Requirements to Deed a land in Argentina: Advantages, What it is and MORE

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If you are in the process of buying a house, you should know that it is important that you put it in your name, so that you can protect it legally. So if you want to know how to do it, gather the following requirements to deed land in Argentina and initiates the process.

In this article we will also explain the documents and costs involved in this process, so it would be recommended that you stay reading all the information.

What are the requirements to deed a land in Argentina?

If you have already gone through the process of selling or buying a property, the term of land deed may sound familiar. This typical and legal act allows you formalize the acquisition of a property, after the sale or purchase process.

In addition, this deed process grants the guarantee of the place, to the person who has acquired the property of the property.

However, for the process to be legal and official, you’re going to need a clerk; so that he can confirm and verify the information provided. But, since it is never wrong to learn something in this life, here we present the requirements to deed a plot of land in Argentina:

  • Have the title of the property to be sold or, where appropriate, have the title of the property to buy.
  • A confirmation that the land has no debts
  • Pay the respective taxes.

It should be noted that these are considered general requirements to deed land in Argentina. Now, you have to get a series of required documents.

Documents needed to deed a land in Argentina

Once you have made sure that you meet the requirements to deed a plot of land in Argentina, it is time for you to focus on the documents necessary to carry out this procedure.

Unlike the requirements, the documents are a broader list. But don’t worry, here we have compiled all the papers you may need:

  • Have a Buy-Sell Ticket, a donation agreement or assignments (Photocopy).
  • Fill in the form of sellers and attorneys-in-fact, with your personal data.
  • Have the authorization of the seller, to deed their goods.
  • Present a document with the applicant’s personal data.
  • Get an Affidavit of Unique Housing and Permanent Occupancy.
  • ID of buyers and sellers (Photocopy).
  • Present the CUUL, CUIT and CDI, depending on the people.
  • Justify your marital status, attaching the proof of the same: widower / a (broadcast item), divorced (divorce certificate), married (marriage certificate), convivial union (Registration of Persons).
  • The deed prior to your purchase, the one in the seller’s name.
  • A certificate of cancellation of the land debt.
  • Present the plan of the land, if there has been a subdivision after the title of the property.
  • If it is necessary to affect the good horizontally, submit the horizontal plane and the coefficient sheet.
  • Submit a document with the ARBA tax or the tax valuation certificate (Photocopy).

Finally, there is an economic scale, depending on the tax valuation of the property, which will allow or not to deed:

  • The home must be equal to or less than $ 1,300,000.
  • The land must have a value equal to or less than $ 650,000

How to write a land without papers in Argentina?

How to deed a land without papers in Argentina? It’s possible? These are two questions that constantly arise on this subject.

Yes, you can buy land without papers, although this would be a non-traditional case.

When buying land, you may find yourself in the situation that the property does not have previous deeds. But this would not stop your acquisition, but you will have to change the steps to follow.

The first thing you should do is check for a property inscription, in the Property Registry unit.

If it happens that this property is not registered in the name of anyone, then you can acquire it, following one of the following procedures:

  1. Double notarial title: It involves making a deed of inheritance in the name of the seller and a purchase-sale document is also made.
  2. Notoriety Act: With the help of a Notary Public, the case is evaluated and the property is certified in the name of the buyer, with a purchase-sale document.
  3. Domain file: This document is granted to you, with the approval of a judge, so that the property is registered in your name.

Once you have completed any of these procedures, you can acquire the property without papers.

In this way, the land will be registered, in the Property Registry unit, in your name; therefore, any subsequent transaction will follow the regular processes.

Benefits of writing a piece of land

We have already seen the documents and requirements to deed a land in Argentina, we even detail how to do it without papers. Now, we will explain the reasons for doing this process.

Writing a land is not only done by legal commitment, but also by the benefits that this has.

Now, you will surely wonder What are those benefits? Well, here we will explain them to you:

  • Legal security on the ground, to ensure that it is yours.
  • Obtain an exemption from the Stamps and the Service Remuneration Rate.
  • Have a gratuity in the process.
  • Have a real estate tax forgiveness.
  • Secure title and property in your name.
  • Cancel municipal taxes.

Now that you know the benefits of registering a plot of land, you can think about whether doing this process is convenient for you or not.

Processing cost

Giving an exact amount of how much it costs to do the deed of a land is complicated, because each process is unique, each property will have its particularity and each seller is different.

Therefore, the cost of the process will not be the same for people, this will change according to various items, such as:

  • The value of the land.
  • The location of the property.
  • Complications with the taxes payable on the land.
  • If the people involved in the process are physical or legal.
  • Registration and registration fees.
  • Notary fees.
  • Among others.

Therefore, the total value of a deed cannot be defined, but it will depend on the situation in which you get involved.

Therefore, as a recommendation, it is important that before starting one of these processes, you take some time to calculate all the expenses you may need and thus know how much the cost will be.

Among some of the data you should have in mind are:

  • The calculation of 2% of the notary’s fee, in consideration of the property’s value.
  • The contribution of 0.4% to the Caja de Escribanos, taking into account the total value of the land.
  • Cost of the cadastral certificate, approximately $ 900.
  • Municipal taxes with an approximate value of 2,000 pesos.
  • Registration in the Property Registry, which is equivalent to approximately $ 4,500.
Important! These calculations are referential, so it is recommended to review again at the time of writing.

What does writing land in Argentina mean?

If you still don’t know what land deed is, you’ve come to the ideal part of the article for you.

The deed of a land is about the process and validation document, to certify that the property is yours. That is, it is confirmed that the property is in your possession.

This type of document is made with the intention of legally protect your properties and give it validity to your goods.

Likewise, this procedure is simple, since another person (the clerk) is who is in charge of the process, which is as follows:

  1. Attend a notary / notary public, so that he / she notifies the registry unit about your company and the start of the deed.
  2. Now, the clerk will pay the relevant taxes and begin to process the entire case.
  3. Then, process the registration in the Property Registry and give you a copy of the deed.

As you will see, the clerk is the person in charge of the entire process, so if you want to know more about them, you can enter the website of the Notary Public of the Government.

Finally, it can be said that the writing of a land is simple and complicated at the same time. It has some easy steps to do and some more complicated ones.

However, it is a procedure that you must do to legally protect your properties, so once you buy a piece of land, start gathering the requirements to deed land and start the process

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