Requirements to be Secretary of State: Functions, What it is and MORE

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There are a number of Requirements to be Secretary of State that every person should consider before running as a candidate for the position. All of these are very important and should be taken very seriously.

The Secretary of state works and develops its functions in one of the Secretariats of State of the country, to help the president to carry out his work and meet his objectives, under the so-called Federal Public Administration.

If you want to obtain more information about it, you cannot leave, Here we will tell you everything you need to know!

What are the requirements to be Secretary of State?

The Requirements to be Secretary of State They are very varied and some are stricter than others, although no less important for that. Thus, although some are indisputable requirements, others are implicit advice and requirements. And not only for a before, but for a during and an after as well.

Let’s see what these requirements are:

  • Be a mexican citizen.
  • Be 30 years old of age or older.
  • Enjoy the full rights contemplated in legal documents.
  • Know about legislation, economics, history and foreign relations. It is not a mandatory requirement, but whenever a position of this type is held it is important to have these matters up to date.
  • House secretariat is in charge of an area other than the functions of the State, so it is very important to be prepared for them. The Secretary of the Navy has as its president a person with a degree in naval mechanical engineering, with courses in naval command, and master’s degrees and diplomas related to this exercise. The Ministry of the Economy has an economist with a doctorate from Harvard. All are prepared to exercise their positions.
  • Participation in associations, institutions and entities for social service. This is always advantageous for applications of this type.
  • Have a broad career and stand out in your area of ​​expertise. This goes hand in hand with the last two points: to have a great preparation you have to invest time and resources, to learn and gain experience in the area. In addition, it should be highlighted, not only by the level of studies but by the degree of skill and leadership in that area.
  • Keeping a clean record can be important. Running a state is pure politics and political success evades scandals. If you want to be appointed as Secretary, be very careful with this.
  • Finally, it is always evident that a positive attitude, a desire to work and an implicit nationalism are always key to success in this type of work.

The first three (3) are the requirements that are in the Constitution, the others are obvious to the naked eye. If you want to be part of the government cabinet, it is best to start from a young age, have this goal very clear and prepare yourself.

Vocation may be important, but never more so than desire to learn and become an expert in your area. to later contribute to the development of your country.

How to be Secretary of State in Mexico?

As we have said previously, pto be Secretary of State You not only need to meet the basic requirements, but also to be an expert in the area in which you want to work.

You must stand out, so that there are no doubts not only about your ability to perform your functions, but also positive expectations about your position in the position.

The Constitution as such does not specify a requirement for schooling or specialization in higher education to be able to exercise this position. However, the need to be a professional in the workplace is implicit.

The Ministry of Health, for example, is chaired by Jorge Carlos Varela. He is a doctor specializing in internal medicine here in Mexico and specializing in immunology in London. In addition, president and member of very important health institutions in the country.

There are other secretariats that are more flexible in terms of the secretary’s preparation. For example, the Ministry of Public Education does not have a degree in Education, but an economist and politician, Esteban Moctezuma Barragán.

This was previously Secretary of the Interior and Social Development. He has a master’s degree in economic policy from Cambridge and has been re-elected for his managerial skills and expertise.

In conclusion, to be Secretary of State you need to be prepared and excel in your area of ​​expertise. What’s more, the President of the United Mexican States is the one who will appoint youSo having contacts in politics can be beneficial, although it is not necessary.

Duties of the Secretary of State

The Secretary of State has various functions, which must be developed with the best possible administration. These depend mostly on the secretariat where you are going to work, so we will try to be as general as possible:

  • Formulate bills of laws.
  • Create and / or manage Regulations.
  • Formulate agreements and decrees.
  • Follow orders from the president.
  • Relying on undersecretaries, directors, deputy directors, department heads. As well as in the head of the Finance and Administration Unit, and in the heads of the Unit. Delegation is important.
  • Advise the president regarding the viability of his government program in the areas that fall within his duties.
  • Know everything about the area to be managed, so that accurate decisions can be made.
  • Manage, administer and delegate when appropriate.
  • Communicate ideas clearly and concisely.
  • Promote a healthy work environment.
  • Be proactive,
  • Represent the President in amparo trials, according to the matter and distribution of powers.
  • Stay up to date with workplace events.
  • See the constitutionality of the president’s ordinances.

As we said at the beginning of the article, the main function is to manage together with the president. In this way, the viability and constitutionality of the decisions that he wishes to take regarding decrees, regulations, laws, etc., are studied from the point of view of a specialist in the matter.

click here to se her Organic Law of the Federal Public Administration. You can find the specific functions of each Secretary of State in Chapter II.

Secretariats of State in Mexico

Almost to finish, let’s talk about the Secretariats of State in Mexico. We seem to have been circling this topic for a while now.

Currently, there are twenty (20) Secretaries of State in Mexico. To tell the truth, knowing this could be considered one of the Requirements to be Secretary of State, don’t you think? Without a doubt, it is very important information that must be taken into account.

Each of these is dedicated to a particular area of ​​the country, each of these being the Secretary of:

  • Government (SEGOB)
  • Agriculture and Rural Development (SADER)
  • Communications and Transportation (SCT)
  • Legal Counsel of the Federal Executive (CJEF)
  • Culture (CULTURE)
  • National Defense (SEDENA)
  • Wellness (WELLNESS)
  • Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (SEDATU)
  • Economy (SE)
  • Energy (SENER)
  • Public Education (SEP)
  • Public Function (PUBLIC FUNCTION)
  • Finance and Public Credit (SHCP)
  • Marina (SEMAR)
  • Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT)
  • Foreign Relations (SRE)
  • Security and Citizen Protection (SECURITY)
  • Cheers)
  • Work and Social Security (STPS)
  • Tourism (SECTUR)

All of these are of vital importance for the development of the functions of the Executive Power. Each of them is headed by quality professionals, experts in their areas and who are in search of sustainable development in the country.

Remember that the Executive Branch is responsible, among other things, for administer the country and devise necessary laws for the country. It works in conjunction with the Legislative Power, the Judicial Power and the Public Power.

What is it?

The Secretaries of State They are a fundamental part of the Federal Public Administration, and their set is commonly referred to as the presidential cabinet or council of state. They are a fundamental part for the exercise of the Executive Power, since the main function of these offices is to support and help the president.

All agreements, regulations and decrees that it wishes to issue must be previously approved by the Secretary of State. specialized in that area.

For example, if the president wants to regulate an issue in the health area, if this issue falls within his / her functions provided for in the Constitution and other legal texts, then it is the Secretary of Health who must see the viability and constitutionality of the rule.

Sometimes the matter concerns more than one Secretariat and in this case the decree, agreement or regulation must be signed by the secretaries of both before it can be viable. After all, a president cannot fully specialize in every area of ​​the country – that’s where secretariats come in.

The importance of a Secretary of State is enormous and now that you know what the Requirements to be Secretary of State, What are you waiting for? Start preparing!

See ya!


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