Requirements to Charge Lactation: Payments, Essalud and MORE

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The well-being of mothers and their children is a very important and important issue in Peru; Therefore, there are different bodies and institutions that are dedicated to ensuring the rights of these people, so that they comply with all the legal benefits that are granted. It is for that reason, that in this article we will help you to know a little more about the requirements to charge breastfeeding, so that you can receive the help of this financial contribution.

Similarly, in the following paragraphs you will find information about the registration to EsSalud, which will help you charge for breastfeeding for your child, and the frequency with which this economic benefit should be charged. In addition, we are going to explain a little how to do the process to collect, so that you can do it without any hindrance, and the approximate amount that can be charged for each specific case to the subsidy.

Therefore, if you are interested in learning more about this benefit that mothers receive to help themselves with their children, we invite you to continue reading this article about the Requirements to Charge Lactation, and we hope it can be of great help to you.

What are the Requirements to Charge Lactation?

Peru It is a country that ensures the safety and well-being of their families, especially their mothers and babies. This is reflected in the good number of institutions and organizations that are in charge of caring for and defending the rights of mothers and their children.

One of those rights that are defended is that of breastfeeding charge. An important issue that can help mothers to take care of their children; Therefore, it is very important to know as much information as possible about this benefit.

It is for that reason, that below we are going to present the first requirements to charge breastfeeding that you must comply with, if you want to start the process.

  • You should have contributed between three or four consecutive months, during the 6 months prior to the baby’s day of birth.
  • If you are an agricultural insured, you will have to have three months of consecutive contributions, during the 12 months prior to delivery.
  • Babies must be registered by the insured as the beneficiary.
  • In the event that the mother is not the insured holder, this It must be registered in EsSalud.
  • If, sadly, the child dies, it must be make the posthumous inscription.

Now, once you meet some of these situations and your situation is verified, you’re going to have to gather and present the following documents:

  • The form 1010 completed and signed by the insured person.
  • The identity documents that they validate you.

Special cases

In addition to the situations and documents presented above, there are some special cases to charge for breastfeeding that you should know:

  1. A third party submits the request: The person who will submit the application must provide a copy of the Document national of identity (DNI) and the letter that authorizes you to do the procedure.
  2. The infant’s mother dies: The death certificate must be presented by the parent or legal guardian, and a custody document for the baby.
  3. The mother is a minor and without a degree: In these cases, the subsidy is made through the legal representative; Therefore, the documents that support this condition of the person must be presented.

How Much Does the Breastfeeding Allowance Pay?

How much can you receive for the breastfeeding allowance? According to the agreement N ° 66-27-EESALUD-2003, the amount for breastfeeding, currently, it will have an equivalent to 820 soles.

However, this amount may vary or change in its forms, terms, collection methods and value, since is protected by a decree. Therefore, it can be modified by the Board of Directors, if they consider it so.

In addition, a fact that is worth mentioning is the way in which this stipulated amount is accounted for. The 820 soles are counted per baby; that is to say, for each baby you receive a subsidy of 820 soles. So if you have two babies, you would get 1,640.

How is the procedure to collect breastfeeding done?

This procedure is very easy to carry out and do, so you don’t have to worry much. To begin with, you should know that the collection of the breastfeeding subsidy should be done by the mother of a newborn baby that is enrolled in the insurance. This is done through Peru’s Social Health Insurance (EsSalud).

Once the registration is made in EsSalud, you will receive form 1010 with a file number, the date of payment will be reflected in it. This it cannot exceed the 72 hour period.

Important! You cannot lose this form, as it is the document that allows you to collect the breastfeeding subsidy. If you lose it, you will not be able to make the payment.

Lastly, you’re going to have to go to one of the authorized banking agencies for this procedure. Now, in order to make the payment, you must present the copy of the 1010 form and your National Identity Document (DNI).

Enrollment in Essalud to Charge Lactation

An important part of the breastfeeding collection process is the registration in the Peru’s Social Health Insurance (EsSalud).

This is because it is the institution in charge of ensuring this type of rights of mothers and their babies. In addition, be enrolled in the EsSalud allows you to collect the subsidy of 820 soles for breastfeeding the baby. Therefore, it is extremely important to register.

Now, if you do not know how this registration is carried out, we will explain it to you below. Let’s first start with the requirements to enroll in EsSalud and charge lactation.

In the Case of the Children

If it is a question of registering during the gestation process of the baby, no need of any kind of requirement for the son. However, the mother should present a medical document showing the gestation time that the baby will have.

In the Case of Mothers

In this case, pregnant mothers are considered, but What is a pregnant mother? According to the laws of Peru, a pregnant mother is considered when she is pregnant and is not married, nor does she live in common law.

However, it may be the case that a mother cannot register as a surrogate mother. In those cases, that person will need the following requirements:

  • The Form 1010 signedor with the stamp of the employing entity.
  • Bond of concubinage or marriage certificate current, if applicable.
  • A Acknowledgment of paternity of an extramarital child. (The document must reflect the mother’s months of gestation).
  • The National identity document.

On the other hand, you will also need information on how to process the registration steps in the Peru’s Social Health Insurance (EsSalud). To do this, here is the procedure you must follow:

  1. Verify that you comply with the stipulated requirements and conditions, to apply for the breastfeeding subsidy.
  2. Completely fill the form 1010.
  3. Go to an insurance and financial benefits office to deliver the requested documents, in the box. Here you must also present the National identity document.
  4. Finally, you will receive a copy of the 1010 form and a file number, with which you will have to approach a bank authorized to collect the breastfeeding subsidy from EsSalud.

Important! This registration process is carried out only in person and is completely free.

How Often Can You Charge Breastfeeding?

One of the doubts that arises regarding the issue of breastfeeding charges is the frequency with which you can charge for this subsidy. To clarify those reasonable doubts, below we will present some relevant information.

To begin with, the collection of the lactation allowance from a pregnant mother it is carried out on a monthly basis; that is, each month this economic aid of 820 soles is charged.

Now another question When do you start collecting this subsidy? Simple. You start to collect from the moment of baby’s birth, up to maximum term of six (6) months; which is counted from the maximum postpartum date.

On the other hand, it should be noted that, currently the rest of a normal delivery is ninety-eight days (98). Although, in the case of a multiple pregnancy, the rest time is lengthened to one hundred twenty-eight (128) days.

In the same way, it is worth clarifying that the institutions that make the payment of these subsidies are not the companies, but the Peru’s Social Health Insurance (EsSalud).

What is it?

Finally, to finish with this article on Requirements to Charge Lactation in Peru, we will present a brief summary, starting with a simple question: What is charging for breastfeeding?

We refer to charging breastfeeding to the benefits that expectant mothers have of receiving financial assistance, to be able to maintain and care for their baby. The institution in charge of ensuring these benefits is the Peru’s Social Health Insurance (EsSalud).

This government institution is in charge of keeping a record of expectant mothers and their babies, to be able to pay them later, the sum of 820 soles for each baby. It is a very considerable help for those who need it.

Therefore, if you consider that you are a person who is in the condition to receive this help, do not hesitate to start processing your registration in the EsSalud, following the steps and information that we have tried to provide you in this article about Requirements to Charge Lactation in Peru.


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