Requirements to be Uber: Steps, Modalities and MORE

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The Requirements to be Uber are essential to comply with the company security policies. Also, have all the necessary conditions guarantees to company commitment and responsibility of the driver with transport services. Also, you can receive a series of salary benefits if you comply with all company policies.

What are you waiting for to join Uber? !In this article we tell you everything your vehicle should have and the modes of transport you can do!

Steps to be Uber

New technologies have been innovated over the years to meet people’s needs. For this reason, the North American company Uber has provided in recent years the first technological transport service. That is, it offers all people who need to be transported to a place, request the vehicle of their choice through a mobile application.

Similarly, it is also known for being one of the first modern transportation companies to have branches in other countries in the world. Certainly, this new platform has extensions on most continents, such as America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

The most important thing is that it is available for Latin American territories as Peru, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and others.

Equally, Uber Chile It has been characterized by being one of the most organized branches and in which all its drivers comply with the company’s regulations. As well as, users affiliated with this service comment the excellence of the transport system, especially in Chile.

However, once you meet all the Requirements to be Uber in Chile You will have to follow a series of steps to become the next driver of the company. Then, Do you want to be part of the Uber company? Follow these steps to apply for the job!

  • Be approved by the Chilean Transit System to drive
  • Validity of the driver’s license
  • Own a vehicle with the necessary conditions to transport Uber customers (At least eight (8) years old)
  • Certificate from the Criminal Registry (Request in the «Civil Registry» if you do not have it). In addition, we remind you that for the company it is important that its drivers have not had judicial or criminal sanctions
  • Download the Uber application to your mobile phone
  • Register in the Uber App as a driver
  • Follow the steps requested by the application
  • Answer security questions
  • Find out about all company policies
  • Attend an interview with one of Uber’s certified operators
  • Ready! You can now be the next driver of the company

Now, to register and apply for a job, you need to have the Uber app on your smart phone. Therefore, we take care of explain everything regarding online registration.

Uber app

  • It is currently available on the operating systems: Android (Google Play) and iOS (Apple Store)
  • You must register on the Uber de Chile website or in the application: Enter your personal data, mobile number, email address and security code
  • Accept all the conditions and policies of the company
  • Enter the verification code sent by SMS to your cell phone
  • Apply for a job like Uber
  • Fill in the requested fields

Requirements for the Driver

However, before registering in the application of the transport company you must be informed of the Requirements to be an Uber. The latter is crucial for the company because through the collection of information it will be able to approve the new drivers whowho want to be part of Uber. As well as, complying with all the requirements will guarantee both the safety of the driver and the client.

Still don’t know what the requirements are to be an Uber? Quiet! Here we tell you everything you need to know about them.

  • Be over 21 years of age
  • Current driver’s license
  • Be a Chilean citizen with a type A or B driver’s license
  • Present Identification Document or DNI
  • If you are a foreigner you must have all the immigration documents up to date
  • Criminal registration certificate (Not having had any problems with the Chilean authorities)
  • Have the physical and psychological conditions that the job requires
  • Have a bank account to receive electronic payment from customers
  • Have a cell phone with the ability to download the Uber app
  • Vehicle availability
  • Have a respectful attitude when dealing with customers
  • Comply with traffic rules
  • Have no fines or infractions when applying for the job

Do you meet all these requirements to be Uber? Do not wait more! This company needs drivers like you.

Vehicle Requirements

On the other hand, the company cares about safety of each of your workers and clients. Therefore, it has a series of conditions and policies for the type of vehicle that will be used for transportation services. That is, one of the main Requirements to be Uber is having the right car to offer and guarantee travel to users affiliated with the companies.

Do you want to be an Uber driver? Do you have a car and want to know if it meets the conditions of the company? Next, we will tell you each one of them:

  • Four (4) door vehicle in perfect condition
  • Safety system (belts, protective glass, among others)
  • Seniority from 12 years
  • Airbags in the front seats
  • Fully functioning horn radio
  • Air conditioner
  • Vehicle body in perfect condition (engine, steering wheel, fuel, among others)
  • Patent only in white color
  • Not have current infractions or fines in the name of the vehicle’s license plate

Taking care of your vehicle is taking care of yourself!

Uber modalities

Certainly, Uber is chosen as one of the main companies in transport for your comfort and safety. As well as, one of the strategies that this company has is to offer more than a transportation service.

Therefore, it guarantees different modalities transport so that your customers choose the one more suits your conditions.

However, drivers of Uber Chile will be assigned to this type of modality depending on the conditions where your vehicle is located. In addition, depending on the modality to which you are assigned, you will receive different bonuses.

We tell you all the modalities that Uber offers!

Uber X

  • Shared trip with other company clients
  • Vehicle not less than ten (10) years old

Fully functional four (4) door car

  • Each seat must have seat belts
  • Airbags that secure passengers
  • Air conditioning
  • White patent
  • Cheaper for company users

Uber XL

  • Travel with a maximum of (6) people
  • Implemented security system
  • Spacious vehicles
  • You can cancel the service fee together with the other passengers

Uber Black

  • Premium alternative offered by the transport company for its vip users
  • Newer vehicles with air, radio and safety systems in place
  • The material of the seats is leather


  • Premium system for six (6) people
  • Vehicles with the following conditions: True seats, air conditioning, three (3) rows of seats, radio and food


  • Special service offered by the company
  • Vehicles with the above-mentioned Car Requirements
  • Drivers with more than 50 trips

For hours

  • You can rent an exclusive driver for you by the hour
  • You pay for the number of hours you use the service


  • Drivers who make one (1) single trip for a customer instantly


  • Rent the shuttle to a lower service
  • Older vehicles but that comply with the company’s security system

How much the salary is?

Without a doubt, working for this company is one of the best experiences that you can live during your time as a driver. In addition, you can receive a series of commissions and a salary suitable for the type of job you are applying for.

As well as, you can choose your schedules depending on your availability. Consequently, in this section we will tell you everything you should know about your salary as an Uber driver:

  • Your salary will be conditioned to the remaining commissions of 25% of the transport services
  • Important! Uber is not liable for repairs or refueling of vehicles
  • Bonuses if you work on holidays
  • If you are a driver from Santiago de Chile: 250,000 and 300,000
  • Drivers passing through La Concepción 150,000 and 190,000
  • Other cities in Chile: 225,000 and 250,000
You have doubts? Consult in details the salaries of the drivers of Uber in the App of the company. That is, brand «Information» on the toolbar.

What is it?

Uber is one of the great innovations of man that offer thousands of customers around the world the convenience of transportation. In addition, it guarantees the safety of drivers and passengers with compliance with the Requirements to be Uber.

In order to request a set of conditions for the vehicle that will offer future transport services.

On the other hand, it offers different modes of transport dDepending on the transfer conditions you want to request. Consequently, if you are currently a driver and are unemployed, Uber Chile offers you the experience of a lifetime.

The most important thing about belonging to the community that works with the transport company is the diversity of trips you will make and the economic incentives that you will receive.

Finally, if you still don’t decide to use Uber We will tell you how to request your first trip:

  • Place your destiny in Where are you going?
  • Confirm the trip
  • Select the Uber type you want to hire
  • Be aware of the arrival time of the Uber driver
  • Cancel services

Travel has never been so easy! Join Uber!


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