary reasons why the post would become vacant before the presidential term is up. Among these, we can name: by death, by dismissal if there is a political prosecution or by resignation (if it is accepted by the National Congress).

In addition, the President will cease his functions by declaration of the National Congress of mental or physical incapacity, that does not allow him to exercise his functions, later verification. Finally, due to abandonment of office, which occurs if he leaves the country for a period greater than that allowed by Congress.

If these reasons do not exist, the presidential term should end successfully.

How Much Does Being President Earn?

The Salary of a President it is a highly debated topic worldwide. Ecuador is no exception. We are all curious about how much the State allocates to the office of the presidency.

The current president of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, has a $ 5072 salary. However, there are expenses that are not included in the salary and that the president enjoys, such as air travel, hotel and food expenses, transportation, escorts, and so on.

The vice president, ministers of state and legislators earn slightly less. The one who comes closest to the salary of the president is the Comptroller of the Republic, with a salary of $ 4,959 dollars. Some of these enjoy the same financial benefits as the president.

What is Being President?

The President He is the highest-ranking figure in the State administration, along with the vice president and the ministers of the National Congress. He is elected every 4 years, by an absolute majority, in direct, secret, universal and equal elections.

By 2020, he earns a salary of more than $ 5000 dollars, within which there are no extraordinary expenses for travel, defense and protection, food and transportation.

Being President is not an easy task. As you may have seen, many responsibilities correspond to him during his tenure. This is how all those who want to reach the presidency must comply with the Requirements to be President that we have explained to you today.

We hope we have been of help to you. Bye!


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