Requirements to collect the Unemployment Fund: How to Enroll, Benefits and MORE

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This article reflects the Requirements to collect the Unemployment Fund. In case the citizen wants to collect the fund, we will explain how to do it below. Take note!

Through Law n ° 24.013 of employment, the unemployment fund is headed by salaried workers available «without just cause» or by higher energy that details with a minimum value of employer participation to the Social Security System.

That is why, if citizens want to aspire to the fund, they will have to fulfill a series of requirements to collect the unemployment fund.

What are the Requirements to collect the Unemployment Fund?

The requirements to collect the unemployment fund are as follows:

  1. The citizen must be in legal unemployment status and vacated to settle in the given trade.
  2. He had to set aside through the National Employment Fund for at least 6 months or 8 months.
  3. The person cannot perceive pension benefits or non-contributory income.
  4. Having managed the service in the appropriate time and manner.

Necessary documents

Already having fulfilled the requirements to collect the unemployment fund, the documents you must collect are the following:

  1. The citizen must carry his original and duplicate of the LE, LC or DNI.
  2. If the citizen in any case has been dismissed without cause, he must attach a document that proves his dismissal signed by the worker and certified by the bank, public secretary, ANSES authorities or judicial leader.
  3. Pay stubs showing the important remuneration received at least in the six months prior to the termination period.

How to register to collect the Unemployment Fund?

People who aspire to the established regime must attend the Comprehensive Care Unit (UDAI) of the ANDES closest to your home. You can also request by calling the number 130 or through its website a shift in ANSES.

Citizens must attend Delegation of the Renatea closest to your home area. They can be informed through their website Renatea or calling the number 0800-777-7366 giving the choice 1.

Whichever the citizen chooses, they must complete the procedure within a period of 90 business days from the end of your employment relationship. In the event that the person attends the days outside the stipulated time, they will be subtracted from the total presentation time that is established.

Benefits of collecting the Unemployment Fund

Citizens can claim the following benefits from the unemployment fund:

  1. The citizen can aspire to an amount in money, through the basic monetary benefit.
  2. It aspires to contain a payment through family rewards.
  3. You can benefit from having good medical assistance.
  4. Verification by how many has the person of seniority regarding retirement.
  5. There may be a probability of collect all fees together through Unemployment Insurance to establish a business or enterprise.

In addition to the above, you can access the following benefits

  1. Termination of their respective primary and / or secondary studies with delivery of the formal career document.
  2. Professional tasks and work learning.
  3. The citizen can attend the employment agencies. That is, you can get labor disposition, helps you find a job, etc.
  4. You can perform the course courses of the labor offices.
  5. Prepare citizens who enter the trade in the private sector and NGOs.
  6. Help the job introduction in the private plan and NGOs regarding the measurements of the hours in daily tasks.
  7. When the insurance parts are collected, citizens who do not reach the trade can request its approval from the Training and Employment Insurance.

You have permanence for half the time certainly working and helping the Social Security System for at least 2 or 3 years to the interruption or dismissal according to the following information:

Law N ° 24,013 and 25,191

In this law you can witness the listing period it may vary as follows:

  1. From 6 months to 11 months
  2. At least 12 to 23 months
  3. From 24 to 35 months
  4. 35 months

The duration of the quotes is as follows

  1. It is distributed in two months
  2. In four months
  3. Through eight months
  4. In 12 months

Law No. 25,371

In this law you can witness the listing period it may vary as follows:

  1. At least of 8 to 11 months.
  2. It contains a period of 12 to 17 months.
  3. It has a duration of 18 to 24 months.

The duration of the quotes is as follows

  1. 3 months.
  2. 4 months.
  3. 8 months.

It is important to note that citizens who contain at least 45 years or older, Unemployment Insurance is extended for a duration of 6 months.

The amount established is variable with respect to the two previous laws. The same cannot be minimal $ 1,875 to or more than $ 3,000, adding the family remuneration that touches him.

If we highlight Law No. 25,191, the amount cannot be minimal at $ 1,728 nor higher than $ 3,456, adding the family remuneration that touches him.

From the first period, 100% of the benefit granted is evidenced by means of the fifth to the eighth part of the 85% and 70% that has a duration of the last four months, adding to the corresponding remunerations.

Obligations of those who collect the Unemployment Fund

The obligations that citizens must have when collecting the unemployment fund are the following:

  1. Provide all requested documents and report the modification regarding your home.
  2. Approve the inspections carried out by the enforcement authority.
  3. Approve the correct trades that are provided by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, participating in training through the people who are cited.
  4. Request the cancellation of the corresponding payment of the Unemployment Insurance when joining a new trade, at least five business days to carry out the file.
  5. Refund regarding amounts established services unduly noticed.

What is the Unemployment Fund?

The unemployment fund is a policy that is for currently unemployed salaried workers regulated by national laws.

This policy is intended to offset the income drop generated through an unconscious loss of employment, reduce the risk of disinterest and unemployment for a long duration. In addition to providing help with the search and choice of a new profession.

Who cannot access the Unemployment Fund?

The citizens who cannot aspire to the unemployment fund are the following:

  1. People who have not carried out the procedures regarding the National Employment Fund.
  2. Citizens who receive pension benefits, except for immediate or derived pensions.
  3. The people that appear hired in the form of trainees or interns.
  4. Citizens who have resigned according to the reciprocal employment relationship between the parties with the worker.
  5. People who have received through an insurance company contingency of work (ART) a service by accident or a disease.
  6. Citizens who are in the Special Regime through private homes, in the Public Administration, private places of education and employees high school teachers through private university organizations.

Frequent questions

Citizens have doubts every time they have to carry out the procedures to access the unemployment fund, which is why the frequently asked questions on this topic will be shown below.

If the citizen works in the construction industry, can unemployment insurance be processed?

Yes, the working citizens of the National Regime in the production of construction, must be legally unemployed to be able to aspire to the insurance as established by law.

If someone has just been laid off, can you apply for the unemployment fund?

Citizens can access it as long as their dismissal has been without just cause and their worker has carried out the tasks in the National Employment Fund.

In this case, the citizen has canceled the employment contract or there was no change in it. Can the unemployment fund be processed?

Citizens can acquire the unemployment fund, they only have to go to ANSES or RENATEA, anticipating the request for their specific appointment.

Once you are clear about the information, you must collect and comply with the requirements to collect the Unemployment Fund.

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