Requirements to Collect Unemployment Insurance: Retirees, Time and MORE

When you are dependent on a job in which you are not a boss, it is likely that you do not know when there will be a change and you will have to be fired, either because of a complicated situation that the company is going through or because of a personal one.

It is for this reason that insurance is indicated for forewarned workers. Know which are the Requirements to collect Unemployment Insurance.

Everyone that is in the Labor Code has the right to have this insurance and it is important that you keep it in mind at the time of entering the job that this, since this Severance can be of help in times of trouble if you find yourself unemployed.

What are the Requirements to Collect Unemployment Insurance?

If what you want is to collect the insurance from your individual account, you must do the following:

  1. First of all you must be unemployed, this condition will have to be proven with a valid document. This could be the settlement or some other.
  2. It is important to have quotes that begin on the date you joined or the date of collection of the last draft that was registered in the individual account:
  • Deliver 6 changes (quotes) that are authorized in your account, if you have a fixed term.
  • AND 12 quotes accredited if you are the holder of an indefinite contract.

If what you need is to request the Unemployment Insurance specifically with a charge to the solidarity unemployment fund, what is required is:

  1. You must find yourself in a unemployment situation.
  2. You shall register in your individual account a balance that is sufficient to carry out the successful financing of the Insurance payments.
  3. You have to have at least one 12 quotes that are registered in the FCS (Solidarity Unemployment Fund, this will be 24 days before dismissal.
  4. Regarding these quotes the last 3 It has to be continuous and with the same employer.
  5. Enroll in the BNE (National Employment Exchange), this must be done from the day after requesting the benefit of this Unemployment Insurance. It should be noted that the term will be only 96 hours. Click on download, to acquire the informative flyer.
  6. You could only have been fired for these reasons:
  • The employer bankruptcy.
  • For some business need.
  • A case of force majeure or fortuitous.
  • That he contract time work is overdue.
  • Let there be finished the service or work that started the contract.


The way for retirees to collect this insurance is to prove that they are unemployed by means of any of the documents to be mentioned: your letter of dismissal, letter of resignation, settlement, report of appearing before the Labor Inspectorate, certificate of the Inspectorate of the Labor or a court ruling, as appropriate.

Time to Collect Unemployment Insurance

When I make the first insurance payment, it will be executed thirty (30) days later, starting from the termination date of my employment relationship or within ten (10) business days following receipt of the request, as required. the next.

The payment days are the 3, 13 and 23 of each month, only for these cases:

  1. If a transfer is made through the individual account.
  2. In the event that the person dies, the heirs collect the money.

Now, the 30th of every month and also and the 13th of the month that follows is exclusively for:

  1. If the individual who joined and chose the Solidarity Unemployment Fund.
  2. For the people pensioners It will be on the 15th and 28th.
  3. In the event that it is weekend or a holiday, payment will be made on the business day that follows.

There are only three ways to pay: With cash, collection in the RUT account and also a deposit to a savings or checking account of the holder. It doesn’t matter what bank it is.

How much is the percentage paid by the employer?

  • According to what is established in law 19,728 by the unemployment insurance, the worker is obliged to have an indefinite contract to contribute 0.6% of his salaries to his Individual Unemployment Account and the employer to contribute 2.4% of the worker’s compensation from his position.
  • Of this, what is 1.6% this directs to the Individual Unemployment Account of the worker, while 0.8% will go to a FCS.
  • As long as the fixed-term contract is in force, it is the employer’s responsibility. Quote 3% of your position of the worker’s remuneration.
  • In the event that the fixed term contract becomes indeterminate, the employer’s job contribution will be reduced to 2.4%.
  • Then this begins the duty of setting prices in your Individual Unemployment Account for 0.6% of your wages.

Benefits of Collecting Unemployment Insurance

By being affiliated you can acquire a variety of benefits, among them are:

  1. As for what economic, you have the right to collect it from your individual account or the Solidarity Unemployment Fund. In any case, it is important to comply with the requirements imposed by law.
  2. Inside the benefits social and health you’ll find:
  • That you can keep your health benefits through Fonasa.

  • Keep all your advantage family allowance, of section A and B.
  • You will have varied courses to train you for free.
  • You will receive support for find a job when you enroll in the National Stock Exchange of employment.
  • The pension quote It will be done at the Pension Fund Administrators, this corresponds to 10% of the amount of your Insurance payments. Said contribution is not associated with the fund Administration commission. In this way, even if you are unemployed, you can continue to contribute to your future pension.

What is it?

We have already talked about requirements to collect Unemployment insuranceNow, speaking of what it is, being very specific: Unemployment Insurance is economically a protection used in the event that you are unemployed. All citizens who are registered in the Labor Code can choose to have this benefit.

Those who carry out this work are called «The Chilean Unemployment Corporation«, This as the same name indicates it a closed anonymous company, whose main and exclusive objective is to administer two funds.

The two funds are the Solidarity Unemployment Fund and also the Unemployment Fund, through these it seeks to grant and administer the services and benefits that it offers.

This excellent service began in October 2013, having 50 own branches that are located in regional and provincial capitals and communes with more than 100,000 inhabitants and is also available to assist you through this website and the telephone attention is through this number 800 800 232.

This company is supervised and supervised by the Superintendency of pensions and in addition to that, a Commission of users was established who have the task of knowing the criteria of the employees.

For this reason, the Management Company governs the Severance Funds and other specific matters mentioned in the legal text.

The mission of this society is to manage with efficiency and controlled risk to give members quality benefits. In their periods of unemployment, they seek to generate the expected value both by the State of Chile and by the shareholders.

Now your vision Its purpose is to become more and more a company respected for its quality and efficiency with which it administers unemployment insurance.

This is done in order to maintain its commitment to effective management, its concern for personal development, the good attitude of its employees and its magnificent kind and timely attention to its members.

Within their values honesty, diligence, trust, responsibility, commitment and respect stand out.

These are the requirements to collect Unemployment insurance and the documents that you must present to carry out the process in the proper way.

Pay close attention to the benefits since having this insurance has advantages that will be in some way a protection for your financial part. Everything you need to know about the subject has already been described, wait no more:

Collect your insurance and enjoy each of the benefits offered by the company!


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