Requirements to Constitute a SAS: Documents, Step by step and MORE

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Do you want to know what a Sas is? This article will reflect the Requirements to Constitute a Sas. In case you want to add your company in the Simplified Stock Company (SAS), we will explain everything related to this below.

Society refers to a group made up of people, in order to meet, through mutual cooperation, all or some of the goals that you want to meet in the course of life.

In a country such as Colombia, the Simplified Stock Company (SAS) is important, where it was conceived through the Legislative Power. It was in 2008 through Law 1258.

If you work in a company you must go through the Sas, the Requirements to Constitute a Sas will be explained below.

Requirements to Constitute a Sas

For the construction of this type of society, You need the Requirements to Build a Sas which are the following:

  1. Name, Identity Card, Place where the shareholder lives, Social Ration (or qualification of the SAS company).
  2. Main place where the Company and the different branches are located.
  3. Duration of the company, in the event that it is not unlimited.
  4. Clearly name what activity they are engaged in.
  5. Qualified, registered capital, number referring to the operations of the way in which they must pay.
  6. They must appoint a legal representative, where their name, identity card and the role they represent in the company will appear.

If you want to be in a SAS company, it was already clear to you what they are lThe Requirements to Build a Sas

Necessary documents

By having the Requirements to constitute a Sas, The documents for you to start building a SAS start are the following:

  1. You must have a document where it is guaranteed by the Constitution.
  2. The Pre-Ruth.
  3. Have an ID and a copy of the person they choose as the legal representative of the company.
  4. Fill out the form regarding the business world.

Try to organize yourself and collect all Requirements to constitute a Sas.

Step by step to constitute a Sas

With having the Requirements to constitute a Sas Of course, it is important to follow the steps to create a Sas company, which will be explained below

Verify the Name in the RUES

People who are considering creating a SAS company must first verify through the Unique Business and Social Registry (RUES) if the name they want to register is available. You only need to enter RUES.


When you are clear about the Requirements to Constitute a Sas , the documents are essential to follow the procedure that will be explained below

  1. You must have a document where it is guaranteed by the Constitution.
  2. The Pre-Ruth.
  3. Have an ID and a copy of the person they choose as the legal representative of the company.
  4. Fill out the form regarding the business world.

Regarding the private Constitution document, you must explain in detail how the company is incorporated. You can find the Pre-Rut enter the page DIAN, by clicking on the Rut Registration option and then Chamber of Commerce. Finally, to fill out the form, you must look for the form that you will find on the page of the Chamber of Commerce.

Registration in the Chamber of Commerce

With all the documents in hand, the next step is to take them to the Chamber of Commerce. If everything is under control, you can register where you will be charged the registration fees added to the cost of the Constitution.

They will also tell you that the procedure may take about a day and they will notify you when you will have to return; they can communicate with you through email or message.

When they have contacted you, they will assign you a commercial registration that will help you create your savings account, therefore they will give you another Pre-Rut.

Creating a savings account

You must attend the bank of your choice where you will have to open a savings account on behalf of the company. The documents that you will carry will depend on the policy of the banking company.

Final RUT

You must attend the DIAN to be able to manage and process the true RUT. You will need your respective identity card of the company representative with a copy, the commercial register, and the savings account that you should have already opened.

Commercial register

Once you have constituted the RUT, you can finish by registering your company with the Chamber of Commerce. The procedure is simple and if you are registered you may require copies of your commercial registration.

Billing resolution

To request its resolution, you must look for a form on the DIAN Website and download it, also bring the original identification of the company’s representative, copy and finally its commercial register, the original.

Digital signature

Finally in these steps is to request the signature where with this makes the company totally legal in Colombia

With having a previous organization and having collected the necessary documents, the process to create a SAS can take approximately between 3 and 4 days. You just have to be patient and be organized to do it faster by having the requirements to constitute a Sas.

Benefits of Incorporating a Sas

The benefits that it will bring you if you build a SAS company are the following:

  1. Liability is limited: That is to say, in the SAS the assets of the partners cannot be touched by carrying out when they request through article 42 of Law 1258 that fraud was committed against the law.
  2. Term of duration and corporate purpose: The SAS does not necessarily have to notify the number of years that the company will last, nor does it specify the activity to which the company is going to dedicate itself, unless the shareholders express it.
  3. The affiliation of the company by means of private deed: Any company that registers in Colombia, except SAS, must be incorporated by means of a private document that must be authenticated. That is, it must be registered by a notary, but the SAS does not necessarily have to give public faith by means of this writing, only in the case that it owns property and real estate, which in that case is mandatory and reduces the costs of the negotiation.
  4. Always commercial nature: The SAS will always be commercial in nature, regardless of its corporate purpose.
  5. The requirement requiring a minimum of two people to form a company was eliminated. It was not considered that a company could be formed by one person but Law 1258 of 2008 made it possible.
  6. The SAS at swear does not have to pay an amount at the time of incorporation. That is, the paid capital La can be zero, unlike other organizations that require a minimum.
  7. The law is very comprehensive with the SAS, since in the limited company (SL) the capital stock must be paid in full when the company is incorporated, on the other hand, in the joint-stock company (SA), the time limit for the payment of the capital goes do for one year, while in the Simplified Stock Company (SAS) the maximum time to be the payment is two years.

The faster you have the Requirements to constitute a SAS, the faster the process will be.

What is a Sas Company?

A company is when society develops in the production process, where the main function is to benefit society so that they have quality products. The company is also a social organization for production that apart from its aforementioned social character has a specific economic purpose and an adequate legal arrangement within the legal system of the state.

In Colombia, through Law 1258, the Simplified Stock Company was established. (SAS) It is a company related to the business, capital and commercial world, which is established by means of a unilateral act or agreement that is requested through private information.

The company incorporation document must be authenticated before being presented for registration in the commercial register of the Chamber of Commerce, by the people who are participants in your registration and must be done by the legal representative of the company.

The SAS may not be registered in the National Registry of Securities and Issuers for the shares and other securities it issues, that is, it cannot be traded on the stock market.

It is for them that citizens when creating this type of company must be clear about the Requirements to Constitute a Sas.


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