Requirements to buy Euros: where to buy them, Amount and MORE

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There are a number of Requirements to buy Euros that you need to take into account when you go to carry out this procedure, although some of them probably seem obvious. The truth is that many of these are not only specific in Argentina, but in any part of the world, since currency exchange is an everyday activity.

Daily, thousands of people are exchanging different currencies, and many look like you to buy euros. These are, after all, one of the most widely accepted foreign currencies globally, alongside the dollar, allowing you to transact abroad, save in a more stable currency, so to speak, and make transfers from one country to another. another more easily.

The exchange rate It is the cost of exchanging a currency for another that is not the national one. Next, we will explain the requirements, benefits, the process and the maximum amount you can buy in euros, and MUCH MORE. Do not go!

Requirements to buy Euros

There are many reasons why you would want to buy euros: to save, invest, buy or go on a trip. Whatever they are, this is a currency that can be used both within the country and abroad, without any problem.

Let’s see what the Requirements to buy Euros that you must keep in mind when carrying out this procedure:

  • Know the exchange rate per day, that is, how many pesos will you need to buy all the dollars you need. In this way, if the euro is at 20 pesos and you want to buy 100 euros, you will need 2,000 pesos, as simple as that. You can check both the official and the euro blue.
  • Verify that you are going to buy in a safe place. Today there are many informal currency dealers; It can be your neighbor, family member or acquaintance. Make sure they are a trustworthy person, as people are being scammed with counterfeit bills on a daily basis. If you do not know this person well, or how they get the euros, it is better that you approach an institution or center authorized for the purchase and sale of foreign currency.
  • Identity card (DNI) and copy, if necessary.
  • Have 30% of the amount you are going to pay (additionally) so that you can cancel the COUNTRY Tax.
  • Keep in mind that you can buy up to $ 200 euros per month, but not an amount greater than that. This measure was adopted in 2019, in order to avoid an imbalance in the exchange market.
  • Exporters of goods and services They need a prior authorization to purchase currency.
  • Other documents may be required, such as the affidavit of the use of the euros.

As you can see, they are not very complicated requirements, quite the opposite. Now let’s see where you can buy them.

Where to buy them?

Euros can be purchased, like almost any other currency, in most of the country’s banks, houses, ATMs and other establishments previously authorized by the Central Bank. In addition, these must be in the Registry of Exchange Operators, something that you must bear in mind.

On the other hand, there is also the option of acquiring them online, whether your bank has this option, as in the case of BBVA or on other platforms such as Balanz or Fenuz, where you can also do it under certain conditions.

Requirements to buy Euros: Banco BBVA

In the case of BBVA Bank, you can complete the procedure online or from the BBVA Móvil application. You will only need to enter your username and password, although it is a requirement to have an account open in that currency.

You can also reserve the amount by calling Call center:


with your password in hand and inside the Hours of Operation, which is from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm.

Finally, at any ATM, self-service terminal or checkout line. You can check all branches and ATMs by clicking here.

Santander Bank

The buying and selling euros at Banco Santander they can only be done at the bank’s branches. You only have to select a branch and, in case there is no availability in it, you will be directed to the closest one. Remember that you must also cancel the respective PAIS tax and that you need to be a Bank customer.

This procedure can be done by calling Call center:


or to


Or by approaching directly to one of the branches or ATMs of the bank, which you can consult in full by clicking here.

With respect to other banks, we recommend you go to the website of the one you are interested in, see the price of the day and call the Customer Service number that normally appears at the bottom of the page. This in order to acquire more information.

How is the process to buy Euros?

The euro purchase process It depends on many factors. By this we mean that it will be determined by the place where you buy them, if it is in the formal or informal market, if it is online or in person, and so on.

In the end, what always ends up happening is a exchangeEither dollars for euros (although many people recommend doing this transaction in Europe directly), Argentine pesos for euros or any other currency in exchange for having an amount of euros.

When is online the process generally consists of moving the account in dollars or pesos, transferring the necessary money to the account in euros. That is, you transfer the 2,000 pesos we talked about at the beginning of the article, in addition to other additional costs, and you get the 100 euros you wanted in your account.

Do the procedure personally It does not entail more than the exchange of one currency for another, with the proper process of checking the bills, and obtaining a proof of purchase. As we have said repeatedly, this transaction can occur both in the informal market and in the formal one.

Requirements to buy Euros: Benefits

As you imagine, buying euros has many benefits directly linked to this currency. In this section we will explain what they are, so that you have no doubts when making your transactions.

The euro (€) is one of the most stable currencies in the world. That is, it does not usually devalue against other currencies, but its value fluctuates around an average value. Its importance is so great that most of the international reserves of the countries’ central banks are in euros, even to a greater extent than in dollars.

Due to this stability, all the benefits that you can extract from the euro are broken down. Let’s see:

  • You can travel abroad, to any part of the world, and use them to purchase goods and services. You do not only need to travel to Europe to be able to use them, but you can use them in many other countries, although some require that they first be changed to the national currency.
  • You can invest where and when you want, without the haste that the national currency loses value.
  • If you save in euros, the better. If you save one euro daily, at the end of the year you will have 365 euros to do whatever you want with them, and they will continue to have the same purchasing power as a year before. That is, you can buy what you want or invest when you feel more comfortable.
  • You may even have greater purchasing power in other countries. If you travel to a country where the national currency is very devalued against the euro, it is very possible that you can buy goods and services for a much, much lower price. This is so because the euro is very valuable to that country, so its products in terms of this currency are much cheaper.
  • For emergencies, Having some money saved in foreign currency will allow you to have support in these cases.

And you? What other advantages do you see in buying euros?

Maximum quantity to buy Euros

You are probably wondering what the maximum amount of euros you can buy, now that you know the Requirements to purchase Euros, the procedure, the benefits and where to do it.

Before October 2019, you could buy up to $ 1000 euros per month. However, the Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina (BCRA) established a limit on the purchase of foreign currency, it is the equivalent of US $ 200.

This is the maximum amount that you can purchase in a month, so if you need a higher amount for a specific date, we recommend you take precautions and do so early.

This is for individuals, and remember that it is important to present the necessary documentation for the purchase of dollars in official establishments. Also, it is important to ask for your receipt.

What are the Euros?

The euro (€) It is one of the most stable currencies in the world, as its value is maintained over time. This currency is used all over the world, although it comes from the European Union, this being the official currency of the eurozone.

To be more precise, it is used by more than 19 EU member countries, that is, it is used by millions of people in their daily use, to buy goods and services, save, invest, donate and much, much more.

Now that you know all about the Requirements to buy Euros, What are you waiting for?

See ya!

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