Requirements to be Registered Responsible: Taxes you pay, Advantages and MORE

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The registered manager takes care of taxes that usually affect the profitability of companies. To do this, you have to pay close attention, because this is complicated in the calculation and complexity of the tax legislation.

To know some instructions, we bring you the necessary requirements that can help you with the intention of being oriented and being able to pay as little as possible.

In the case of a venture with low billing amounts, the monotax is one of the best options. This depends on the amount of tax credit that can be obtained, the amount of the tax credit and the limitations that can be made.

To take into account, the monotributista when they make the change to registered manager, the price has to be added VAT and reduce the cost to take the tax credit expense, not to pay the delay, and the fee to take the profit payment expense.

If it is a natural person, it requires an autonomous registration to contribute to the payment of social security. These taxes are variable in income and can be divided into categories.

If you start to work independently, it is necessary to register in AFIP as a registered manager. In this case, we speak of being a registered liable, those taxpayers who have the obligation to pay the VAT tax on a monthly basis and bring the annual profits. This job is linked to self-employment, whose billing is higher than that of the monotributista.

What are the requirements to be a registered manager?

If a person wants to register as a Registered Responsible for the first time, they must have the CUIT and the Fiscal Code at hand. There are two ways to have the CUIT number that are online and in person.

For foreigners who live in Argentina, whether temporary and did not have the opportunity to have the original DNI, or the copy of the identity card established by Mercosur or a copy of the passport, they will be asked for the issuance receipt by the National Directorate of Migration , in this way the residence address will be reflected.

How to register to be a Registered Manager?

We know that in these cases, there are many complications and confusion in some parts about the Registered Responsible, here you will know all the registration options of your interest and they are:

To enroll online:

  • Enter the AFIP in the option: «Digital Enrollment «. This process to begin you need the Tax Code. If in case, you do not have one, you can download it with the app called: «My AFIP».
  • Once you have obtained the key, follow the steps in «Digital inscription» from the AFIP portal. The system will ask for personal information, contact information, photos and more.
  • When the fields are completed, they assign you the CUIT number.

To register in person:

  • Bring the form N 460 / F in duplicate with your data, you can get it in this link
  • The DNI and the copy
  • A certificate of fiscal address, this refers to the certificate by the police or any public service invoice with the address where the activity takes place.
  • If you haven’t downloaded the app «My AFIP» To obtain the tax code you can do it at the agency. Add the DNI and a photocopy of it.
  • When delivering the documents to the agency, you must enter with the Fiscal Code, accept biometric data
  • You must also adhere to the Electronic Tax Address
  • Then you can enroll in the VAT, Profits and Self-Employed from «Tax registration»

What tax does a registered manager pay?

In order to exercise and pay taxes, compliance with the aforementioned registration and the corresponding taxes must be taken into account to be in order. By being registered as responsible, we are aware that there are lots of ways and means to register.

The National tax burden

Once you are already active as a registered manager, you must register with the national treasury in the established taxes and there are two ways:

  1. Join the Monotax (Simplified regimen).
  2. Have registered to VAT and Earnings.

    People are recommended to register for the monotax at the time of the start of the activities and then move to the general regime.

For those who do not know, the monotax includes VAT and Profit on the part of taxes. In this case, not personal property. The $ 400,000 (ARG PESOS) yearly is the billing point.

The registered manager pays 21% VAT, a 9% rate and 35% income tax. Real estate, the amount exceeds $ 305,000 each year from December 31st. This applies to all people.

Taxes on Income:

The percentage that when paying varies from 9% to 35% according to the income obtained. To do this, you must be registered with the AFIP and pay monthly.


Below we mention the advantages of being registered responsible as:

  1. You can take the VAT tax credit when the merchandise or raw material is purchased.
  2. There are no limits on branches, physical spaces or the energy consumed
  3. In the case of SMEs, it is easy to access lines of credit.

Types of invoices

There are three types of invoice that are useful and depending on whether it is autonomous or monotributista.

  • Invoice A: This is issued by the registered manager or another person in charge. Furthermore, VAT is discriminated against.
  • Invoice B: This time it goes live to a final consumer, in other cases to an exempt person or a monotax.
  • Invoice C: It is managed by people who are not responsible registered in VAT, for example, this is in the case of monotributista or exempt. In this invoice, it refers to all sales of the goods or the locations of the services, this is regardless of the condition of the buyer.

What does it mean to be a Registered Responsible?

The registered manager is a term used in Argentina as the people who train and is oriented to workers freelancers and employees.

The registered person in charge must register the taxes that they are obliged to pay for the economic activity they carry out. In this way, they have to go to the AFIP (Federal Administration of Public Revenue) and register for taxes such as VAT, complying with the forms and in that way they will fill out a number of forms that they must comply with.

For those workers who are self-employed, there are two alternatives to register, and they are, as a registered manager or monotributista. This will adapt depends on the activity that can be carried out, offering you certain options that among them may be good or not so good.

The registered manager has no limit in what encompasses the physical space used in the institution, the energy it consumes or the different branches they have. The different companies can register in this General Regime.

SRegardless of the income of the months, a fixed monthly payment fee is paid. Some monotributista are part of many social works. For many who are unaware, it presents Affidavits before the AFIP.

Each tax is a series of requirements according to the categories and they are: Real estate, capital income, business activity, work.

There are some factors that are a bit negative in this job and it is because some obligations when presenting are confusing, for example: you need a professional in the accounting field, the AFIP exercises a lot of control over the registered managers, the degree of inspection is provincial and that all payments are advanced.

At the same time, it has a greater formality burden for presenting accounting books and tax burden with income taxes and VAT.

Some accountants recommend entrepreneurs or workers, their activity as a monotributista is to reach a level of sales that can escalate to the general regime as a registered manager.

These are characteristics that we do not know about this area, the economy is usually a complicated world, due to the large numbers and long lines of workers who help these companies, ordering every detail of their income, where they will be taken by law, counted in a kind of table or formality for the welfare of workers.

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