Requirements to be Rappi: Process, Functions and MORE

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If you are looking for a job, where you have the opportunity to manage your time without depending on a fixed schedule, we invite you to know the Requirements to be Rappi.

In this article you will also find, Requirements to be Rappi, the income that is received, some recommendations to be Rappi and much more information.

What are the requirements to be Rappi?

Technology advances every day and it is an advantage today, as it helps us reduce our daily tasks. In this sense, if a few days ago a tool was mentioned that seeks for us an apartment for rent, because today we already have another who does the shopping for us.

Now, to be a rappitendero you must comply with the Requirements to be Rappi, and they are the ones named below:

  • Have reached 18 years of age.
  • Have an Android device available hold the application.
  • Have a bank account.
  • Background certification.

If the person has a motorcycle or car, they must additionally record the following:

  • Car or motorcycle documents.
  • Curriculum of the driver.
  • Driver’s license.

Process to be Rappi

To be Rappi, you must register on the company’s web portal by following some steps and complementing the Requirements to be Rappi:

  1. The first step is to register on the company page.
  2. Then download the application.
  3. Upload the documentation they ask for.
  4. Later attend training.
  5. And finally get ready and go to distribute the corresponding orders.

Here are some instructions to start working at Rappi:

It’s in your hands

It will depend solely on you to be part of the rappitenderos team. In this job you can be your own boss, managing your time and income however you prefer.

Then enter the page rappitenderos and you will already be one of the more than 1,000 Rappi employees.

Here you should not hand over your resume so that they will call you later. By entering the web portal you are guaranteed entry, because they frequently have vacancies available. However, a great responsibility is required in unforeseen situations.


It is essential that you supply the respective data correctly, so that the application recognizes your work carried out in accordance with time. Rappi offers training on the fundamentals of being a rappitendero.

For this reason, it is mandatory to attend these trainings, because if you don’t do them, you can’t start working. Upon receiving the training, they will explain the rules, how payments will be made, the time it can take for each request, and what orders you can respond and in what way.

Good attitude

After being trained, rest assured that you are a rapist. It is time to preserve work, and for this the best thing you can do is have the best attitude. The intention is that you have enough and necessary time for this work.

One of the benefits of this job is that does not have a set schedule by the company. In other words, you can use your free time in such a way that you will not stop doing something important by going to work in an office. However, a good disposition makes the difference to generate excellent profits.

Obtain Own Income

Since in Rappi you are your own boss, the earnings you obtain basically depend on you and the effort you make. For this reason, the longer you connect to the application to work, the higher your income. The company has its own payment method, where the profit for the service requested from both the application and the rappitendero is considered.

It is proven that although this is a totally online service and have a large number of employees, income is guaranteed. The important thing of all is to know how to manage this income, and that the responses are positive, in order to receive many more orders and expand the clientele quickly and efficiently.

Customers are Varied

There is a great variety of clients and this point should be taken into consideration as a rappitendero, this being one more job. For this reason, when meeting a client, you must have the best smile and serve you the best possible, so that positive reactions are produced in the environment.

In the same way, Rappi receives any type of request, including even the most rare ones. Technological programs repair services have been requested, also rappitenderos to chop onions, dismantle travel suitcases, etc. If you are willing to satisfy this type of customer, you can communicate it through the application. And thus generate extra income.

Functions to Being Rappi

The distributors or rappitenderos, are the people who are in charge of taking our requirements. This function is carried out from the moment the service is requested through the Android and iOS app. It is enough to just open the app and choose from the variety of categories that exist, some are:

  • I want to eat.
  • Something fast.
  • I want a favor or a whim.
  • I want to take care of myself.
  • I want to do the super.

Or just write what we require and where we can find it if there is a possibility. In a minimum time the order will be taken by a rappitendero. This time will vary according to the request, however, they guarantee the delivery of food, from associated premises in a estimated time of 20 minutes.

And in the case of delivery of purchases in the supermarket, in less than an hour. If for any reason, a delay is registered (due to traffic or the products not being found), the assigned rappitendero has the obligation to notify through the application or through a phone call.

Some Recommendations for Working at Rappi

Discipline is an essential value that is required in this type of work. Therefore, it is suggested to be persistent, since starting out you may receive very few orders. There is also the possibility that other employees are more agile than you, and for this reason you may not have as many opportunities to make as many deliveries.

You must bear in mind that regardless of what happens, when I start all work has its difficulties. So persistence teaches you to find work methods for these situations. Rappi is a company that offers the tools to improve yourself personally, from the moment you start working there.

It is very easy to belong to the Rappi application team, the challenge is to keep your job. Unhindered and obey the functions for which you are prepared. In addition, it is very true that this job is a very peculiar way of producing income, without the need to meet exhausting schedules or put up with bosses who want to control us.


Taking into account the profits, incentives and tips, according to what the company exposes on its web portal. You can earn approximately between $ 80,000 and $ 100,000 pesos per week if you work with a bicycle. In the case of working with a motorcycle, you can earn between $ 120,000 and 150,000 per week.

The payments are received every Wednesday of each week, by means of an electronic transfer in the bank account that was provided when the registration was made.

Rappi app

Some cooperative applications such as Rappi, carry out their activities by organizing the supply and demand for specific services. This depends on geographic location in which they are taking place.

With this operation, the application decides which service is intended for any delivery person. And it is satisfied with several elements such as: Valuation of the dealer, and the cost benefit of a given dealer.

What is it?

Rappi is an application that provides the opportunity to request products or services easy such as lunch, medicine, etc., and they are received in a matter of minutes. Also, more elaborate articles as ready meals from our favorite restaurant or the market of the week, which is also received in record time.

This is a company of Colombian origin, and it is located in nine American countries. For example, in Chilean territory it works in Viña del Mar, Concepción, Antofagasta and Santiago. Every day the number of people who use this service and this application increases more to obtain an additional profit.

It is important to note that Rappi operates in the cities of Barranquilla and Bogotá. Therefore, Mexico is the first country to enter in this market, and somehow it has been spreading. Unfortunately, the company does not work throughout the Mexican territory, it is limited to some specific delegations such as: Benito Juárez, Santa Fe and Cuauhtémoc.

Through this tool you can obtain some advantages such as:

  • Save time, since you have the possibility of receiving the supermarket list from the comfort of your home in record time (less than an hour).
  • Your requirement is in the hands of expert people. A shopper is the one who chooses the best products with love for you.
  • You get 100% quality, in the event that you do not like the conditions of a product, you just don’t pay.

If you want to know better the areas where this application is operational, you can enter the map through its web portal.

Today there are many options for self-employment among which you can choose the one that suits you best. One of the most convenient and popular these days is working as a delivery man.

Now that you know the Requirements to be Rappi Is this the business you want to start?


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