Requirements to be President: Functions, Salary and much MORE

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The Requirements to be President in Chile are of utmost importance to present the candidacy to the Electoral system from the country. Certainly, complying with each of these requirements will guarantee a legal registration that respects the constitutive acts and promotes democracy. As well as, to be chosen the next Republic President a series of steps are required prior to the elections.

Although, during the term of office, the Executive chieff It must fulfill a series of functions that will guarantee public order and stimulate the collective well-being. However, there are also some limitations to deciding on legislative processes in the country. That is, most of the decrees appointed by the President They must have prior approval before the National Congress.

Do you want to be the next President of the Republic? We invite you to know all the aspects in detail!

How are Presidents elected in Chile?

Certainly one of the most important figures of the Executive branch of the country is the President. Consequently, the presence of this character is crucial to protect and manage Chile in the best possible way. However, one of the main characteristics that surrounds the President is the deepening of patriotic values ​​that go hand in hand with the responsibility and commitment that must be taken when taking office.

Therefore, it is essential to comply with the Requirements to be President in Chile. However, we will explain to you what the electoral process is like on the day of the presidential elections. As well as, it is important to remember that the participation of each one of the citizens will promote democracy. Next, we will tell you the most important characteristics of the electoral system of the Republic:

  • The next President of the Republic must be chosen through direct, secret and universal vote
  • The winner of the elections will be the one who has 50% plus one of the votes
  • The Constitution of Chile approves the second round in the event that there is no differential margin of votes
  • The second round will be held in the next (30) days after the first election
  • Unfortunately, there are null or blank votes that are not taken into account in the final count.
  • If any of the candidates dies, the current President of the Republic must call a new election date (90 days later)
  • The winner of the elections will assume the term of office the year following the voting.
  • Parliamentary elections can coincide with presidential elections
  • Voters must be Chilean citizens of legal age
  • Elections are validated by the country’s Electoral System


  • Born in Chile
  • People of legal age (18 years)
  • Present National Identification Document
  • Vote according to the indications of the Electoral System
  • Be registered in the Electoral System
  • Candidates
  • Present your candidacy days before the elections
  • Meet the Results to be President
  • They have the right to participate in the voting system

Who can be President of Chile?

Similarly, individuals who may hold the position of Chief Executive of the Republic are those that meet the Requirements to be President in Chile. In addition, the public figure who decides to be part of the change in Chile must bear in mind the level of responsibility and commitment that he will assume if he is chosen in the next elections. Also, it must seek and guarantee the social welfare of citizens.

While the charge does not require a university degree to exercise the position. However, it is crucial that the civilian who decides to register in the next elections must be aware of the maintenance and operation of the Republic and its agencies. For this reason, we will tell you what are the university careers that several presidents have had throughout their presidential term.

  • Right
  • Economy
  • Business Administration
  • Education
  • Sociology
  • Political Sciences
  • industrial engineering
  • International Trade
  • Other


Certainly, in Chile it is celebrated each 4 years the presidential elections. In addition, in said electoral process, the best representative of the Republic is chosen through the vote according to the opinion of the people. As well as, the individual trained to take office and fulfill a series of functions during his presidential estate.

Likewise, all individuals who wish to be the new Chief Executive of the Nation They have the power to present themselves through a political party or individually. However, before carrying out any procedure in the Electoral system A series of requirements must be met to be President.

Do you want to be the new chief executive of the country? So, read all the documents and requirements you need!

  • Be a Chilean national
  • If you have Chilean parents, you must have the residence or nationality of the country
  • Not be suspended by the country’s Electoral System
  • Have an impeccable record of judicial and criminal proceedings
  • You must be over 35 years of age
  • If you belong to a political party, you must verify its registration two (2) months in advance
  • In the case of being an independent candidate, you must enter a series of signatures (0.5%) of Chilean citizens with participation in the suffrage
  • Have the appropriate capacities to be the President of Chile
  • Assume values ​​of responsibility, commitment and promotion of social welfare


  • National Identification Document or DNI
  • Registry of judicial and criminal processes
  • Photocopy of the Registry in the country’s Electoral System
  • Proposals for the elections and their plan
  • Original and copy of birth certificate
  • Two (2) photocopies of passport-type photographs
  • Pre-election process
  • Prepare election proposals
  • Make them known to Chilean citizens
  • Interview with the press of the Republic
  • Plan the advertising campaign
  • Register the candidacy to the Electoral System

You want to know more? Visit the page of the Chilean Electoral System!

Duration of the Presidential Term

Now, in the Constitution of the Republic of Chile it is declared that the presidential term must be at one time not older than (4) years. However, it may be the case that the Republic President refrain from proceeding with full command, either due to fortuitous events or activation of the referendum.

As well as, during this period of command, the Chief Executive has the power to exercise his functions and fulfill his responsibilities with the people and the Nation.

On the other hand, it is important to note that before establishing the Law of the presidential term, the mandates had a duration greater than ten (10) years. As well as, Chile is characterized by being one of the countries that chooses the Executive, Legislative and Justice powers each four (4) years.

All of the above occurs with the objective of promoting democracy to choose new ideas that improve the perspective and reality of the country. The most important thing is the non-reelection of the current President of the Republic. In other words, the Constitution of the Republic proposes the non-reelection of the Chief Executive Officer. For this reason, it includes new objectives and plans to choose the new President of the Republic.

Functions and Limits

On the other hand, the President of the Republic must assume a set of responsibilities and powers that will guarantee the social welfare of the country. As well as, during the term of office, he will have at his disposal a variety of essential functions for the development of Chile.

However, this public figure has limitations regarding the country’s decision-making. That is, there are competencies that only They will correspond to the Legislative System of Chile.

You still don’t know what these functions and limitations are?Quiet! We will tell you each one of them.


  • Enact or be part of the change of the laws framed in the Constitution
  • Dictate in consensus with the National Congress, any important decree that highlights what is indicated in the Constitution
  • Has the power to change the ministers, mayors, undersecretaries and the entire cabinet that make up the Executive Power
  • Appoint and delegate the functions of the different ambassadors, senators and diplomatic representatives
  • Choose the Comptroller General of the Republic together with the Senate of Chile
  • You can grant retirements and pensions through changes in the Law
  • You can grant amnesty within the provisions of the Constitution
  • Maintain international relations with other countries and institutions
  • Reform or renew the Constitution in conjunction with the National Congress. However, all changes made must be approved in advance by the parliamentarians chosen by Chilean citizens.
  • Sign agreements and treaties
  • Grant the powers of the Supreme Court
  • Correct the conduct of all employees of the Judiciary
  • Use the different military forces of the State
  • Protect and manage Chilean border crossings
  • Assume the functions of Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces in the event of a national emergency


  • Instant re-election is prohibited once the presidential election is won
  • You cannot be out of the country for more than (30) days
  • Inform the Senate of the Republic of the absence or upcoming trip to be executed

Do you want to receive all these benefits? Wait no more, meet all the Requirements to be President in Chile!

Salaries of Presidents in Chile

After the candidate meets the Requirements to be President in Chile and win the Presidential elections, he must fulfill a series of functions mentioned above.

However, not everything is obligations for this public figure, he may also receive a series of benefits during his presidential term. Certainly, one of the most notorious benefits is the salary remuneration for being the Chief Executive Officer.

Currently, the President of Chile, Sebastian Piñera He is one of the Latin American presidents with the best presidential salary. As well as the set of bonuses for their participation in maintaining Public Order. Currently, their remuneration is between 15 and 20 thousand dollars annually approximately.

Don’t you know what other benefits you can receive if you are President of the Republic? Here we tell you everything!


  • Life penssion
  • Top quality health insurance
  • Annual bonuses
  • Participation in charities
  • Presidential private condominium in the City of Santiago de Chile
  • Complete security
  • Guaranteed advice from cabinet managers
  • Domestic cleaning service
  • Premium travel on the Presidential Plane
  • National and World Recognition
  • Participation in international forums

Be the next change in Chile!


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